I’ve been out of town for work for several days, but now I’m very happy to be back at home. Of course, leaving town requires that I work twice as hard before I go to prepare to be away, and then twice as hard when I get back to catch up on everything that’s piled up in my absence. On my list are several emails regarding the blog and wrestling fiction sites to reply to. Since I get some repeat questions, I thought I’d give a couple responses en masse…

First, the wrestling fiction groups are still up and operating. Anyone who signs up (and gets approved) for either the Producer’s Ring or Sidelineland wrestling fiction groups will (I think) get automatic approval to view the websites that have all the archives of wrestling fiction stories I (and some of you) have written and shared.

Some of you clever people have found the sites directly and then asked for 1:1 permission to access them. That seems to work as well, though if you aren’t signed up for the gateway group lists, you won’t get email notices of new stories posted or be able to participate in discussions that arise from them.  So if you’re interested, I’d recommend you to the sign-up pages for each group, and you’ll get full access to the whole sha-bang. Links to the websites are on the home pages for each group. And one last note on the groups, I’ve seen some very clever “reasons you’d like to join” submissions lately. To the new member who simply wrote, in all lower case letters, “please let me in,” I just have to say that’s just adorable. I had a vision of Oliver Twist standing in line for a second helping of gruel. Made me laugh (and I like to laugh).

My other administrative message is, I believe, a repeat. Some of you can’t get enough, and you’ve discovered that I actually administrate a third group called “On Deck.” This “group” is actually just a little workshop area I created to keep track of works-in-progress and try to tame the beast that is Google formatting. I think of it a little like my underwear drawer. I don’t generally show it off to guests. Some of its contents are a little ragged and would be embarrassing for others to be poking around in, frankly. Once I’ve assembled the pieces and finished them off, I promise I’ll post final products in one of the two homoerotic wrestling websites.

I have a lot of other homoerotic wrestling business to catch up on as well, with more to say (hopefully soon) about some new stories in development as well as some new products I have in hand and can’t wait to view and review. You who follow and comment on the blog and fiction continue to be a generous, entertaining, and enjoyable group of folks with which to exercise my imagination. Thanks for the support and encouragement and contribution of your ideas!

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