Brothers in Arms

Real life actor Justin Hartley in my imagination
as superhero-in-training Velocity
Yesterday evening I posted a new chapter in the superhero-themed homoerotic wrestling series that I call Brothers in Arms. The story’s gaze returns to the trials and triumphs of young Hank, who was terrorized by fellow recruits in his first few days as a superhero-in-training. When Hank finally learns to begin to exercise the power to move faster than the eye can see, he enjoys a reversal of fortune and embraces his new identity as a power to be reckoned with under the moniker Velocity.
Smolderingly sexy model Jay Byars brings to mind
a hot coach fantasy as “Barry”
One of the factors helping Velocity get his groove on is some special attention afforded to him by his coach, Barry. Sharing the same power that Velocity possesses, rough-edged Barry also shares a whole lot more with his prize recruit, including valuable insights into the mysteries of The League of Superheroes. The intimacy of private tutorials becomes the setting for coach to also initiate his eager recruit into crossing that fine line between the heat of a wrestling battle and the heat of sexual passion.
Mouthwateringly sweet Carlos Freire is inspiration
for the nastily bitter heel, Sting
Some returning characters play a supportive role in this chapter, including fan favorite and sadistic heel brought to heel Sting. Velocity’s ascendency is in inverse proportion to Sting’s fall from power, but somehow it’s hard to imagine that nasty boy Sting is entirely done with his reign of terror.
Australian twink, long lean Jordan Coulter is my
template for the mysterious character Vapor
However, the cards are getting reshuffled out from under Sting’s previously trump-filled hand. One of Sting’s henchmen, lanky twink beauty Vapor, retreats from his former master’s sphere of influence and throws his allegiance behind the rising gravitational pull of Velocity.
New wrestler Midas gets introduced to the painful stylings of
badboy bodybuilder, Buck
As I mentioned a few day ago, the g-g-g-gorgeous blond muscle boy from Just Beautiful Men’s last blog post arrives as a new team member in the Chargers dormitory. We get just a glimpse of Golden boy Midas sparring with Sting’s ever loyal muscle brute, Buck.
Competitive bodybuilder and model Michael Tomasetti
makes a return appearance as rookie-no-more Spike
But the primary wrestling action for chapter 5 is the return of Spike, who make his doomed debut in Chapter 4, getting pummeled nearly into oblivion in team competition against Velocity’s brother Nova and his ferocious partner Jolt, who worked out some self-therapy for his PTSD by beating poor Spike to within an inch of his life. However, Spike’s come a long way since his green debut. He’s huge. He’s fierce. He’s got something to prove, and he’s determined to prove it at Velocity’s expense.
Velocity working and getting worked hard in
Brothers in Arms, Chapter 5

Brothers in Arms was the brainchild of a reader request from 2 years ago, and I’m happy to say responding to a reader’s desire for some superhero homoerotic wrestling fantasy has become one of my favorite flights of fancy. For the full series and other wrestling kink fiction from me and other authors, sign up for access to the Sidelineland site. Let me know what you think, what fantasies you’d like to see more of, and share some of your own original homoerotic wrestling fiction for the rest of us to enjoy!

Working It Out

It was about a year and a half ago that I asked some of the earliest members of the Producer’s Ring homoerotic wrestling fiction group what ideas they might like to read for new stories. Several story lines emerged, including the “All-Stars” division of professional athletes vying to cross over into the high impact career of the entertainment industry (in my imagined post-apocalyptic, postmodern alternate reality known as the Producer’s Ring). Another idea I stewed on for many months was the suggestion of a superhero story line. I tried the concept on for size several times, starting and scrapping a bin full of ideas. I ran some early drafts by a frequent collaborator, who was full of encouragement despite not really finding the superhero motif his cup of tea.

