Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

I was mesmerized by those hairy pecs and munchable nipples the moment I saw Eliad Cohen on Men’s World last week. Good God, this man is pure sex! I thought to myself, that has got to be the sexiest body on the planet. Then again, I think that about a lot of hunks (I’m fickle).

Then I noticed he’d been featured on Homotrophy on Saturday…

…and then on eyecandy and Project Q on Sunday… 

….and then on Tattooed Hunks yesterday…

… and now neverland today. His “artist” Facebook page identifies Eliad as not just a dizzyingly gorgeous body, but also an actor, model, and personal trainer. He’s also the coverboy for Spartacus International Gay Guide.

Eliad’s fan page on Facebook gives a detailed bio that makes me think it may not just be bullshit. Reportedly, he’s an Israeli, 23-year old, fresh out of the army (aren’t all 23-year old Israelis?), gay entrepreneur.

When he puts up his fists, he suddenly becomes an object of wrestling/fight kink fantasy, as well (of course!). I’m picturing him as the template for a character in my superhero wrestling fantasy series. I’m not sure what his superpower should be, though…

Eliad is further proof of a long-standing theory I have that Israeli men are among the sexiest in the world. I hope that all this recent attention inspires more exposure for Eliad, and in the mean time, he’s working overtime in my homoerotic wrestling imagination.

2 thoughts on “Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

  1. "Eliad is further proof of a long-standing theory I have that Israeli men are among the sexiest in the world."I could not agree more! Is there a blog dedicated to Israeli men?

  2. I don't know if there is a blog like that, but if you find one, let me know! I've been to Israel twice, and the eye candy was incredible!

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