Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Homoerotic wrestling pornboy and friend of this blog, Ashley Ryder, is celebrating his 30th birthday tomorrow! Of course, Ashley’s celebrating with a billion of his closest friends and admirers at the Eagle London, where Ashley is emcee and frequent competitor for Grapple 101 (as well as Strip Academy).

Ashley has extended a standing invitation and encouragement for neverland readers to join him for a wrestling romp at Grapple 101. Being cursed with not living within 5,000 miles of London, I’m bitter that I can’t take him up on the invitation (at least not yet!). If other neverland readers can get there for Grapple 101 or for Ashley’s monster birthday party tomorrow, give him a big kiss from Bard and let me know how much fun you have!

I’m hoping that Ashley shows up in more for-purchase homoerotic wrestling products, like his BG East debut in Motel Madness UK: The New Breed. While I can’t help but be fascinated by Ashley’s other porn skills, they don’t turn me on nearly as much as watching him go toe-to-toe in a wrestling match.

As for turning 30, I wish him many, many more years of hot, body-celebrating, homo-positive, erotic wrestling fun to come. I suddenly feel the need to be patronizing and say that 30 was an absolutely fantastic year in my life, and I hope the same for Ashley. Until the day when he franchises out Grapple 101 to a gay club near me, I’ll look forward to the day when I can afford a UK excursion to do a little public stripping and a lot of wrestling with a handsome, hot, generous and friendly guy like Ashley.

Happy birthday, buddy.

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