Brothers in Arms

Real life actor Justin Hartley in my imagination
as superhero-in-training Velocity
Yesterday evening I posted a new chapter in the superhero-themed homoerotic wrestling series that I call Brothers in Arms. The story’s gaze returns to the trials and triumphs of young Hank, who was terrorized by fellow recruits in his first few days as a superhero-in-training. When Hank finally learns to begin to exercise the power to move faster than the eye can see, he enjoys a reversal of fortune and embraces his new identity as a power to be reckoned with under the moniker Velocity.
Smolderingly sexy model Jay Byars brings to mind
a hot coach fantasy as “Barry”
One of the factors helping Velocity get his groove on is some special attention afforded to him by his coach, Barry. Sharing the same power that Velocity possesses, rough-edged Barry also shares a whole lot more with his prize recruit, including valuable insights into the mysteries of The League of Superheroes. The intimacy of private tutorials becomes the setting for coach to also initiate his eager recruit into crossing that fine line between the heat of a wrestling battle and the heat of sexual passion.
Mouthwateringly sweet Carlos Freire is inspiration
for the nastily bitter heel, Sting
Some returning characters play a supportive role in this chapter, including fan favorite and sadistic heel brought to heel Sting. Velocity’s ascendency is in inverse proportion to Sting’s fall from power, but somehow it’s hard to imagine that nasty boy Sting is entirely done with his reign of terror.
Australian twink, long lean Jordan Coulter is my
template for the mysterious character Vapor
However, the cards are getting reshuffled out from under Sting’s previously trump-filled hand. One of Sting’s henchmen, lanky twink beauty Vapor, retreats from his former master’s sphere of influence and throws his allegiance behind the rising gravitational pull of Velocity.
New wrestler Midas gets introduced to the painful stylings of
badboy bodybuilder, Buck
As I mentioned a few day ago, the g-g-g-gorgeous blond muscle boy from Just Beautiful Men’s last blog post arrives as a new team member in the Chargers dormitory. We get just a glimpse of Golden boy Midas sparring with Sting’s ever loyal muscle brute, Buck.
Competitive bodybuilder and model Michael Tomasetti
makes a return appearance as rookie-no-more Spike
But the primary wrestling action for chapter 5 is the return of Spike, who make his doomed debut in Chapter 4, getting pummeled nearly into oblivion in team competition against Velocity’s brother Nova and his ferocious partner Jolt, who worked out some self-therapy for his PTSD by beating poor Spike to within an inch of his life. However, Spike’s come a long way since his green debut. He’s huge. He’s fierce. He’s got something to prove, and he’s determined to prove it at Velocity’s expense.
Velocity working and getting worked hard in
Brothers in Arms, Chapter 5

Brothers in Arms was the brainchild of a reader request from 2 years ago, and I’m happy to say responding to a reader’s desire for some superhero homoerotic wrestling fantasy has become one of my favorite flights of fancy. For the full series and other wrestling kink fiction from me and other authors, sign up for access to the Sidelineland site. Let me know what you think, what fantasies you’d like to see more of, and share some of your own original homoerotic wrestling fiction for the rest of us to enjoy!

They’re All Men

The New York Times is noting an evolution of the it-boy male model from waif-ish twink skate-rat into someone “who feels like he’s a man.” I’m fully on board with this trend, though not, I believe, for the reasons that the NYT author supposes is behind the circle-of-life return to square-jawed handsomeness. I seriously am not longing for a mythical past when “men were men.” I just tend to like my hunks in the barrel long enough to soak up some oaky tannins. A fresh off the vine, cork-and-uncork-it youth is like a Rosé: sweet, innocent, and always trending on the way in or on the way out.  More maturity, a fuller body, and deeper complexity is a lot more tasty, year-after-year.

I’m not an all or nothing kind of guy, though. The skate-rat brawler can tell a sweet story that a big pec muscleboy can’t tell (and vice versa, of course). And a skate-rat slamfest with a big muscle boy can be pure ecstasy, particularly if the muscleboy is seriously taken by surprise by the skate-rat’s ferocity, skill, and determination to bash a hunk.
Of course, talking about a mature body on a male model requires putting pencil to paper to make some counter-intuitive calculations. Counting years on a male model is a little like figuring up “dog years.” The ridiculous pressure to be superhumanly and eternally beautiful (by commercial standards, at least) can skew the numbers, making 30 year old model David Gandy, above, seem grandfatherly next to 18 year old fence rail, Jordan Coulter. For the record, David would bring me to my knees with a come-hither look in an instant, whereas Jordan would require evidence of a sense of humor, cocky self-assurance, and last but not least, a valid driver’s license as proof of age. David facing off with Jordan, with Jordan managing to jump onto “grandpa’s” back and bring the muscle man to his knees with a vicious rear choke, however, would be a delight to suit me in most any mood.
So whether the skate-rats are on their way out, or already returning as chic retro days after being pronounced so-last-year (as seems usually the pace of trendiness), I’m a supporter of diverse bodies, as long as they’re sweaty, locked in combat, and ready to order. But when pressed (squeezed, pounded, or slammed), I’m a sucker for beefy, thoughtful maturity over impulsive, waif-ish twinkiness, nine times out of ten.