Friday Fashion

Jake Jenkins wore it best.


Sometimes I can call them, and then sometimes I’m surprised by the Friday Fashion polls (which is what makes this fun for me). I absolutely thought that last week’s poll between pornboy muscle beast Rusty Stevens and award-winning babyface beauty Jake Jenkins would be closer than it turned out to be, but by a decisive 102 to 62 vote, the babyface bruiser fucked over the competition but good! Now, let’s all just take a moment to picture a scene where that heather grey 2xist jockstrap is lying on the mat with Jake and Rusty crouched and ready to wrestle naked for the right to put it on. That’s right. Let that simmer a while as I give Jake our hearty congratulations.

Jake’s assets were shown off to perfection in that jock strap when he wrestled in Undagear 20.

Jose also gets credit for spotting this week’s Fashion Friday contenders. In what could be a Throwback Thursday meme, we dig a little deeper into the BG East archives to note that both Troy Baker and Kieran Dunne wore those same metallic gold posing trunks multiple times. The mass quantity of prettiness may blind you, but check out the contenders below and decide for yourself who you think wore it best.



Blond beauty Troy Baker wore that pair of metallic gold trunks in his Wrestler Spotlight, Super Hero Heels 3, and Ringwars 8, never once failing to dazzle. Sure, he looks damn good. But did he wear it best?
We watched babyface muscleboy Kieran Dunne grow up before our very eyes, and talk about grow! All those luscious muscles became quite a target for every opponent, but when he wore that pair of gold trunks in Matmen 19, Demolition 14, and Tag Team Torture 14, he seemed to bring out a little something extra in his opponents. But did he wear it best?


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