But Is It Art?

What counts as porn? I realize far greater (and frankly, far lesser) minds than ours have debated this very question in excruciating detail. There’s always the I-know-it-when-I-see-it approach that only complicates the postmodern dilemma of conflicting subjective realities. Personally, I tend to toss things into my “porn drawer” that primarily and dependably get me off. This means that there are items in my porn drawer that include no nudity, no sex, no cum, but those typically feature a particular quality of wrestling that will turn my crank whenever needed. There’s plenty of nudity, sex and cum shots in the drawer as well, mind you. And then I’ve established (admittedly, somewhat arbitrarily), that to qualify for my homoerotic wrestling pornboy rankings I need to have seen a wrestler cum on camera. But we probably all have slightly different criteria for what merits the designation of our “porn,” and what doesn’t.

More to the point, what does Rusty Stevens consider porn? I’m just catching up with Rusty’s poorly populated blog, where, last October 17, he announced concisely that he retired from porn the week before and has moved to Hawaii. He goes on to post on his blog that he’s go-go dancing, and that he’s a rentboy (damn, where’s $2,500 for a weekend’s entertainment when I need it!?). He’s apparently taking requests for what to post on his pay-site, such as a wrestling match with Spencer Reed.

But of crucial importance in my mind, is whether his “retirement from porn” means that we’ll never see him again working in the homoerotic wrestling industry. Is his mat wrestling performance with Mitch Colby that culminated in Mitch jacking Rusty off in victory considered “porn?” It most certainly resides in my porn drawer, but is it “porn” for Rusty?

Is his string of undefeated matches for Naked Kombat porn? True enough, there’s nudity, sex, and cum in abundance in every match, but it’s hardly boom-chicka-boom-boom, syntho music and bad acting as foreplay for close up shots of anal penetration (okay, there is a little of the typical close up in the last round of NK matches, but that’s so not that part that puts me over the edge).

In short, is Rusty’s retirement tantamount to his hanging up his jockstrap and foregoing any further homoerotic wrestling? Because having owned the title of my favorite homoerotic wrestler for the past nine months, this would appear to leave him completely vulnerable to some hard worker still actively vying for our attention. If Rusty is retiring his title belt, this would just seem to throw my whole favorite homoerotic wrestler rankings up in the air entirely.

Of course Trent Diesel, as the top contender behind Rusty, is well-positioned to kick Rusty’s retired ass to the curb and rip the belt from Rusty’s gorgeously muscled, tight, hard little waist. But I’ll have to let this quandry sit with me a while as I ponder the existential meaning of what “is” is. I’m not entirely sure at all who may populate my top two favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboys once the dust settles. I’m adrift in philosophical malaise. I’m questioning everything and taken for granted nothing.  From his retirement in Hawaii (though he’s for hire in Manhattan through Saturday, take note), Rusty has left me feeling undone and unsettled.

5 thoughts on “But Is It Art?

  1. How sick I am right now–$2,500 sounds reasonable. Still unaffordable, but reasonable, and practically a steal if it includes round trip to Hawaii. And I'd throw in an extra $500 if he'd not wax for at least a month before. And what's the retirement party like when you retire from porn? Inquiring minds …

  2. Indeed, Joe. We need a support group. Or someone needs to offer critical incidence debriefing over this tragedy, because it's going to give me nightmares.

  3. Two things:First I seem to recall a interview with Rusty at some point where he was talking about how he got black listed form the porn industry due to being in something that wasn't considered "clean". I don't remember the details too much, and I think it might have been related to Naked Kombat. Regardless, this may have factored into his decision about the porn industry.Second about what is porn. For me personally, I fall back on a objective point of view. The problem is, finding a way to make an objective definition that includes everything that we feel counts. I've encountered this in many situations as I have a minor in Philosophy, but here is usually what happens when I tackle a vague phrase like this.Normally I set a operational definition in play, and apply it to a set of examples, usually on the differnt ends of the spectrum. I keep tweeking the definition until it manages to encompass everything in those example. Once this is done, the operational definition tends to be too broad and needs to be tightened up, as by this point it is broad enough to include things that simply wouldn't fit. At which point the operational definition is then flushed out more with sets of qualifiers to eliminate situations.The end result usually isn't as clean or ideal as we want, but instead manages to include things that we didn't think of, and possibly exclude things we used to think were. While that may cause some dissonance with out, it usually is a much more stable definition than the vague phrase you stated out with.In the case of porn… It's tough. I would say that it falls on the intent behind porn, which is to arouse the viewer in to the point of an orgasim. Still pretty vague, and clearly things like Bay Watch back from the 90s might be classified in it (and I know people who would consider that show "soft core porn"). To tighten it up, I would say that porn is material where one or more persons knowingly engage in sexual activity designed to arouse the viewer to the point of an orgasim, while being aware that their activites are being recored in one medium or another.This rules out voyerism, or any situation in which a person gets arosed without the subject's intent in the matter… however that just excluded most wrestling…See the problem? To be honest though, the line between porn and non-porn gets more blurred when fetishes get invovled, because the fetish can make something that isn't normally sexual into a sexual activity. That is where wrestling stands in my opinion. While it is true that lots of guys watch those sweaty sexy bodies locked into submission with flaming boners in their pants, but many watch it for various other non-sexual reasons.I think I've ranted enough. I'd be happy to flush it out more if you would like though.

  4. I also think I recall that Rusty has "retired" before. With all the pornboys doing NK, I can't imagine that it's so taboo for the non-wrestling porn industry. These are intricacies that I am most definitely not privy to.Nice mental mapping, Submission Master! Thanks for the thoughtful deconstruction and reconstruction of what porn means. In this existential crisis in which I find myself, I may take notes from your analysis as I sort out who owns my affections most among the field of wrestling pornboys. Thanks!

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