More of "It"

The din of my work life is starting to drown out the rest of my life these days. Posts and new stories may be a little more sparse for a while, but I’m sure I’ll find some things that I just have to put into print. For example…

Superherofan reposted this clip from Ellen, in Alex Pettyfer’s debut talk show appearance in America. Truly, welcome, Alex! This kid is just adorable.

Alex’s shirtlessness comes up frequently in conversation (thanks, Ellen!). He’s pretty cool and suave about the whole thing to start with. He even accepts the invitation to strip out of his button up, starched white dress shirt in order to don Ellen’s gift of an “I ♡ Ellen” T.

Sweet mother of god, that boy has world class abs. He soaks in the screams of the fans with just a little twinge of self-consciousness to start with, but obviously, Alex knows what the paying public appreciates most about him.

But when Ellen toys with him, offering him the t-shirt and then pulling it away to make him stand shirtless under the stage lights a little longer, there appears to be the most adorable wave of self-consciousness wash over the Brit “It Boy” on the rise. He tries to grab the shirt, but when he realizes what Ellen is doing, he turns his back and lowers his head, looking genuinely embarrassed.

Ellen relents and hands the hunk the t-shirt, which he quickly squeezes into as he turns back to the frenzied audience. There’s just something completely adorable and human about the hunky kid that makes me swoon just a little. I know that there’s NOTHING unscripted in Hollywood. I know that this is precisely why they refer to these people as “actors.” But both Ellen and Alex sell this playful little scene of self-consciousness so well that I’m completely sucked in and rooting for him as if I was his personal sugar daddy. He’s welcome to consider me an adoring patron for the $11 I’ll most definitely be shelling out to see him in his upcoming sci-fi flick.

And this bonding moment makes me that much more excited to give my homoerotic superhero character, Arthur (with Alex’ body and face as model) the back story he’s got coming to him.

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