Our Man Inside

A few years ago, I mentioned in a post that I have a particular fondness for candid glimpses of homoerotic wrestlers. I love seeing them when they aren’t “on,” when they’re obviously just being the beautiful men they are in those moments between climbing into the ring to rip each other apart. A few wrestlers have openly shared with me their private camera rolls from wrestling shoots, but BG East (the source of most of those), officially embargoed me before that could go on for long. My sources dried up, and rumor had it that some of the wrestlers involved were sorely and corporally punished for sharing the insider information with “the press.” And then, quietly and mysteriously, I received my first batch of smuggled contraband from an anonymous source who I have come to know only as OMI, Our Man Inside.

I always wonder if my latest batch of OMI treasure will be the last, and the Boss will sniff out the mole and squash him like a bug. I take it as testimony to the size of OMI’s balls and the apparent affection he must have for me that he tempts fate by feeding my adoring obsession with peaking behind the curtain.

I’ve posted precious little about the recent live wrestling show BG East produced for the Fort Lauderdale Pride event last month because, 1) I couldn’t get off work to go down and see it in person, and 2) I’m bitter about #1. Somehow, OMI knew how envious I am of all of the social media celebrations of that event, and like manna from heaven, again I’ve been fed some dizzyingly delightful snapshots from something other than the “official” camera.

Clearly, the event was a who’s who of BG East celebrities. I have no problem with acknowledging that even the pics of these gorgeous hunks fully clothed gets me hard. The fraternal camaraderie in their playful smiles and warm embraces highlights one thing I love about BG East: the “esprit de corps” as several wrestlers I’ve talked to have named it. Even when they do their best to rip each other’s balls off in competition, once egos and bodies have been tested and placed in their proper hierarchy, most of these wrestlers clearly enjoy the community formed by what unites them, namely, a passion for wrestling.

To be honest, I can sit on OMI caches way too long because I want to obsess about every single photo in detail. In order not to fall into that trap with this incredibly tasty OMI collection from the Pride event, I’ll post most of them without comment, but not without deep appreciation and arousal. But, of course, I will comment on a few that grab me by the balls just right.


First of all, look at the assembly of hotness! Fuck, so many names, so many muscles, so many immediate associations in my mind with wrestling matches that I’ve written about and gotten off on repeatedly.   There are exactly 5 faces I don’t recognize. Identify everyone in this shot and you can be queen for a day here on the blog.

These assembled shots from the Pride event raise so many summary questions. Who is the guy in the front row snapping a photo of Ty’s sweaty ass as Jonny works him over outside the ring? What sadistic, sexy machinations is Kid Vicious working there in the shadows? Where can I get a leopard print suit!?


I have no doubt that OMI knows exactly what he’s doing to me by sending me shots like this of three of the sexiest wrestlers of all time who I have unapologetically fawned over repeatedly in the pages of this blog. Seeing Scott Williams, Shane McCall, and Brad Rochelle embracing and smiling brightly blows my mind. The time since these stunning wrestlers were last seen in the ring has done nothing but make them sexier. How is there not a Daddy Division at BGE, to scratch that itch, that I know for a fact I’m not the only one who has, to see classic wrestling stars like this back in action? Shane has been quite clear in his interview with me a couple of years back, as well as ongoing comments since then, that he’s still nursing an appreciative rivalry with hot daddy Scott. How is this not a thing!? Look at Scott’s bronzed, bulging deltoid muscle there and explain how the the fuck he isn’t starring in a Returning Classics Championship tournament or, at the very least, his own muscle daddy Wrestler Spotlight!?

Refraining from commenting at length on every one of these photos is killing me, but I know this post will never get published if I start. However, the questions that come to mind in this collection include how is there not an UltraFight 2.5 (The Rematch) in production right now? Exactly how did Brad and KL manage to bury the hatchet after Brad was last seen shoving the Boss’ head in a toilet!? And can someone please tell Shane that if he’s going to build pecs like that, he is morally obligated to get his hotness back into the ring, preferably starting by settling that score he has with Scott?

Newkids.jpg I sort of think that OMI may know me better than anyone I’ve never met. Not only does he satiate my lust for classic homoerotic wrestling stars, he knows how much I also adore catching those first glimpses of hot, young, aspiring beauties. This pic of assembled youthful hunks makes me desperately hopeful that the known wrestling stars there (Kayden, Ash, Noah, Tommy, Kieran) interspersed among ridiculously pretty young faces I’m not familiar with, hints at some fresh, meaty newbies on the horizon. The backward baseball cap duo have GOT to be the most mouthwatering tag team I’ve never seen in action. Blond Ambition there on the left, the one with the lips, looks ripe for a beating. And holy fuck, Kayden , with those arms, wearing those glasses, is making me swoon. I’d like to order up a 2-on-1 battle in which Tommy and Noah team up to take on Kayden, and, for the record, I’m putting all my money on Kayden.

Again, how NOT to comment for the next 3 months about each and everyone of these hot shots? I know from the poster that Elite Eliot was on the card for the Pride event, but fuck me, those lickable legs of his make me ready to beg to see him in the BG East ring for myself (please tell me this is true!). Is it possible that Ace Aarons got his crack at rubbing the shit-eating grin off of Kirk Donahue’s face? Who in the hell are the too achingly pretty young hotties that Kirk has his arm around, and how long did it take for them to get annoyed by Kirk and double-team his better-than-mediocre ass? Why am I NEVER around to be invited to join in the sexy pool parties!?

