Name That Tat

We’re returning to the subject of tats for this week’s quiz. I love some beautiful ink on a hot, hard body, especially a body engaged in homoerotic wrestling. I realize that not everyone is as motivated by tattoos as I am, which is just further proof that there are different strokes for different folks. I’m sure part of my delight in aesthetically choice ink is that I’m awfully proud of my own tats. So for the aficionado of homoerotic wrestling tats who can be the first to identify the inked homoerotic wrestlers below, along with their opponents in each pic, I’ll be happy to send you a pic of one of my own tats. The deadline for this open-book quiz is tomorrow afternoon. Feel free to post your answers/guesses in the comments below, or drop me an email. In increasing order of difficulty, the tats to name are…
Tat #1:
If you can’t name this tat, welcome to my blog! You must be brand new around here, because this ink is so distinctive and the wrestler has been at the top of my list of homoerotic wrestlers to talk about lately. I’m jealous of the lucky, lucky artist who was given the opportunity to ink this wraparound, multi-colored dragon stretching around this big, stunning hunk’s left thigh, up his ass and hip, and across his lower back. Now that’s commitment that turns me on! And speaking of turning me on, the cocky, sneering grin on his classically handsome face as he crushes still another completely outmatched opponent (this opponent in this pic is way, way, way outmatched) is profoundly arousing. 5’11. 240 pounds. If you have no idea who tat #1 belongs to, I suggest you may want to take a make up quiz after a month of intensive study of contemporary homoerotic wrestlers. Trust me. You’ll thank me.
Tat #2:

I think this ink may be a little tougher to identify for novices, but the match from which it comes has been frequently mentioned on this blog. Look at those thick, veiny pecs! Sweet. Also sweet is the fantastic chemistry between this homoerotic wrestler and his opponent in this match. Every hold is simply a tool for lustful exploration and adoration of their bodies. This big, muscle stud homoerotic wrestler is pictured here in control of his opponent who was both a former “Name That Ass” answer as well as a pervious homoerotic wrestler of the month. I can’t put my finger on his height/weight stats, but he’s big and beautiful.

Returning to the theme of “commitment” exemplified by body art, this portrait of Jesus being crucified, inked across the rib cage of a homoerotic wrestler is full of delightful contradictions and irony. A believer this devout who pops up repeatedly in wrestling matches marketed (let’s face it) primarily to the gay wrestling kinkster just makes me smile. And then there’s the iconic image of abject suffering sketched across the hot body of a rookie who, let’s face it, suffers a whole lot in one humiliating wrestling match after another. Well, to be honest, he’s been in one published product, in sort of a daisy chain of wrestling scenarios, roughly sketched out as two “matches.” In the pay-site, you can just recently also find him getting a wrestling tutorial from another awesomely tatted wrestler who was a former “Name That Tat” answer. And for that matter, the muscle opponent crushing this homoerotic wrestler in the pic above was also a “Name That Tat” answer. The crucifix stud above is 5’8″, 170 pounds, with a frat boy face that turns me on when it’s twisted in agony.

I was introduced to this tatted homoerotic wrestler when I was invited to write copy for the website describing one of his recent releases. It’s his legs that blow my mind and turn me on the most. They’re thick and clearly incredibly strong, and when he scissors his opponents’ bodies between them, I believe every scream of desperate pain that they elicit. He looks like a classic Italian statue, I think. Listed at 5’8″, 178 pounds, in this pic he faces an opponent that I’ve mentioned no fewer than 28 times on this blog (and many, many more to come, I suspect).
Tat #5:
I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes have a craving for freckled, red-headed homoerotic wrestling muscle stud. In those moments, this is one of my go-to homoerotic wrestler boys to scratch my itch. I’ve admired this beefy babyface many, many times, and I have to admit, I somehow never noticed this provocative tat between his shoulder blades until very recently. It looks like a superhero symbol, in which case, this homoerotic wrestler’s moniker should probably be Captain Beat-Me-Senseless. And speaking of superheroes, he’s appeared as superhero “Crush,” and superhero “Blue Wing.” This is intended to be advanced quiz material, so that’s all I’ll give you for this hunk with a peaches-n-cream complexion.
Good luck. You may begin.

8 thoughts on “Name That Tat

  1. I have 3 of these figured out and have already spent more time "noodling" over this then is appropriate, so for those of us playing at home, and selfishly for myself, who really should not be procrastinating on my other tasks at hand, any chance you might publish more clues as to the identity of Tats #2 and #3

  2. Perhaps other students would be open to sharing their work with you, and together you might come up with all the answers… I'll tell you that tat #2 is in the ring, and tat #3 is outside. Does that help?

  3. Bard,i'm throwing in the towel at 4 correct answers, Tat 3 should be easy cause its unique, but i am am unable to place it.#1 is Brock Stetson#2 is Michael Vineland, the additional clue lead me to him#4 is Angelo Damato#5 is Andrew LanePerhaps someone in the home audience can figure out #3 and ride my coat tails to glory, or if teacher wants to provide additional info on Tat #3 i will keep playing.and BTW, i finished those taxes, so i got time on my hands.Topher

  4. You're awesome, topher, and congrats on the taxes. My hunch is that tat #3 may be relatively unfamiliar because it comes from a company that you might spend so much time checking out. That's just my hunch though. I talk about the company plenty, though. don't know if that helps…

  5. Okay, so I'm really rooting for topher (and the rest of you playing at home), so I'm going to give you another couple of clues. Clues seem inevitably to either completely give the game away, or be so trivial as to be completely unhelpful. One way or another, here's additional clues for tat#3: Both wrestlers in the pic are named after cities that I never want to live in (no offense intended). And speaking of opponents, don't forget to name all the opponents for full credit!

  6. OK, so now i am completely confused, this is only the 3rd opportunity to play this game, and with the clue provided that one of the opponents is a former name that tat entry coupled with named after a city this narrows it down, but a review of the tat entries names for cities is limited to Rochelle, home of Rob and Laura Petry, and Jerry the dentist neighbor, now i get your point about not wanting to live in New Rochelle, but your reference to the fact that both fighters work for a promotion i may not be familiar with sort of rules out BGEast, Rochelle's exclusive home.So that leads me to think its Thunders Arena, a company i am familiar with but have never purchased their product, which gives us former Tat entries Angel and STL, except for some comic book universe i am not aware of any city named STL….so where does this leave us? Given you and I are probably the only 2 reading the comment section of this blog, you should probably simply reveal the answer, or if you want to keep teasing with more clues, i will keep at it.Topher

  7. You are so working this game, Topher! I'm extremely impressed. I'm happy to reward hard work, so let me just point out that STL is, in fact, the airport code for St. Louis, which is apparently the derivation of the wrestling name of Thunder's Arena's STL.And though I'm sure there are fine and beautiful people in St. Louis, I am not interested in living there… in the least.

  8. Airport codes, how clever of you, then the opponent has to be Jackson, note that if i got this right, i had been starring at Jackson's right torso tat like a mental patient for several minutes during the course of my research, though it is placed correctly, i could never get a clear enough pic to tell if it was my lord and master jesus inked on his side. Next time can we stick to those big beautiful asses, much easier to make out in the small pics posted on many websites. Not that i am complaining, your game, your rules.Topher

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