Totally Grabs Me

In the company’s yahoo discussion group, fans have been pleading for BG East to branch out into more customized and e-delivery formats of their homoerotic wrestling products. So Kid Leopard and crew have just released a match by match compilation, offering fans the opportunity to buy all three matches in “The Breaking Point,” or buy matches individually. I’m skeptical of this arrangement on a couple of points. For one, it doesn’t really address the e-delivery issue. I’m positive that I’m not alone in saying that I’ve been trained in recent years to expect instant gratification with the click of a button. Waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail a week after I’ve clicked seems like an eternity, particularly when it’s a product I’m really randy for. That’s the case whether it’s a DVD containing one match or three matches. And then there’s the second, perhaps even more crucial point of skepticism for me:

Joe Robbins’ ass. It’s not that I think that the marketing strategy of BG East should be built entirely around Joe Robbins’ ass (though I think that would still be a profitable venture). But frankly, I haven’t been enticed by the stills of Joe to check him out before. There’s something that hasn’t reached out and grabbed me when I’ve seen pics of Joe in action in the past. Sure, he’s clearly huge and beefy, but for some reason, I just haven’t given Joe a second look. But when I purchased the Demolition 14 (primarily for Joshua’s bout with Austin, secondarily for Lon’s match with… well, anyone at all would do) I was introduced to Joe in action.

Sweet man alive! I am, as of today, a fan of Joe (and in particular, Joe’s ass). Joe delivers the only true “demolition” of this compilation, in my opinion, and there’s no better deserving trash that needs to be taken out than smarmy, ever overconfident, doe-eyed Kieran Dunne.

Joe simply delivers in a way that I wasn’t expecting. He doesn’t just demolish. He likes it. And when he wraps up Kieran’s torso between his gargantuan, massively muscled, thick as tree stumps thighs, Kieran screams and I go breathless.
Particularly at the point that he’s mounted the jobber from behind, squeezing his mile-long legs around Kieran’s sides with Kieran helpless on his stomach on the mat underneath, Joe becomes a headliner in my eyes. With his truly stunning ass propped up high, his trunks riding up just a bit, those round, muscled cheeks are incredibly satisfying. And the thing is, I’d have given this match a pass if it was a piece-by-piece deal. So I worry that if BGE goes all match-by-match, I won’t know what I’m missing, and worse, it’ll only be the headliners who ever get their time on camera. I think compilations work to introduce us to new talent and to make a market for upcoming talent that perhaps hasn’t had the chance yet to convince us to be fans. Of course, I entirely appreciate that each of us has his own tastes, and for those aching for match-by-match options, this new marketing turn is an answer to prayer. But as for me, I’m skeptical, because I don’t always know from website pics and text what it is that will totally grab me when I see it in action… just like Joe’s ass.

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