Back Again

It should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of a beautiful ass. Even more than just ass, though, I love a strong ass that’s the foundation for a hard, muscled, expansive back. Huge wide shoulders, lats draped like living room curtains, corded lower back outlining the spine, and a narrow waist make sense out of a strong ass.
The art of the male body from behind attracts me not just because it arouses (though it does). Certainly, seeing a gorgeous back pointing like an arrow to a deeply creviced ass crack inevitably brings to mind the opening sequence between Stuart and Nathan in the BBC Queer as Folk. But it’s not just about the fuck. Honestly, a beautiful back inspires awe in me. This is just beautiful.

In addition to Stuart and Nathan from Queer as Folk, a strong back also inevitably calls to mind all the back punishment delights that could be unleashed. Less toned backs would fold and wither far too fast, but a thickly muscled back inspires images of hours of endured homoerotic assault.

Vulnerability. Power. Grace. Strength.

Simply beautiful.

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