As always, OMI, I owe you more than I will ever be able to repay.  Keep the smiles, and the dimples, and the beautiful men who make homoerotic wrestling what it is, coming!

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

I have a few more reviews planned for recent wrestling releases, but I’m prepared to lay the laurel leaves across the handsome brow of one particular wrestling stud who, in my humble opinion, put up the hottest, most provocative, most entertaining homoerotic wrestling appearance in an April release. In a field of truly outstanding contenders, just one wrestler showed me something not only new, but something downright inspired. My homoerotic wrestler of the month is…





…Rafael Valmor.

Even Kieran can’t help but get a little handsy with Rafael.

I won’t reiterate all of the points I made in my review of Rafael’s Fan Fantasy match against his long-time muscle crush, Kieran Dunne.  A few points, however, deserve mentioning again.

Lip-biting lust!

Rafael is infatuated with sweaty, bulging, beautiful hunk Kieran. Well, I’m sure it’s entirely possible that he’s not, in real life, but in Fan Fantasy 4, I believe him. There’s a genuineness about him, a raw, open-faced honesty that drips with veracity. It’s not that I expect to see Oscar-award winning acting in my homoerotic wrestling, but anytime a hunk sells me as hard as Rafael does, I’m fully engaged, delighted, and charmed.

Slack-jawed awe

So Rafael brings clearly drawn character, which is enough to put him at the head of the pack in most random samplings of homoerotic wrestling. But he also tells a story. Kieran, of course, tells it, too, but if there’s a narrative voice in this drama, it’s Rafael’s.  I watched Magic Mike XXL recently, and I was reminded of the allure and the limits of eye candy. I had the same reaction to the first Magic Mike. All those gorgeous bodies, stripping and dancing, will haunt my dreams for weeks. But, fuck. No goddamn plot. No dramatic tension. Incredibly weak motivation, and a story that can be summed up comprehensively in 5 words (“Strippers reunited to strip again”). Seeing Joe Mangienello’s naked ass and watching him tie some fawning fan up in a sling and simulate growling sex to a Nine Inch Nails soundtrack sends me diving deep into my own homoerotic wrestling fan fiction of Joe in the wrestling ring. But that’s just it. I’ve got to add the storyline.

Beaming with delight!

In Fan Fantasy 4, adorable Rafael provides all the back story, dramatic tension, and quest narrative necessary to turn this into so much more than eye candy. His fawning devotion for Kieran lures the narcissist into agreeing to wrestle (well, that an a wad of cash). But living the fantasy isn’t just thrilling for Rafael. It also inspires a passion that takes both him and Kieran by surprise. The curly haired cherub sucks down more punishment than Kieran can believe because Rafael is living the dream! When he shyly asks to feel what’s like to have Kieran trapped in his headscissors, the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Kieran’s face turning beet red, staring up helplessly at his number one fan, turns Rafael into a gloating, flexing, swelling lottery winner. The two of them, both Kieran and Rafael, have unleashed a beast that neither of them quite expected, and the unexpected is always value added for me in homoerotic wrestling.

That BODY!!!

Lest I short sell the more obvious delights of Fan Fantasy 4, let me acknowledge that Rafael’s body drives me insane with lust. At the surface, it’s a classic mismatch of big, bulging meat against lithe, lean twinkie. But as much as I also adore Kieran’s big, juicy, muscled ass, I cannot take my eyes off of Rafael in this match. I’ve documented in the pages of this blog extensively the truth that I get turned on by a wide variety of bodies. Most certainly on that list is a curly haired, 5’9″, 145 pound, bronzed, stunningly beautiful Latino heartthrob with a perfect ass.

The spoils of war

By the time this match is over, I’ve invested a couple of hours and quarts and quarts of bodily fluids. I’m praying to the homoerotic wresting gods that next up for Rafael is his own Eve Harrington fawning fan whose knees quiver at the sight of his insanely sexy trail and piercing, dark bedroom eyes. In the mean time, make room on the throne for the mouthwatering hot, taut ass of my new reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month.

Rafael Valmor: Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month, April 2016

Living the Fantasy

BG East’s catalog 113 has landed, and I’m tucking in to feast for days. Fan Fantasy 4 immediately caught my attention because… Kid Karisma. I decided to watch the first match on the DVD first, though, to whet my appetite, to just get my engine running so that I’m all tuned up for Kid K’s match. Instead, I got completely derailed and delightfully charmed by seductively sexy muscle fan Rafael Verga living the dream with his hands all over bulging beefcake Kieran Dunne.

Welcome back, Rafael! I’ve missed you.

Rafael was a standout in his debut mat match against Blaine Janus a couple of years ago. There was a sensational playful sensuality about the Latin beauty that turned my crank with both hands. Finally back on the mats, Rafael is one of the most compelling characters in homoerotic wrestling I’ve seen in quite a while as the slack jawed, grinning ear to ear, stammering, wide-eyed muscle freak fanatic dropping a massive wad of cash in order to experience the fantasy come true of not just meeting, not just admiring, but getting to wrestle bulging bro Kieran.

Kieran makes Rafael’s dreams come true.

