This weekend I put in some time on my two current wrestling fiction projects. The werewolf match is coming along, and I’ve heard from several folks looking forward to it. I also enjoyed my time invested in chapter 3 of the superhero series over at Sidelineland. I spent quite a bit of time mining the net for inspiration for some new characters that I’m introducing. Chapter 3 follows main character Hank as he’s introduced to his new team of fellow recruits, the Chargers. Hank’s experience of being introduced to the superhero recruit training program is turning out starkly different from his brother’s. In particular, one of his new teammates seems to be as intent on intimidating his own teammates and beating them into submission as he is for facing off with challengers from opposing teams. And he seems to have taken a particular love/hate approach to breaking in the new rookie, Hank.

Crafting an engaging antagonist is delicate work. It’s tempting to make a superhero story line simply black and white, with heroes and villains cleanly delineated. The distinctly postmodern twist to comic book stories over the past 20 years or more, though, has taught us that shades of gray make for more powerful and provocative stories that keep us guessing. That’s more of the bent that I’m hoping to take here. 
The visual inspiration I’ve taken for my new antagonist called Sting, is Brazilian model and sex puppy, Carlos Freire. First of all, excellent last name. Second, Carlos seems like a nice enough guy, but third, he’s got a mouth watering body and an occasional blue steel that makes him look like he could rip your nuts off. I am thus inspired. Sting is born.

There are also a few additional new characters getting introduced in chapter 3, but so far my dreams keep centering on Carlos/Sting and his incredible pecs. Hank is going to have his hands full if he’s going to survive to see chapter 4.

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