Two Great Tastes…

Trent Diesel, my July homoerotic wrestler of the month, twitted just a couple of days ago that he has a new scene for Raging Stallion online with Rusty Stevens (whose on-again/off-again website has been sadly off again for quite a while). My July homoerotic wrestler of the month paired up with my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy is an excellent combination. The two of them in a boxing ring is the butter cream icing on an already fantastically tasty cake.
I’m pacing myself with regard to my porn budget these days, so I haven’t taken the bait and signed on to see the entire scene at Raging Stallion’s online membership site, Rear Stable. But they’ve offered a provocative-if-brief free teaser. Trent is looking as beautiful as ever with that awesomely aesthetic ink, but more notably in my book, Rusty is sporting a full beard. This fascinates me to no end. I don’t know if I prefer him with or without the beard, but more importantly, I’m thrilled with the opportunity to choose.
The teaser features tragically brief glimpses of these two stars of my wrestling fantasies sucking and screwing from different angles and positions, outside and inside a fight ring. There’s no hint of actual wrestling or fighting in the teaser, so the setting may be all ambient kink. The fact that both of these gorgeous pornboys have some impressive homoerotic wrestling on the resume’ make me still hold out hope that there’s some pre or post fuck wrestling (or during). But it’s all just me and my eternal optimism at this point. If someone else has actually seen the goods, you’ll have to tell me if this inhabits our corner of the homoerotic kink universe.
I continue to be intoxicated by Rusty in any setting. He’s stunning, fierce, and remarkably quick-witted in a career not exactly famous for it’s scholar-athletes. When he’s smooth and trim, Rusty makes me think of a classical marble study in the athletic male form.

With a furry chest, full beard, and hair on top of his head long enough to start to curl, he looks tailor-made for a pro-wrestling heel beatdown on some unsuspecting muscle jobber. I suspect Raging Stallion may not have actually brought that fantasy of mine to life, but the teaser is awfully inspiring, nonetheless.

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