Kieran dishes up some surprising sexy twists and turns in this match, too. It was supposed to just be a private posing session, but that thick, pulsing mass of cash in Rafael’s pocket convinces Kieran to treat his fan to some wrestling fantasy, too. But Kieran doesn’t just throw down. He insists that Rafael slip into something more apropos. Rafael quickly drops his baggy shorts to reveal sexy black square cuts with red racing stripes underneath (he came prepared). But Kieran refuses to let his fan wear black (“I’m the bad ass!”), so he sends Rafael out to raid the BG East trunk closet. He comes back in crazy sexy red square cuts that are super low rise. Kieran takes a long, appraising look but sends him back again, because Kieran wants to see more skin (uh, fuck, yes!?).  Rafael keeps coming back in tighter, trimmer, sexier trunks painted onto his gorgeous bronzed body. Kieran has the kid turn around slowly for him to check them out from every angle. He gets on his knees and slides his fingertips underneath the fabric, stretching and straightening the swatches to show off Rafael’s magnificent thighs, flat as a pancake abdomen, and one of the most sensationally juicy asses on a skinny boy I’ve ever seen.  I had no idea Kieran was such a connoisseur! The hands-on fashion show has me gagging for  full contact confrontation.

Do you like what you see?

Kieran finally agrees to the obvious. Rafael’s baby blue trunks with white side panels are perfection. “So, what’s your favorite hold?” he asks his fan. Without skipping a beat, with that earnest-as-fuck smile across his beautiful face, Rafael gushes, “I love your headscissors, man!” Generous to a fault, Kieran offers to let his eager fan skip the foreplay and slide right into place. Rafael clearly wants to be nowhere else in the world, but after a few minutes of feeling Kieran’s massive quads bearing down on his skull, Rafael pleads, “But, I want to see you!” Kieran doesn’t quite get it for a second, but with a wry grin, he lightens up the vice and lets his fan spin around to settle into a super sexy, downright gagging for it, face-to-crotch headscissors.

Homoerotic wrestling dreams do come true!

The plot of this encounter turns on the tension between Rafael’s pent up, fan-crazed desire to soak in every last second of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Kieran’s growing frustration that his #1 fan refuses to submit. Kieran keeps doubling down, keeps taunting and testing. “You can’t be enjoying this!?” he insists, he questions disbelievingly. But quite obviously, Rafael is having he time of his life!

Kieran can’t quite understand how much Rafael is (and I am) enjoying this.

The other compelling twist in this narrative is the reveal that Rafael’s fantasy isn’t only to suffer at the mercy of his top muscleman infatuation. Apparently, Rafael knows Kieran’s resume intimately, and he seems to know ahead of time how sensationally sexy it is to watch Kieran’s bulging, powerful muscles squirm and squeal at the mercy of an opponent (check Kieran’s early career, and his face in the dictionary under “Muscle Jobber”). I thought Rafael’s face was downright beaming when on the receiving end, but damn, he’s glowing with erotic pleasure watching all of Kieran’s muscles made impotent when he’s stuck in the beartrap of Rafael’s thighs.

“Is this how you do it?!”

The other narrative device in this match that tickles me no end is that just like Kieran doesn’t quite “get it” that Rafael is aching to suck down every ounce of offense the muscle boy can manage, Rafael doesn’t really “get it” that his irrepressible enthusiasm and lust are seriously pissing Kieran off. Kieran’s bulges glisten with sweat as he works so much harder than he’d expected to make the sultry middleweight submit. He’s raging when Rafael steals some lustful strokes of Kieran’s trapped body, the muscle boy grunting furiously. “Not bad?” Rafael smirks, honest to the wrestling gods, taunting his infatuation. The Latin heartthrob flexes his biceps and actually laughs out loud. “Is this how you do it?,” he asks, making Kieran submit, and then submit again humiliatingly before he lets him go.

“You son of a bitch!”

“You son of a bitch!” Kieran rages. This is not going the way he’d expected this to go! But this is going exactly the way Rafael’s fondest, barely acknowledgeable secret fantasies have always wanted. “Sorry about that man,” the #1 fan apologizes sincerely. “I just got too much into it. It just looked so good!”

Every ounce of punishment makes Rafael bulge harder.

So, it’s true, Rafael is not the typical #1 homoerotic wrestling fan. He doesn’t just hold his own, he grabs Kieran’s and manages to throttle the muscleboy with abandon. Kieran doesn’t get how much he wants it, and Rafael doesn’t get how much he is bruising his infatuation’s surprisingly delicate ego. This match begs the question of how far do you take it, how far do you push it, when the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wrestle your fondest fantasyman presents itself?

Fantasyman possessed!? (look at Rafael’s sensational ass!!!)

I’m such a huge fan of Rafael Verga’s right now. This narrative could have come across as incredibly hokey. It could’ve been canned ham, if it weren’t for the full throttle sell of every inch and second by Rafael. He’s got a big personality and a deep respect for the homoeroticism of wrestling, and that, paired with one of the sexiest, most fuckable lean bodies in the business, makes this opening match of Fan Fantasy 4 a major league, headliner quality hit.

Living the fantasy

Friday Fashion

Jake Jenkins wore it best.


Sometimes I can call them, and then sometimes I’m surprised by the Friday Fashion polls (which is what makes this fun for me). I absolutely thought that last week’s poll between pornboy muscle beast Rusty Stevens and award-winning babyface beauty Jake Jenkins would be closer than it turned out to be, but by a decisive 102 to 62 vote, the babyface bruiser fucked over the competition but good! Now, let’s all just take a moment to picture a scene where that heather grey 2xist jockstrap is lying on the mat with Jake and Rusty crouched and ready to wrestle naked for the right to put it on. That’s right. Let that simmer a while as I give Jake our hearty congratulations.

