Italian Hotness in Siberia

New readers to this blog may not even know of my obsession with Chris Cuomo. Chris has been off my radar for a while now, particularly since his departure from Good Morning America ripped him out of my cozy, rousing morning routine. Banished to Siberia (aka 20/20), Chris has just been out of sight, and thus not popping up often as a subject for me to obsess over here.

I recently caught up with Chris’ twitter account, where I was directed to his new Facebook page and behind-the-scenes video prep for 20/20 over at ABC. It’s not a lot, but it made me swoon all over again. There’s not a lot new by way of pics, but a few choice photos are making me fantasize about grabbing those big Italian pecs and squeezing.

I note that there are fishing pics, but not the shirtless pics that showed the world Chris’ hard, smokin’ hot bod a year and a half ago. He can play coy all he wants. Now that we’ve been given a taste of what lies beneath, we’re all filling in the gaps in what we don’t see with him in a suit and tie. He remains an object of lust, a character in fantasy, and completely wasted on Friday night newsishness. I’m glad to see that he’s got a PR machine keeping him and his hotness in the public eye, though.

Of course, in my imagination, we last saw Chris escort his ABC news protege and fellow news stud, Matt Guttman, to the ring in a young news stallions match against Abercrombie boy, David Muir. The match is between Matt and David, and David comes out on top, but somehow, it’s Chris coming out on the bottom.

Good God, he still does things to me…

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