Living the Fantasy

BG East’s catalog 113 has landed, and I’m tucking in to feast for days. Fan Fantasy 4 immediately caught my attention because… Kid Karisma. I decided to watch the first match on the DVD first, though, to whet my appetite, to just get my engine running so that I’m all tuned up for Kid K’s match. Instead, I got completely derailed and delightfully charmed by seductively sexy muscle fan Rafael Verga living the dream with his hands all over bulging beefcake Kieran Dunne.

Welcome back, Rafael! I’ve missed you.

Rafael was a standout in his debut mat match against Blaine Janus a couple of years ago. There was a sensational playful sensuality about the Latin beauty that turned my crank with both hands. Finally back on the mats, Rafael is one of the most compelling characters in homoerotic wrestling I’ve seen in quite a while as the slack jawed, grinning ear to ear, stammering, wide-eyed muscle freak fanatic dropping a massive wad of cash in order to experience the fantasy come true of not just meeting, not just admiring, but getting to wrestle bulging bro Kieran.

Kieran makes Rafael’s dreams come true.

Kieran dishes up some surprising sexy twists and turns in this match, too. It was supposed to just be a private posing session, but that thick, pulsing mass of cash in Rafael’s pocket convinces Kieran to treat his fan to some wrestling fantasy, too. But Kieran doesn’t just throw down. He insists that Rafael slip into something more apropos. Rafael quickly drops his baggy shorts to reveal sexy black square cuts with red racing stripes underneath (he came prepared). But Kieran refuses to let his fan wear black (“I’m the bad ass!”), so he sends Rafael out to raid the BG East trunk closet. He comes back in crazy sexy red square cuts that are super low rise. Kieran takes a long, appraising look but sends him back again, because Kieran wants to see more skin (uh, fuck, yes!?).  Rafael keeps coming back in tighter, trimmer, sexier trunks painted onto his gorgeous bronzed body. Kieran has the kid turn around slowly for him to check them out from every angle. He gets on his knees and slides his fingertips underneath the fabric, stretching and straightening the swatches to show off Rafael’s magnificent thighs, flat as a pancake abdomen, and one of the most sensationally juicy asses on a skinny boy I’ve ever seen.  I had no idea Kieran was such a connoisseur! The hands-on fashion show has me gagging for  full contact confrontation.

Do you like what you see?

Kieran finally agrees to the obvious. Rafael’s baby blue trunks with white side panels are perfection. “So, what’s your favorite hold?” he asks his fan. Without skipping a beat, with that earnest-as-fuck smile across his beautiful face, Rafael gushes, “I love your headscissors, man!” Generous to a fault, Kieran offers to let his eager fan skip the foreplay and slide right into place. Rafael clearly wants to be nowhere else in the world, but after a few minutes of feeling Kieran’s massive quads bearing down on his skull, Rafael pleads, “But, I want to see you!” Kieran doesn’t quite get it for a second, but with a wry grin, he lightens up the vice and lets his fan spin around to settle into a super sexy, downright gagging for it, face-to-crotch headscissors.

Homoerotic wrestling dreams do come true!

The plot of this encounter turns on the tension between Rafael’s pent up, fan-crazed desire to soak in every last second of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Kieran’s growing frustration that his #1 fan refuses to submit. Kieran keeps doubling down, keeps taunting and testing. “You can’t be enjoying this!?” he insists, he questions disbelievingly. But quite obviously, Rafael is having he time of his life!

Kieran can’t quite understand how much Rafael is (and I am) enjoying this.

The other compelling twist in this narrative is the reveal that Rafael’s fantasy isn’t only to suffer at the mercy of his top muscleman infatuation. Apparently, Rafael knows Kieran’s resume intimately, and he seems to know ahead of time how sensationally sexy it is to watch Kieran’s bulging, powerful muscles squirm and squeal at the mercy of an opponent (check Kieran’s early career, and his face in the dictionary under “Muscle Jobber”). I thought Rafael’s face was downright beaming when on the receiving end, but damn, he’s glowing with erotic pleasure watching all of Kieran’s muscles made impotent when he’s stuck in the beartrap of Rafael’s thighs.

“Is this how you do it?!”

The other narrative device in this match that tickles me no end is that just like Kieran doesn’t quite “get it” that Rafael is aching to suck down every ounce of offense the muscle boy can manage, Rafael doesn’t really “get it” that his irrepressible enthusiasm and lust are seriously pissing Kieran off. Kieran’s bulges glisten with sweat as he works so much harder than he’d expected to make the sultry middleweight submit. He’s raging when Rafael steals some lustful strokes of Kieran’s trapped body, the muscle boy grunting furiously. “Not bad?” Rafael smirks, honest to the wrestling gods, taunting his infatuation. The Latin heartthrob flexes his biceps and actually laughs out loud. “Is this how you do it?,” he asks, making Kieran submit, and then submit again humiliatingly before he lets him go.

“You son of a bitch!”

“You son of a bitch!” Kieran rages. This is not going the way he’d expected this to go! But this is going exactly the way Rafael’s fondest, barely acknowledgeable secret fantasies have always wanted. “Sorry about that man,” the #1 fan apologizes sincerely. “I just got too much into it. It just looked so good!”

Every ounce of punishment makes Rafael bulge harder.

So, it’s true, Rafael is not the typical #1 homoerotic wrestling fan. He doesn’t just hold his own, he grabs Kieran’s and manages to throttle the muscleboy with abandon. Kieran doesn’t get how much he wants it, and Rafael doesn’t get how much he is bruising his infatuation’s surprisingly delicate ego. This match begs the question of how far do you take it, how far do you push it, when the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wrestle your fondest fantasyman presents itself?

Fantasyman possessed!? (look at Rafael’s sensational ass!!!)

I’m such a huge fan of Rafael Verga’s right now. This narrative could have come across as incredibly hokey. It could’ve been canned ham, if it weren’t for the full throttle sell of every inch and second by Rafael. He’s got a big personality and a deep respect for the homoeroticism of wrestling, and that, paired with one of the sexiest, most fuckable lean bodies in the business, makes this opening match of Fan Fantasy 4 a major league, headliner quality hit.

Living the fantasy

One thought on “Living the Fantasy

  1. Thanks for featuring this. Your description and the pictures promise an erotic and exciting match. I prefer ring matches but understand how mat contests can take the viewer closer to the action.

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