Reader Rob Sherborne (who I suppose is probably not this guy, but it’s who I picture associated with that name) gets the second Connect the Dots Award within the past week here at neverland, for turning me on (well, that ship had already sailed) to the AKA of Rock Hard Wrestling’s (and a my former homoerotic wrestler of the month) Lucas Payne. Seems young slab of beef Lucas also goes by Kasey “Colossal” Rolow.

Young Lucas Payne caught my eye and grabbed hold of my title as April’s homoerotic wrestler of the month for many reasons: that body… the way he nibbles his lower lip in concentration as he rips apart his opponent… that body… his cocky swagger… that body…. But honestly, it’s that mouth of his that earned him top honors from the new release list in April.

Lucas does not strike me as a professional wrestler first and foremost. He lacks polish and a ring strategy. He doesn’t really press an advantage. But Lucas brings what can make or break a homoerotic wrestling offering in my book: attitude. That smart-ass mouth of his tells a story so sweet it makes my mouth water. He taunts and belittles. He mocks his opponent whenever the poor sucker can’t help but cry out in agony. He occasionally growls one of those primal, beastly growls that makes my knees buckle. No kidding, that body is nothing but gorgeous (have I mentioned his body already?). But I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s that cocky, smart-ass mouth of his that I find the sexiest asset hunky Lucas has with him as he steps into the ring.

I haven’t paid the membership fee for Kasey’s personal worship site, but the preview pics available make me think that he comes by the cocky, quick-witted, smart-ass attitude without too much effort. His shirtless muscle shots show him to be the genetic marvel that he clearly is, with more than a hint of a supremely confident young stud who knows he can afford to ham it up and look silly, because he’s drop dead gorgeous and can snap most anyone like a twig if need be. I hope the homoerotic wrestling world has more Lucas entertainment ahead for us.

Damn. Damn-damn-damn!
Thanks so much for the very hot tip, Rob!

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