Jake’s assets were shown off to perfection in that jock strap when he wrestled in Undagear 20.

Jose also gets credit for spotting this week’s Fashion Friday contenders. In what could be a Throwback Thursday meme, we dig a little deeper into the BG East archives to note that both Troy Baker and Kieran Dunne wore those same metallic gold posing trunks multiple times. The mass quantity of prettiness may blind you, but check out the contenders below and decide for yourself who you think wore it best.



Blond beauty Troy Baker wore that pair of metallic gold trunks in his Wrestler Spotlight, Super Hero Heels 3, and Ringwars 8, never once failing to dazzle. Sure, he looks damn good. But did he wear it best?
We watched babyface muscleboy Kieran Dunne grow up before our very eyes, and talk about grow! All those luscious muscles became quite a target for every opponent, but when he wore that pair of gold trunks in Matmen 19, Demolition 14, and Tag Team Torture 14, he seemed to bring out a little something extra in his opponents. But did he wear it best?


Big Ben

It’s not like I’m subtle. I practically beg for interviews with homoerotic wrestling hunks! I’ve got favorite classics who I’ve long harbored a crazy longing to chat up, but I’m nothing short of tickled (in that hot, pinned down and tortured way) to have a sexy, fresh rookie agree to go on the record as well. When I discovered that BG East new hottie, Ben Monaco, reads the pages of this blog, it took me about a quarter of a second to get my interview request out. Big Ben amiably agreed, and he charmingly calls me “Mr. Bard” (which makes me think for just a moment that he’s talking to my dad), so I’ve quickly settled firmly down on the side of being a Ben Monaco fan! Getting a little back story does nothing but make me eager to see more of what this sexy, sweaty slammer has in store for his BG East career!
5’10”, 175 lbs., Ben Monaco

Bard: So Ben, I’m excited to learn that you’re a neverland reader! Welcome to neverland and to homoerotic wrestling.

Ben: Why thank you Mr. Bard, always liked your writing style and enjoy your analysis of the matches and wrestlers you write about.

Bard: Hey, thanks! I’m honored! So I have to start where you left off at the end of your debut match with BG East. That kiss planted on fellow rookie Alex Arias is dizzyingly hot! Alex seems to want to fight it off, but I swear we watch him melt underneath you as you hold the back of his head firmly in your hand and plant your mouth across his. Damn that’s a hot finish! What was going through your mind as you celebrated your first match victory so passionately?

Alex Arias melts from the press of Ben’s offense.

Ben: Of course, yes, lots of things were going through my mind at the time. This was my first match released on BG East’s website and also, chronologically speaking, the first match I filmed for them! Naturally, there was a bunch of nervousness at first, but in the end, I was focused on having a bit of fun with my little opponent…figured the BG East fans would like it…after they knew who I was of course.

Bard: You certainly made a big impression on me! What a way to introduce yourself to BG East fans, not to mention the disarming treat it clearly is for your opponent. What’s your wrestling background? Your first match appeared in a product called “Mat Rookies,” but already you seem awfully confident on the BG East mats.

Ben: My background is actually very, very limited! Unlike a lot of the roster there, I have no formal training in submission wrestling, pro or otherwise. I actually only began wrestling my very first matches back in August 2011! Of course, before that I was already an avid fan of BG East and gay-wrestling in general. So a lot of what I know to do I owe to the various guys who I’ve wrestled as well BG East’s talented coaches Jonny Firestorm, Kid Vicious and Kid Leopard of course.

Bard: So you were already a homoerotic wrestling fan before you wrestled for BG East?

Ben: Yes, I was a big fan of BG East and still am to this day. Wrestling has always been a big turn on for me so the homoeroticism comes quite naturally when you’ve got a hot opponent in front of you!

Bard: Where did BG East find you?

Ben: My “day job” makes me travel around a lot between four cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal (my home). I ended up wrestling a guy in Toronto that I met on globalfight on one of my frequent layovers. We had tried on several occasions to meet, but there was always a scheduling thing that went wrong. After a good solid month of back-and-forth “I’m not available that day but are you free on that day?” messages, we finally met at the start of 2012. As we finished our first match he asked me if I knew about BG East. “Of course!” was my answer. He then told me that he personally knew the guys in charge (Vicious and Leopard) and thought that I should meet/talk with them about filming.

At first, I thought he must be joking! How could I, a new kid on the wrestling block, be considered BG East material? I had only been wrestling for 4 months or so! Nevertheless, I agreed to let him send some of our match pictures to the BG East bosses. Within a week I was chatting with Kid Leopard about potentially flying down to Florida to film, by the end of January it was all confirmed and by the second week of February I was down south shooting my first matches.

Bard: Sounds like a fantastic adventure! Being so new to the game, what is it that motivates you to step onto the mats in your underwear, cameras rolling, and work up a bucket of sexy sweat as you put your ass on the line?

All that sweat requires Ben to squeeze tighter!

