Working It Out

It was about a year and a half ago that I asked some of the earliest members of the Producer’s Ring homoerotic wrestling fiction group what ideas they might like to read for new stories. Several story lines emerged, including the “All-Stars” division of professional athletes vying to cross over into the high impact career of the entertainment industry (in my imagined post-apocalyptic, postmodern alternate reality known as the Producer’s Ring). Another idea I stewed on for many months was the suggestion of a superhero story line. I tried the concept on for size several times, starting and scrapping a bin full of ideas. I ran some early drafts by a frequent collaborator, who was full of encouragement despite not really finding the superhero motif his cup of tea.

“Hank & Brett – Brothers In Arms”

Finally, late this summer I posted a pilot over at Sidelineland, following two adopted brothers on their quest to join the ranks of superhero recruits-in-training. It’s something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, so to speak. Justin Hartley and his Smallville role are my model for one of the brothers, Hank, who has quickly learned that, when under duress, he can move faster than the eye can see. Hank’s brother, Brett, has been a little slower to pick up on the fact that his remarkable power involves his ability to trigger mind-numbing, overpowering sexual lust (now that’s a superpower!).

“Brick – from Chapter 2”

The superhero series hasn’t generated many comments, but I’m finding myself returning to it with some frequency and enthusiasm. It’s become my most integrated serial product, with my attempt to construct two detailed story lines that intersect and illuminate one another, progressively building both plot character development. It’s not going to get me any literary awards, but I’m enjoying it, and more importantly, I’m enjoying writing it, which frankly is what this whole endeavor is about for me.

“Sting – from Chapter 3”

As is my way, I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters, including the “villains” (especially the villains!). I believe all superhero genre creative products are, essentially, morality tales, with mine being no exception. Witnessing and mid-wiving the self-discovery of Hank and Brett alongside of their disillusionment and reconstruction of what the world of superherodom can be makes me just want to curl up with them and all of their buddies, which is sort of what if feels like as I write them.

“Remote and Spike – from Chapter 4”

It helps to have a mental picture Justin Hartley, Daniel Ashton Johnson, Carlos Freire, Brandon Myles White, and Jerry East in mind (among many others) as the scaffolding upon which I’m building these characters. I’ve just posted chapter 4 in the series over at Sidelineland, in which Brett gets more deeply in touch with his superpower even as he allows himself, despite himself, to experience intimate trust with his teammate Jolt. The chapter’s climax features a team match that presents Brett and Jolt with, perhaps, more than they can handle. As is the theme for everything that this blog revolves around, the story explores the intimacy and implicit (and explicit) sexuality of combat.

“Team Jolt & Nova(Brett) – Chapters 2 & 4”

Every time I post a piece of original work, I feel a pang of vulnerability. And each time I grapple with the anxiety of being read and judged, I think I grow as a writer and, frankly, as a person. I hope others will travel down this path as well with me. Anyone with a piece of original writing to share is welcome to submit it for posting at Sidelineland. It doesn’t have to be long (or short) or polished or perfect, by any means. Just a sign of your act of courage, opening up your homoerotic wrestling kinked imagination for others to enjoy, extol, and encourage.

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