“Hank & Brett – Brothers In Arms”

Finally, late this summer I posted a pilot over at Sidelineland, following two adopted brothers on their quest to join the ranks of superhero recruits-in-training. It’s something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, so to speak. Justin Hartley and his Smallville role are my model for one of the brothers, Hank, who has quickly learned that, when under duress, he can move faster than the eye can see. Hank’s brother, Brett, has been a little slower to pick up on the fact that his remarkable power involves his ability to trigger mind-numbing, overpowering sexual lust (now that’s a superpower!).

“Brick – from Chapter 2”

The superhero series hasn’t generated many comments, but I’m finding myself returning to it with some frequency and enthusiasm. It’s become my most integrated serial product, with my attempt to construct two detailed story lines that intersect and illuminate one another, progressively building both plot character development. It’s not going to get me any literary awards, but I’m enjoying it, and more importantly, I’m enjoying writing it, which frankly is what this whole endeavor is about for me.

“Sting – from Chapter 3”

As is my way, I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters, including the “villains” (especially the villains!). I believe all superhero genre creative products are, essentially, morality tales, with mine being no exception. Witnessing and mid-wiving the self-discovery of Hank and Brett alongside of their disillusionment and reconstruction of what the world of superherodom can be makes me just want to curl up with them and all of their buddies, which is sort of what if feels like as I write them.

“Remote and Spike – from Chapter 4”

It helps to have a mental picture Justin Hartley, Daniel Ashton Johnson, Carlos Freire, Brandon Myles White, and Jerry East in mind (among many others) as the scaffolding upon which I’m building these characters. I’ve just posted chapter 4 in the series over at Sidelineland, in which Brett gets more deeply in touch with his superpower even as he allows himself, despite himself, to experience intimate trust with his teammate Jolt. The chapter’s climax features a team match that presents Brett and Jolt with, perhaps, more than they can handle. As is the theme for everything that this blog revolves around, the story explores the intimacy and implicit (and explicit) sexuality of combat.

“Team Jolt & Nova(Brett) – Chapters 2 & 4”

Every time I post a piece of original work, I feel a pang of vulnerability. And each time I grapple with the anxiety of being read and judged, I think I grow as a writer and, frankly, as a person. I hope others will travel down this path as well with me. Anyone with a piece of original writing to share is welcome to submit it for posting at Sidelineland. It doesn’t have to be long (or short) or polished or perfect, by any means. Just a sign of your act of courage, opening up your homoerotic wrestling kinked imagination for others to enjoy, extol, and encourage.


This weekend I put in some time on my two current wrestling fiction projects. The werewolf match is coming along, and I’ve heard from several folks looking forward to it. I also enjoyed my time invested in chapter 3 of the superhero series over at Sidelineland. I spent quite a bit of time mining the net for inspiration for some new characters that I’m introducing. Chapter 3 follows main character Hank as he’s introduced to his new team of fellow recruits, the Chargers. Hank’s experience of being introduced to the superhero recruit training program is turning out starkly different from his brother’s. In particular, one of his new teammates seems to be as intent on intimidating his own teammates and beating them into submission as he is for facing off with challengers from opposing teams. And he seems to have taken a particular love/hate approach to breaking in the new rookie, Hank.

Crafting an engaging antagonist is delicate work. It’s tempting to make a superhero story line simply black and white, with heroes and villains cleanly delineated. The distinctly postmodern twist to comic book stories over the past 20 years or more, though, has taught us that shades of gray make for more powerful and provocative stories that keep us guessing. That’s more of the bent that I’m hoping to take here. 
The visual inspiration I’ve taken for my new antagonist called Sting, is Brazilian model and sex puppy, Carlos Freire. First of all, excellent last name. Second, Carlos seems like a nice enough guy, but third, he’s got a mouth watering body and an occasional blue steel that makes him look like he could rip your nuts off. I am thus inspired. Sting is born.

There are also a few additional new characters getting introduced in chapter 3, but so far my dreams keep centering on Carlos/Sting and his incredible pecs. Hank is going to have his hands full if he’s going to survive to see chapter 4.