Ben: Well first off, it isn’t always underwear [laughing]. There’s actually a lot of different gear BG East fans will get to see me in when my future matches are released. What motivates me? Have you seen the BG East roster lately? That’s all the motivation I need! I practically passed out when Kid Leopard told me who was going to be in Florida with me for the shoot! And as for the buckets of sweat, that just comes naturally. One of my well-known opponents even commented “Finally! Someone who sweats as much as I do!” It does make some holds a bit tricky to apply though…

Bard: Count me among the fans of dripping sweat on a wrestler! I also adore the sound of Alex whimpering as you control him in the long, agonizing series of scissors you squeeze him in. There’s an almost inaudible gasp and withering whine that you milk right out of him that I find astonishingly sexy. I also remember you telling Alex that you wanted to hear him scream, which you proceeded to make him do. What’s it like for you to play an opponent like that?

Ben: Oh well that’s just a lot of fun! When I beat a guy down, I love making him beg and plead for me to release the hold or end the match. I can be a pretty nasty little heel when I want. But don’t be fooled by my first match, I’ve gotten my ass handed to me many times in the past by bigger AND smaller opponents. Little guys, I’ve found out, can pack quite the punch too.

Bard: Before I saw Mat Rookies, I was first attracted to your hot, hairy pecs from your pictures on the BG East website. But after watching your match, I have to say it’s a toss up between your powerful legs and that lovely mouth of yours that are at the top of my list. When it comes to your body, what part is your pride and joy?

Pumped for action!

Ben: Honestly, that’s a tough one. I used to be fairly out of shape in my younger years. I’m 27 and have only been working out regularly since I was 22. Back then I was a shapeless mass of flabby flesh. Thanks to hard work and good personal trainers, I finally have a bit of a shape to show off in wrestling gear! My pecs actually, if I have to name one part, are probably what I’m most proud of since they’re a fairly recent addition to my frame. I used to have a flat chest until I discovered the magic of a decline bench press. Within a few weeks I was bouncing my pecs proudly! The next challenge training-wise is to get bigger arms! I love arms on a guy and am dying to get mine growing even more than they have!

Bard: You’re clearly a long way down the path to pounding out a powerful, very sexy body! Who else at BG East would you like to pin to the mat with your lips? From the current roster of wrestlers, who would you like to dominate next?

Ben: Hmmmm…that would be a long, long list! Can’t I just have them line up and just try each one until I’m satisfied?

Bard: Absolutely! That sounds like golden concept for a BG East series! I certainly understand where you’re coming from. But if you had to choose where to start…?

Ben: Well, if I have to pick some guys from the current roster that I would gladly pin down and dominate with my lips…Kieran Dunne, Braden Charron, Darius, Eddie Rey, Patrick Donovan all make the short list among many, many others…next question! I’m getting horny [laughing].

Kieran Dunne is first on Ben’s list to pin with a lip lock.

Bard: You and me both! If you had to lose, and with the caliber of wrestlers at BG East that seems like it’s always a possibility for even the most experienced veterans, who wouldn’t you mind losing to? From the current roster or the from the classics, who would you pick to be the one to dominate you and what would they do with you once they’d beaten you?

Brad Rochelle can turn Ben into his
“little wrestling slave”

Ben: Given my limited experience, I’m sure a lot of the BG Boys will be having their way with me in future matches! But if I had to pick just one from current or classics, hands down it has to be the ever-gorgeous Brad Rochelle. That guy can dominate me any time any place! He can turn me into his little wrestling slave if he wants! I don’t care! Brad Rochelle….yummy.

Bard: Brad Rochelle is the right answer to just about any question, I think! Yummy, indeed! So, back to sexy little Alex Arias. He looked seriously pissed to be dominated by you, but once you locked your lips on him there at the end of taping, he seemed to finally, reluctantly, despite himself concede that he was yours. Were there any hard feelings off camera afterward? Anything else “hard” off camera that you’d be willing to talk about?

Ben: Nah! No hard feelings between us! Alex is a great guy as are all the BG Boys that I met down in Florida. There are no hard feelings after the matches because we know that we’re all part of the same little family and we’re doing these matches because we LOVE wrestling! As for other…hard things off camera. Well, we’ll leave that to the imagination of the viewers.

After some sweaty pain and suffering, there are no hard feelings.

Bard: My imagination is definitely up to that challenge! The boys at BG East seem to really pride themselves on recruiting the best and treating their wrestlers well. Would you recommend other aspiring wrestlers check them out?

Ben: Absolutely! After having fought for them in February I’ve come to one conclusion: when BG East calls you down for a match, you go. Period. Forget whatever hang-ups you have, you only live once! They are amazing, friendly, kind generous guys who go out of their way to make you feel at ease and welcome among their ranks. On top of that, you get to meet and fight with all kinds of hot guys you only ever dreamed of meeting!

Soaked in sweat, Ben looks stunning reveling in victory!

Bard: Well, you’re now officially in that cadre of hunks appearing in the personal fantasies of many a homoerotic wrestling fan! Your work on the mat against Alex Arias and your obvious enthusiasm for homoerotic wrestling are truly a delight! Anything else you’d like to say to neverland readers who were impressed with your Mat Rookies introduction to BG East fans?

Ben: Stay tuned for some more matches and feel free to let me know what you’d like to see in the future! I’m always happy to hear what fans have to say! Look me up on GF or GnG under the profile Namarian!

Still Kickin’

Kieran Dunne’s gorgeous narrow waist about to be stomped by
rookie Guido Tori – BG East’s Ring Rookies 1 

Thanks again to those of you inquiring about my well-being in my absence from posting for several days. No major problems to report. I was just, yet again, traveling for work and crazy busy along the way. Despite my inactivity around here, I’m still alive and kickin‘.

