Diverse Tastes – Guest Contributor Bruno

Bruno, the connoisseur of Beefcakes of Wrestling, has quite an eye for wrestling muscles. I check is blog daily, because I rely on folks like Bruno and Joe at Ringside at Skull Island to draw my gaze to the best of the crop of eyecandy professional wrestlers that I’m missing as a result of swearing off straight-up wrestling some time ago. The beefcake that Bruno features works for my wrestling kink about 75% of the time. But honestly, it’s the 25% of the time that fascinates me the most. That 25% of Bruno’s picks that leave me thinking, “Now he’s just not quite doing it for me,” those send me scurrying into the corners of my own tastes and imagination, self-reflecting on the nature of desire, arousal, and personal tastes. Bruno is a gentleman and a gem, and I’m very honored that he’s bringing us this latest in neverland’s summer series of guests posts on the topic of “Diverse Tastes,” in which he provokes and inspires the most essential element in a healthy wrestling kink (or sexual fantasy of any sort, really): the imagination.
Can You Imagine?
by Bruno
One of the things I enjoy most on Neverland is Bard’s homoerotic wrestling fiction featuring TV/movie actors, newscasters, and the hunky carpenters of HGTV. We’ll probably never see studs like Joe Mangianello or Chris Evans step into a ring to wrestle in tight briefs, so creating fictional scenarios where they do is the next best thing.
Joe Manganiello & Chris Evans:
Bruno foreshadows a possible future bout in the Producer’s Ring?
Bard has already featured dozens of sexy non-wrestlers from the worlds of show business, broadcast journalism, and sports and I’d like to contribute a couple of new faces to his roster. 
I’m a pretty private guy and as followers of my blog “Beefcakes Of Wrestling” can attest, I don’t often talk about myself. But I’m going to make an exception for Bard and tell you a little bit about what I do for a living. I’m a voice actor who dubs soap operas from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina from their original Spanish language to English. 
Now if you haven’t watched a “telenovela” yet, you’re missing out on a lot of hot Latin beefcake. The gorgeous actors from these countries are tanned, buff and not shy about showing off their gym-toned bodies. There are two actors I have supplied the voices for whom I think would be perfect for Neverland’s roster of homoerotic wrestlers.
William Levy
First off is the reigning hunk of Mexican soap operas, William Levy. Blonde, ripped and impossibly good-looking, Levy always plays the romantic lead who is both tough and sensitive.
In a wrestling match, he’s the ideal babyface/rookie/jobber — a pretty boy with a lean, athletic build that demands to be punished in hold after excruciating hold. 
Pablo Martin
And who would be the prefect opponent to do that to Levy? Of all the villains I played, the one who most fits the bill as a vicious wrestling heel is  Pablo Martin.
His thick, muscular build and dark good looks remind me of those heels in BG East’s Big-N-Beefy series. Whatsmore, Martin knows how to be nasty; in the soap opera where I supplied his English-sepaking voice, he was despicable as the dastardly, conniving bad guy who tormented the female lead (and who wore speedos 80% of the time!). 

Can you imagine a match between these two Titans of The Telenovela? I’ll leave it to Bard to fill out the rest of the details (should he wish to). Now it’s back to the recording studio for me. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your blog, Bard!
Truly my pleasure and honor, Bruno! And this is exactly what I’m talking about. I might never have known about the profoundly inspiring treasures of William Levy and Pablo Martin if it weren’t for Bruno. I believe that all of our fantasies diverge and converge around the worlds in which we live and let our imaginations run free. It takes no more encouragement at all for me to put a William Levy vs. Pablo Martin match on my docket for the Producer’s Ring. And I’m predicting that William is in for a world of hurt and humiliation. Thanks for opening up my wrestling kink imagination that much farther!

2 thoughts on “Diverse Tastes – Guest Contributor Bruno

  1. Thanks for publishing my piece, Bard. So, when watching the most recent episode of True Blood, did you get all worked up over the it-almost-happened nude fight scene between Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgard? I was all "oh, yes, yes, let it happen, please!", but alas, the show's producers had a different idea. That bout will just have to be completed in my fantasies.

  2. Hell and damnation, I am cursed, Bruno! I'm out of town for a long work trip, and I don't have access to my HBO. I have seen caps from the episode though that made my heart skip a beat. Joe and Alexander in an all-nude throw down must happen, one way or another.

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