I Saw Him First

I’m hopelessly behind the curve. You’d never say it, because you’re very generous, but my friends on this side of the computer screen are quick to point out that I’m notoriously late to ever spot a worthwhile trend. For example, I usually wait until a new TV show hits its second season before I decide to commit any serious time into checking it out (other than anything on HBO). I finally figure out who’s hot well after they’ve become passé.

That’s why seeing Christopher Gorham get a lot of attention for the hot little, nerdy hunk he is just makes me need to say: I was into Christopher Gorham way before you were. It was his gig on Popular around the turn of the century that made me think naughty thoughts about a fully mature actor who happened to play a high school kid.
Before he was in Ugly Betty, and ages before Covert Affairs, I was feeling some fantasy lust for Christopher. He earned his way into a fantasy wrestling match I wrote a while back, playing the surprise sadist determined to physically tame and sexually dominate Jerry O’Connell. Jerry had no idea what was in store for him, or what the stakes were.
I’ll probably jump ahead of a trend around the turn of the next century. In the meantime, don’t tell me that you were lusting after Christopher when he was a walk-on in Buffy. Just give me this one moment. Please.

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