A Rose, By Any Other Name…

Parker London, one of the rookie pornboys debuting this week for Naked Kombat, certainly caught my eye. Damn fine fitness! Carved abs, thick chest. The extensive tats down the left arm and across the back of his hand suggest someone with the heart of an artist and precisely the anti-social individualism that I like. He isn’t what I’d peg as classically handsome. Something quirky, a little haggard looking around the face.
Hold it right there! That ink… bells are going off in my head. I know this man. I know him about 15 pounds lighter with a shit-eating grin on his face. I know him with that five-o’clock shadow shaved smooth.
It was like my own personal game of Name that Tat! It took me a couple of minutes to connect the dots, but it came to me all of the sudden. Pornboy Parker London is none other than non-pornboy division wrestler for Thunder’s Arena (though that’s redundant), Dallas.
In a different context, with a slightly different build and going places I never guessed smart-ass Dallas had it in him to go (though you probably already knew), I almost didn’t recognize the gorgeous, big, solid rookie. Frankly, it isn’t like he’s completely morphed. He hardly qualifies for a bodies over time spotlight. But like Clark Kent with that deceptively subtle disguise, I nearly thought he was an entirely different wrestler.

And for some reason, Parker London struck me as way, way sexier than Dallas. It’s not just the fact that Parker London rips the gear off his opponent, aggressively sucks and claws his dick and plants his bare, hot ass across his face. Sure, that helps, but well before I saw Parker lay a hand (much less any other body part) on fellow rookie Logan Scott, I was whistling in appreciation for what a hot, beefy hunk of man this newbie is, which was not my initial reaction to Dallas.

I’m certain that the context plays a major part in my disparate reactions to the same man under different names. I knew that Parker London was going to either fuck or get fucked before he was done with Logan Scott, whereas I knew that Dallas was not going to go anywhere near genital contact with Big Sexy the first time I laid eyes on him.  But I think it’s even more than that. Parker London stands on the balls of his feet. He takes the initiative and shoots, slamming his opponent to the mat and straining and struggling for control and points. I always had the impression that Dallas was in an audition for his first ever soap opera role, a little awkward, not often propelling the story, but more reacting and just trying to keep up. Parker works his hot, muscled ass off, slamming and getting slammed, squeezing and getting squeezed, controlling and getting controlled in a relatively competitive atmosphere that ends up a 36-35 squeaker. Dallas, on the other hand, never seemed to have much of a competitive spirit, never a lust for domination with something actually at stake in winning or losing.

And, needless to say, I never saw Dallas give an opponent a naked pony ride on his way to a victory fuck. Some of this distinction has to do with genres, no doubt. I have both a pornboy and non-pornboy division for my favorite homoerotic wrestlers because they are just distinctly different universes. In one, the wrestlers lose their gear, work each other over hard, and someone at the very least loses a load if not buries his cock in at least one of his opponent’s orifices. In the other, the wrestlers have to appeal to my kinks handicapped by having all their gear on and some maneuvers and stakes off the table (which, when done right, can be just as homoerotically pleasing). But it’s more than just the genres that define Dallas and Parker as having very different appeals to me. Parker convinces me in 3 seconds that he wants to win, that he’s fully present and taking seriously his competition, and that his cocky swagger isn’t just a role play, but a psyching up and psyching out wrestling ploy to make a meaningful victory come true. And that, regardless of the genre, is seriously hot.

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