Required Reading

Have you read Joe’s interview with BG East Boss, Kid Leopard, over at Ringside at Skull Island yet? If not, consider it on your required summer reading list, effective immediately. Seriously. Stop reading this blog, click here, and get your ass over to Ringside at Skull Island for compulsory homoerotic wrestling kink reading.

You’d better not still be reading this if you haven’t taken a long, hard look at Joe’s incredibly insightful, provocative, and entertaining interview with Kid Leopard. It’s been up over a week already, but along with sparse postings here at neverland for the past couple of weeks, another casualty of my summer work travel has been less time following the rest of the wrestling kink world. I nearly missed Joe’s interview with the head of BG East, but thankfully a friend asked me what I thought of it. I instantly dropped work, clicked over to Ringside, and settled in for a delightful read.

I’m always learning something new from Joe. In this case, he’s exceeded himself (that’s a biblical allusion, for those keeping track). Having majored in history as an undergraduate, I’m particularly drawn to the incredibly fascinating narrative that KL offers over the course of the interview, explaining his own start in wrestling and the circumstances that led to him planting the seeds that grew into BG East. Like any good story teller, KL leaves us with new questions in precise measure to every answer he gives (e.g., the phrase, “Buddy’s fundamentally criminal mindset wreaked havoc on all things BG” makes me pine for more of the gritty details!). But all told, this interview bathes the history of the homoerotic wrestling industry in bright, sometimes brutal light.

There’s also something almost intimate about Kid Leopard’s detailed description of the creative process that goes into distinctly BG East wrestling that sets it apart from the rest. I’ve always appreciated the unmistakable and unfakable artistry in BG East products, that’s explained so effortlessly in KL’s metaphor of producing wrestling as directing ballet. I’m also delighted and provoked by his words reflecting on the way that the closet impacts the world of homoerotic wrestling both at the level of wrestlers and the level of competing wrestling companies. This isn’t just food for thought, it’s a banquet that anyone with even a twist of wrestling kink in them has got to find fascinating, inspiring, and illuminating. This is essential reading that should be a prerequisite for anyone with even a passing arousal at the sight of unapologetically homoerotic wrestling.

One thought on “Required Reading

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bard. But it's Kid's enviable life story and personal candor that make the interview. I look forward to your getting some more time at home to devote to neverland.

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