Independence Day

I’m not the most patriotic American, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not that I don’t like the country in which I was born and live. Not at all, in fact. I just find myself suspicious of people who seem to like it too much. I know people who defend it unthinkingly and uncritically, and generally those people stand for things that I’m opposed to. So I find myself holding the patriotism and the love of my country a little at arms length, so as not to be mistaken for someone for whom their love of the United States is synonymous with sexist, racist and religiously intolerant values.

While I’m pretty cynical about people who wrap themselves up in the American flag, metaphorically speaking, I have an odd near-fetish for hot hunks wrapping themselves up literally in the flag. Well, more precisely, I have a near-fetish for hot hunks wrapping up their barest modesty in the American flag.
I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time today searching the web for a particular photo of porn actor Shane Steele in a hot American flag speedo. Jet Set used that image for their splash page for quite a while, several years back. It was so tasty. It never failed to make me come to attention and deliver that particular form of a salute that makes the heart beat a little faster (you know what I’m talking about).
Sadly, I can’t find the aforementioned pic. In its stead, I’ve mined several other images that circle the same theme. This is really the only context in which I’m a huge fan of the American flag. So on this federal holiday in honor of U.S. independence, let’s celebrate the hard, hung hunk in nothing but a hint of Old Glory.
Yes, yes.Yesterday was technically U.S. Independence Day. If you’ll scroll down, you’ll clearly see that I had much, much more important things to explore in yesterday’s blog post. So for today, here’s my very modest, cautiously embraced homage to the stars and stripes, and most of what it stands for…

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