Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

I’m finding slim pickings for a strictly January new release option for my homoerotic wrestler of the month. BG East is between catalogs. I have trouble tracking exactly when to credit Can-Am’s new releases, so just in case I haven’t considered them, I’ll go ahead and include Chris Bruce, Donnie Drake, Rio Garza and Kyle Braun from Hollywood Mat Battles 1. Otherwise, I don’t think that Can-Am has anything new brewing for consideration. Thunder’s Arena has recently released Bodybuilder Battle 26 (and therefore nominating big, muscle bruisers Johnny Bravo and Conan), and Mat Wars 23 (nominating crossover RHW boy, Cody, along with Big Sexy, Tony, and Cage). And speaking of Rock Hard Wrestling, I’ll toss Brody Hancock in the running for his battle with Ethan (who I’m not even considering because he needs a haircut), as well as Jeff Hollister and Tyler Reeves for their sweaty face-off. Finally, I have to say that I thought Naked Kombat had some weak matches this month, so I’m only including veteran, Mr. Franchise himself, DJ and his tag team partner, rookie Brandon Bangs, for their January 12 destruction of Hayden Russo and Jake Austin, and DJ gets extra credit for showing up merely two weeks later for a singles rookie-crushing of carb-deprived Dragon.

There just isn’t the depth to this month’s field that I’ve enjoyed in recent months. That said, there’s just one standout wrestler in this relatively ho-hum crowd for me. Not that there aren’t some hard working performances represented in this month’s offerings, but for my money and my tastes, there’s one homoerotic wrestler who shines notably brighter than the rest this time around…


DJ has grown on me over time. He’s got an impressively long Naked Kombat fight record, and speaking of impressively long, his uncut, erect cock never ceases to bring a smile to my face. His tag team wrestling with rookie Brandon Bangs this month illustrated abundantly what makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest of the field for me. He’s one hot, hardworking, tenacious battler whose tight, slender body turns about 30.32 times sexier for me when he’s working his leverage on the mat. He’s quickly developed into a full-on veteran, with cool confidence and mat savvy along with a smart eye always on NK points, which, after all, is what it’s really all about at NK.

He’s also developed some fantastically sexy muscle tone. His hairy legs are looking thicker and more powerful just about every outing. He still has that stoned look about him, but somehow, now I take it as supreme, cocky self-confidence rather than… well, stoned. There’s nothing tweaked about his speed and focus on the mat. You can just see him mentally counting up his own NK points as he swiftly moves from subduing his opponents for riding time to sewing together a tapestry of sexual domination moves that NK rewards. A face sit, a ball claw, his fingers up his opponent’s ass, pec and ab punching, ass slapping… DJ knows what puts you on top for round 4, perhaps better than most any other.

DJ is also earning a second distinction from me. In addition to being January’s homoerotic wrestler of the month, he’s also clawed his way into the ranks of my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboys. Specifically, he’s landed himself into the top contender position. Readers who’ve been following my angst over learning that Rusty Stevens is out of “the biz” as of late last fall may not be surprised to learn that he’s been toppled completely out of the running, after reigning as my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy for almost 10 solid months. For crushing my lustful anticipation of more Rusty wrestling, Rusty has been figuratively picked up and slammed down in an over-the-knee backbreaker by my newly crowned champion, my brand new, first-time number one favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, with a body that makes me gasp, tats that make me marvel, and an all-in determination that makes me smile: Trent Diesel.

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