Grab a Mop

I just double-checked my calendar. It isn’t my birthday. I’ve never heard of exchanging gifts for the 4th of July. But for whatever reason, Kid Leopard and the boys at BG East have delivered up one of the best presents I’ve ever received.
When I opened up the BG East webpage, I was so thrilled to see my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy staring back at me. Rusty Stevens is looking shredded and sexy as hell in his gray jockstrap. This is Rusty’s first appearance with BGE (I’m begging for many more!), and I must say that this is just two great tastes that taste great together. Rusty’s superb skills in grappling and homoerotic domination are a perfect match with the wrestling chops demanded of the headliner talent at BGE. I know it’s Rusty’s debut with the company, but I just have to say that it feels like he’s merely coming home again.
When I followed the link to Rusty’s inaugural BGE match, I discovered that he’s in a sweaty mat match-up with my #1 contender to be my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, the former champ himself, Mitch Colby. Two things happened in quick succession. I picked my jaw up off the floor, wiping away the copious amounts of saliva that immediately began pouring from the corners of my mouth. And then, I kid you not, I heard the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the back of my head. Seriously, this was nearly a religious experience for me.
I’m dead serious. I feel like I owe Kid Leopard my first born child for his managing to pluck this scenario from my most coveted wrestling fantasies and make it come to life. Since I’ve already promised my first born child several times over, I’ll have to find someone else’s first born child for KL. Or absolutely anything else he wants from me. When I scanned the teaser pics ripped straight from my imagination of exactly what this match would look like, I had to wipe tears of joy from my cheeks. I was instantly fully aroused and breathless. Then when I read the description of the match, I was astonished to find a pretty overt reference to this very blog! The exchange of positions between Mitch and Rusty in the rankings for being my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy is noted right there as evidence of the inevitability of pitting these two class acts against one another. At that point, my head swelled up nearly as big as my cock. My friends have been getting sick of hearing me talk about this brush with fame. “Did I mention that I was referenced in the latest BG East catalogue?”
I’m desperately, achingly waiting for two things at this point. 1) I’m waiting for the DVD to arrive in the mail. I’m feeling a little bitter that the holiday weekend is upon us, likely slowing the delivery of my purchase. I hate waiting, generally speaking. I’m physically hurting to have to wait in this particular instance. 2) I’m also waiting for some more stills from the match in the Arena. I’m already sporting a 24-hour hard on at the thought of this battle. Once I see these two men of my homoerotic wrestling kink fantasies from every angle, I’ll likely explode into a million pieces.
You’ll know what’s happened if the photos appear in the Arena and I suddenly stop blogging. Just go ahead and send a cleaning crew here to mop up my remains.

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