Jayden Mayne softens up big boy Trent Blayze with a boot to the back –
BG East’s Ringwars 19

I learned this summer about guys particularly turned on with trampling, stomping, and kicking. This was a new concept to me, really. I think the dominating, sadistic, overpowering aspect of trampling is hot, of course. But I typically find myself attending more to the long held holds: the over-the-knee backbreakers, the bearhugs, the scissors, the abdominal stretches. I usually think of stomps as more like the explanation points at the end of homoerotic wrestling poetry stanzas, rather than the meat of the matter.

Nikoli Bakov drives an impressive strike to Tom Flex’s
muscled back in Can-Am’s 2-on-1 Grudge Match

But I’m told that there are die-hard trampling fans whose fondest fetish is the kick to the back, the stomp to the gut, the boot to the crotch. The moments that rock some of us the hardest involve a swift kick to a vulnerable hunk’s battered body.

Psycho Capone takes a boot to a naked Dynamo Dean –
BG East’s Hard Pros 2

Just knowing that there are those of us with an eye for trampling has had the effect of making me turned on a couple of notches more when I see it in my homoerotic wrestling fare. I’m feeling it. The extra dose of humiliation, the gratuitous delivery of suffering, the tenderizing of a once-invulnerable stud to soften him up to be devoured whole… some hot stomping can take my breath away these days.

Ripped Rio Garza works out some frustration with the heel of his boot
stomping Jobe Zander’s masterpiece – Can-Am’s Rio’s Revenge

I suppose we could all be happily consuming our favorite homoerotic wrestling in the privacy of our own fantasies, but this opportunity to cross-pollinate our particular tastes is an aspect of blogging and discussing our shared fetish that I enjoy so much. To have my eye drawn, my anticipation heightened, my senses tuned to something new to inspire my appreciation of erotic wrestling is a beautiful part of sharing this corner of the virtual homoerotic wrestling with so many of you. Hopefully, I’ll be back to a bit more regular posting in the coming weeks. I’ve missed our little chats!

Bard’s Pilgrim Way – Journey’s End (Part 1)

As many of you anticipated, my pilgrimage to all things BG East in Boston would not have been complete without a visit to the temple mount itself, the center of my homoerotic wrestling universe, the BG East compound outside of Boston. When I made inquiries about the possibility of paying a visit to BG East, the response was generous and welcoming. I was invited to come by and meet “the boys” and see where the genius of BG East is conjured.

Stained glass homage to wrestling over the desk of BG East Boss, Kid Leopard

Pulling into the driveway of BG East central, I was bewildered a bit by the sense that I was seeing it, simultaneously, through two different lenses. I’d never been there before. If I hadn’t known better, I’d never have picked the compound out as anything unusual in the tidy lakeside neighborhood. But at the same time, it was as if I’d been here a thousand times before. Hell, just a couple months ago I was watching muscle punk Kieran Dunne drive up this very same driveway, park his car not 10 feet from where I parked mine, and strut with his characteristic overconfidence inside to face devastatingly pretty Chace LaChance in Jobberpalooza 11. It felt a little like a homecoming to a place I’d never been before.

Keiran Dunne flexes while Chace LaChance is all business in
BG East’s Jobberpalooza 11
Greeting me at the door was the Boss himself, extending a hearty handshake and a welcoming smile as he invited me inside. Again, the experience of double-vision was disorienting. Although I’ve exchanged emails with Kid Leopard, we’d never met in person. But he was so familiar! I knew his tone of voice, his wry sense of humor, and his commanding presence. Just a couple of days earlier, I was enjoying myself watching this man shock hunky Wade Cutler, beating the living shit out of muscle jobber Wade and leaving him soaked in cum in the middle of the ring in Hunkbash 2. And then there he stood, shaking my hand and welcoming me to BG East.

Kid Leopard before his Hunkbash 2 match against Wade Cutler
“So do you want to see the place?” he asked, as if reading my mind. Having come so far, I was desperate to soak in the site of so much homoerotic wrestling inspiration. He took me through to the back of the compound, overlooking the lake… you know, that lake. The lake that Brad Rochelle sunbathed next to after his epic heel turn in Contract 6. That lake in which Troy Baker viciously attacked his big brother, Brian, in search of vengeance for Brian’s betrayal at the end of their humiliating defeat in Tag Team Torture 3.

Troy Baker gets worked over by big brother Brian in BG East Grudge Match 2.
“Over here is the gazebo,” the Boss directed my attention to a shady spot in the woods. It was empty, seeming like a random, anonymous bit of architecture set beneath the towering trees surrounding it. But I couldn’t help but picture the sweat-soaked bodies of so many Gazebo Grapplers struggling underneath that roof: perennial favorite Mitch crushing babyface beauty Alexi, relentless Jonny wringing handsome Sandro’s sweetly suffering body between the railings, the whole bevy of testosterone-fueled hunks wrestling in a ferocious round-robin in Gazebo Grapplers 4.

Kid Leopard showing me the site of Gazebo Grappling fame
And then there was the backyard, lush and green beneath the trees. Yep, that backyard. There were no wrestling mats on the lawn that day, but I swear I could see wrestle stud Denny Cartier locked across ripped rookie Attila Dynasty’s back, applying that nasty abdominal stretch and pounding the ripped muscle stud’s vulnerable core in Backyard Brawls 7. The same backyard where fearless Alexi took on lottery winners TJ Tanner, Christian Taylor, and bubble-butted Sandro back-to-back in Who’s Next?!

