I’ve been savoring the new release of Gazebo Grapplers 11 from BG East. There’s a lot to be said for GG11, most of which has already been said more skillfully than I could by Joe over at Ringside at Skull Island. Patrick Donovan’s match against Steven Thomas is both hot, sexy, and a sweet reminder of the last time we got a glimpse of cleft-chinned, BG East legend, Brad Rochelle (the story of the match picks up the day after the two of them were embarrassed by Brad and Jonny Firestorm in Contract 9). But for today, I’d like to linger just a little longer on a rookie I’d like to see more of, Gino Gotti.

Gino squares off in the gazebo against baby-faced narcissist and long-time BG East battler, Kieran Dunne. While I enjoy watching Kieran get spanked and humiliated like the little-boy with in britches-too-big that he is, Kieran steps up to the plate here and gives Gino the appropriate welcome that a rookie deserves. I’m a big advocate for the rookie beatdown. Didn’t there used to be a rule that rookies, particularly in their first match, had to be rode hard and put away wet? It seems like that doesn’t hold anymore, with a lot of new faces entering homoerotic wrestling stories as seasoned dominators. But in this case, Kieran gives Gino the classic rookie treatment, instructing him in the fine art of self-worship and then tying him up in humiliating knots.

Gino has a lot going for him in my estimation. He packs his trunks quite nicely both coming and going, and I’m particularly a fan of him going. Like a good, hot Italian stud should, Gino possesses a nice coat of body hair whose will has been tamed but not broken. He’s very fit without being overly muscled, and he’s in possession of nipples screaming out to be nibbled on. But make no mistake, Gino is clearly a rookie. He repeatedly dives in way, way too fast for pinfalls, as if an un-refereed gazebo scrap against the likes of sweat-soaked, mirror-gazing Kieran was ever going to be about a three count. He has a relatively nice self-possession on camera for a rookie, but he doesn’t quite sell his own suffering, particularly verbally. It’s entirely possible that his groans actually sound a little bored when he’s genuinely suffering, but that’s not going to sell an audience (at least it doesn’t me). But in the midst of me feeling a bit uncharitable about Gino’s salesmanship, something really fantastic suddenly occurred to me. Perhaps the sexiest thing about Gino is his deep, “fuck you” base voice. With a little more confidence, some swagger, and a willingness to let his ass hang out when his opponent “accidentally” pulls his trunks down in the match, I think a bare-chested introduction between Gino and YouTube phenom, SteelMuscleGod, could be the most homoerotically arousing non-expicit face-off in history.

It’s the pitch of Gino’s voice that brings SMG to mind for me. Both hot hunks possess a deep, bass snarl that sounds like it comes from a half-mile underground. Whereas rookie Gino seems not to be aware of the arousing sensual quality of his words, SMG has been cultivating the double-entendre laced, dripping-with-sex delivery of his deep growl for a couple of years.

I realize this match is highly unlikely to occur in the real world, so I’ll just have to imagine it. I’ll just have to imagine the aggressive pre-bout circling of one another like predators ready to pounce. I can picture in my mind a snarling pose down as they compare physiques, offering begrudging praise but each stud insisting that his body is clearly superior. The way I’d see it, there would be a ferocious opening scramble with tit-for-tat hip-tosses, head scissors, and grunting escapes, Gino would get his licks in, confidently staring down at SMG’s twisted body desperately trying to squirm free from the Italian’s breath-stealing body scissors. “Ooooo yah,” Gino’s hairy chest would rumble. “All that muscle, just helpless between my legs… it feels so goooood…” Gino would purr from the basement in his chest. Frankly, though, I’d have to imagine that SMG would have the power advantage to finally muscle his way free, stalk Gino like lunch on the African savannah, and eventually capture Gino in a skull crushing standing head scissors. “Mmmmmmm…” SMG would groan as if he’s about to climax. “You’ve never felt power like that before, have you? You can’t handle the muscle of a god, can you? Now tell me, who is your Steel Muscle God now?!”

I’m rooting for Gino to continue to develop that hot, gorgeous, arousing raw talent of his, one way or another.

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