Any Day, Anytime

I completely get it why some of you aren’t going to find these beach pics of Christopher Meloni hot. I think you’re absolutely missing out on some fine, gorgeous man-worship, but I get it. He’s looking a little bloated around the middle. I think it’s the fault of a poor choice of trunks, though. You can still see the outline of his hot muscled abs. Absolutely gorgeous hunk of man meat here, so if you don’t get that, mores for me to love.
Nothing about Christopher Meloni fails to ooze sexy. Did you see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle? I swear to you, before I recognized that it was Christopher, I saw him in his grotesque, horror flick inbred freak get up (literally named, “Freakshow”), and I thought to myself, “That’s one gorgeous hunk of man disguised under all that makeup.”
It took me about a minute of listening to his voice before I nailed it. Yes, that’s a man straight out of my fantasies.

Christopher has a recurring character role in my homoerotic wrestling fantasies. He has a nasty attitude. He cheats whenever he needs to and can get away with it. He’s sent more than one young buck hopeful to the hospital. And slowly, so slowly, he’s finally been tamed and is turning into a blunt tool of the producer’s for punishing young muscle stars who’ve grown too big for their britches.

Yes, oh yes. I’d climb into the ring with that any day, anytime.

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