Sweat-soaked Alexi in complete control of the backyard in
BG East’s Who’s Next!?
And down a path through the woods, the Boss pointed out the Wrestle Shack. “It’s full of yard equipment at the moment,” he explained, but he’s planning on having the boys clean it out to tape some new matches soon. Images flashed across my vision, of Gil Barrios dragging outmuscled Jerry Connors into the Wrestle Shack to strip naked and finish off the rookie humiliation, and of Lance Jeffers’ mammoth cock bludgeoning Shon Tracey’s awestruck face.

Gil Barrios uses the Wrestle Shack rafters for leverage in punishing rookie
Jerry Connors in Backyard Brawls 7
I’m sure I said it about 3 dozen times that day, but I stumbled over my own words, thanking the Boss profusely for his hospitality. I’d thought about this pilgrimage for weeks, what I’d say, what I’d ask. I’d spent a lot of time preparing. I’d hoped to present myself as cool and savvy, worthy of initiation into the behind the scenes mysteries of an average day at BG East. But my mind was blank except for my lame, awestruck words of gratitude. The Boss briefly indulged my babbling good-naturedly, but when he suggested we continue the tour, I fell silent, and followed him back inside….

Tats Named

I completed a major milestone today that I’ve been working toward for the past 4 months (accounting for spotty posting and neglected wrestling fiction in that time). So in honor of a banner day in the Bard household, I’m declaring you all “Name That Tat” quiz geniuses, and I’m passing out gold stars to everyone. Let’s review what you, my homoerotic wrestling genius friends, already know:
Tat #1 belongs to…

Jobe works his ass off in many venues, but here he’s pictured in his hot-off-the-presses newest release for BG East, wrestling against Cage Thunder in Masked Mayhem 8.

Tat #2 belongs to…
…BG East’s Braden Charron.
I haven’t seen this match, but from the stills, I have to say that I think Braden’s gear in Hunk Bash 11 against Kieran Dunne is my very favorite thing that I’ve seen Braden in (excluding seeing him in nothing at all). I’d still like to hear a translation for the shoulder tat. I’m guessing it says something like, “Beautiful Bubble-Butt Boy.”

Tat #3 belongs to…
…Thunder’s Arena’s rookie, Sledge.
Now those are pecs you can sink your teeth (or claws) into! Here, Sledge is pictured in his debut match, going up against muscle tat body beautiful, Eric Fury, in Bodybuilder Battle 27.

Tat #4 belongs to…
…Naked Kombat’s Tyler Saint.
 Tyler is back this week from a long absence from Naked Kombat and homoerotic wrestling, and true to the PR, he’s looking bigger and harder than ever against hairy hunk Alessio Romero.

And tat #5 belongs to…
…BG East classic, Syddo Riley.
Syddo’s buried deep in the catalogs, but he’s a treasure to look at when you find him. This sweet bicep flex from Syddo seems to be not directly related to any one wrestling match that I can find him in, but just to illustrate the excellent use he managed to put all those muscles to, here he is ripping the deltoid muscles off the bone of babyface muscleboy, Tony Romano for Bratpack 12.
So raise your glass with me now and toast to your homoerotic wrestling acuity and to my success of the day! Well done, my friends!

Dude, Where’s My Car?!

As the scene materializes, we see a canary yellow tripped out sport sedan, driving into the driveway of BGE headquarters. It’s Kieran Dunne. He’s late for his match. He doesn’t really care.

Kieran is a babyface that’s always a delight to see pounded. Ever since he got the Mr. Joshua welcome to BG East in Mat Hunks 1, the juxtaposition of his adolescent-looking face with a muscleman physique has just screamed out for beating after beating. He’s developed an attitude over the years inversely proportional to his muscle tone, and every so often, the attitude is just enough to put Kieran over the top., However, I, for one, am always ready to lap up more Kieran-as-jobber.

But what’s this? Keiran’s opponent for Jobberpaloozer 11 is go-go boy rookie, Chace LaChance. Chace has been stinkin’ up the place since his recent arrival at BG East. First, he was the albatross around my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler – nonpornboy division, Lon Dumont, when Chace debuted as Lon’s tag team partner in Tag Team Torture 12. This is just me talking, now. Lon never said a bad word about Chace when I interviewed him a couple of months ago. But I just have to think that their nasty humiliation at the hands of Donnie Drake and Doug Rand came as a result of Chace’s rookie flat-footedness. I’ve been nursing an infatuation with the idea of Lon punishing the pretty-pretty boy mercilessly, to teach him a lesson for putting the first check in Lon’s loss column.

Even 2-on-1, Kieran couldn’t manage a victory against a double-teamed Donnie Drake in Tag Team Torture 13. So Kieran versus Chace is a quandry, particularly in a collection entitled Jobberpalooza. Two jobbers go head-to-head, the veteran jobber who never learns, and the green rookie jobber who’s almost too pretty to stand. This is an existential crisis in the making for me.

Turns out, Kieran brings the same narcissistic over-confidence he always does to the table. Chace, however, brings something entirely new. In addition to sporting a tanned, toned body ripped out of a go-go boy cage at smoky dance club, Chace also has some heretofore unseen moves. Who knew!?

