He’s Bringing Sexy Back

So Google tells me that the number one keyword reference for this blog is “wrestling.” That makes sense to me. Can you guess what the number 2 word is?

“Chris.” I find this pretty hilarious. Clearly, multiple posts referencing people like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans play a part in this. But obviously, my recurring obsession with the travesty that was Good Morning America letting Chris Cuomo slip through their fingers most likely is the driving engine behind the keyword prominence of “Chris.”
Despite no longer getting a regular injection of Chris into my morning routine, I’m still a fan of Chris Cuomo. I tuned in last Friday to watch Chris guest-host GMA while George was out. Biggest crowd ever for a GMA summer concert turned out to catch a sight of Chris (okay, Black Eyed Peas also probably had a little to do with that). It was a little glimpse of the fine, fine world that could have been. Everyone was all smiles, laid back, comfortable. Sam Champion was giddy, and Chris was stringing him along with easy humor as always, like a good, hot, straight friend man-crush should.
I recently ran across this pic of Chris from the end of the New York Triathalon. Sweet man alive, look at the size of those pecs! Okay, now just try to tear your eyes away from them… I dare you. Can’t do it, can you? His nipple outlined through the fabric stretched taut across his left pec is such a sweet tease. When you can eventually refocus, you’ll also appreciate his massive shoulders and baseball biceps. Damn it! Now I’m obliged to write a new News Division match in my wrestling fiction.
ABC News is clearly led by fools. Every appearance Chris makes on GMA as their “legal expert,” and every time he’s tapped to substitute when the straight-laced little Greek is off set, they really ought to be playing him in with some Justin Timberlake. ‘Cause for those brief, glorious moments, he’s bringing Sexy Back (and those other motherfuckers don’t know how to act).

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