After initially digging himself out of the hole that he finds himself in from Kieran’s dirty tricks, Chace proves decisively who the “jobber” is in this battle of the jobbers. A couple of favorite moments here include the impressive feat of Chace delightfully scissoring Keiran’s melon between his skinny legs, sliding his butt backward into the corner, and then pressing himself up, rope by rope, dragging Kieran’s carcass up with him. The image of Chace perched like that in the very same corner that Lon punished Eddie Rey with a suspended bodyscissor tweaks that fantasy of mine in a bad, bad way.

After a surprisingly nice heel-in-training clinic that Chace lays on Kieran (the yanking Keiran round by his hair and using him as a punching bag in the corner are particularly fun), my second favorite of Chace’s moves comes after all is said and done. After sleepering Keiran out for a ten count (and then some), Chace puts on his warm up gear and heads out of BG East having proven he’s no one-trick jobber-pony. He heads to his hatchback under the carport, but then stops and looks over his shoulder at Kieran’s canary yellow pride and joy. With a devilish smile across his ridiculously pretty face, Chace slides into the front seat and crows, “My car, now!” He drives off revving the engine indulgently.

All this to say that if Lon and Chace do ever meet, I still say Lon’s destined to punish the pretty one mercilessly. But happily, it might turn out to be more of a competition than I would’ve thought before I saw Jobberpalooza 11.


I’ve been savoring the new release of Gazebo Grapplers 11 from BG East. There’s a lot to be said for GG11, most of which has already been said more skillfully than I could by Joe over at Ringside at Skull Island. Patrick Donovan’s match against Steven Thomas is both hot, sexy, and a sweet reminder of the last time we got a glimpse of cleft-chinned, BG East legend, Brad Rochelle (the story of the match picks up the day after the two of them were embarrassed by Brad and Jonny Firestorm in Contract 9). But for today, I’d like to linger just a little longer on a rookie I’d like to see more of, Gino Gotti.

Gino squares off in the gazebo against baby-faced narcissist and long-time BG East battler, Kieran Dunne. While I enjoy watching Kieran get spanked and humiliated like the little-boy with in britches-too-big that he is, Kieran steps up to the plate here and gives Gino the appropriate welcome that a rookie deserves. I’m a big advocate for the rookie beatdown. Didn’t there used to be a rule that rookies, particularly in their first match, had to be rode hard and put away wet? It seems like that doesn’t hold anymore, with a lot of new faces entering homoerotic wrestling stories as seasoned dominators. But in this case, Kieran gives Gino the classic rookie treatment, instructing him in the fine art of self-worship and then tying him up in humiliating knots.

Gino has a lot going for him in my estimation. He packs his trunks quite nicely both coming and going, and I’m particularly a fan of him going. Like a good, hot Italian stud should, Gino possesses a nice coat of body hair whose will has been tamed but not broken. He’s very fit without being overly muscled, and he’s in possession of nipples screaming out to be nibbled on. But make no mistake, Gino is clearly a rookie. He repeatedly dives in way, way too fast for pinfalls, as if an un-refereed gazebo scrap against the likes of sweat-soaked, mirror-gazing Kieran was ever going to be about a three count. He has a relatively nice self-possession on camera for a rookie, but he doesn’t quite sell his own suffering, particularly verbally. It’s entirely possible that his groans actually sound a little bored when he’s genuinely suffering, but that’s not going to sell an audience (at least it doesn’t me). But in the midst of me feeling a bit uncharitable about Gino’s salesmanship, something really fantastic suddenly occurred to me. Perhaps the sexiest thing about Gino is his deep, “fuck you” base voice. With a little more confidence, some swagger, and a willingness to let his ass hang out when his opponent “accidentally” pulls his trunks down in the match, I think a bare-chested introduction between Gino and YouTube phenom, SteelMuscleGod, could be the most homoerotically arousing non-expicit face-off in history.

It’s the pitch of Gino’s voice that brings SMG to mind for me. Both hot hunks possess a deep, bass snarl that sounds like it comes from a half-mile underground. Whereas rookie Gino seems not to be aware of the arousing sensual quality of his words, SMG has been cultivating the double-entendre laced, dripping-with-sex delivery of his deep growl for a couple of years.

I realize this match is highly unlikely to occur in the real world, so I’ll just have to imagine it. I’ll just have to imagine the aggressive pre-bout circling of one another like predators ready to pounce. I can picture in my mind a snarling pose down as they compare physiques, offering begrudging praise but each stud insisting that his body is clearly superior. The way I’d see it, there would be a ferocious opening scramble with tit-for-tat hip-tosses, head scissors, and grunting escapes, Gino would get his licks in, confidently staring down at SMG’s twisted body desperately trying to squirm free from the Italian’s breath-stealing body scissors. “Ooooo yah,” Gino’s hairy chest would rumble. “All that muscle, just helpless between my legs… it feels so goooood…” Gino would purr from the basement in his chest. Frankly, though, I’d have to imagine that SMG would have the power advantage to finally muscle his way free, stalk Gino like lunch on the African savannah, and eventually capture Gino in a skull crushing standing head scissors. “Mmmmmmm…” SMG would groan as if he’s about to climax. “You’ve never felt power like that before, have you? You can’t handle the muscle of a god, can you? Now tell me, who is your Steel Muscle God now?!”

I’m rooting for Gino to continue to develop that hot, gorgeous, arousing raw talent of his, one way or another.