Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

July has been full of unfortunate distractions from my devotions to homoerotic wrestling. Too much travel and way too much work have kept my attention divided. So awarding this month’s title of homoerotic wrestler of the month may very well be a bit slipshod. My way is to pour over the nominees with a passionate commitment to rigorously apply all of the steps of the scientific method in eliminating all but the singularly most worthy wrestler who has appeared in a homoerotic wrestling new release in the previous calendar month. I tend to favor laying out all of the contenders one by one for your and my consideration before the unveiling. I like both the vetting process as it lends itself to a more carefully considered decision, and I also like the opportunity to offer a send up to all of the hardworking wrestlers putting their bodies to the test for our entertainment and edification. This time around, however, I’m skipping past the examination of the field. That’s not to say that I haven’t done my due diligence, but I’m just a little too distracted to paint you the full landscape. I looked at offerings from Naked Kombat, BG East, Can-Am, Rock Hard Wrestling, and Thunder’s Arena. I was deeply aroused by a few. One, however, stood head-and-shoulders above the rest, and frankly, it’s probably long-overdue that he sat atop the throne. My newly crowned homoerotic wrestler of the month is….

…BG East’s Kid Karisma.

I don’t suppose it should come as a surprise, considering that Kid K’s masterful Hunkbash on last month’s homoerotic wrestler of the month, Jake Jenkins, earned Kid K the rare move into the coveted #2 spot in my overall favorite homoerotic wrestler -non-pornboy division. Kid K wrestles rookie Jake like a Cordon Bleu graduate plating fois gras (I’m seriously working the metaphors, lately). He slaps Jake down, spreads him out with an expert touch, and positions him for maximum, mouthwatering viewing.
Hunkbash 12 makes me mentally place Kid Karisma into the remarkable stable of newly came-of-age gorgeous hunks at BG East who are ravenous to serve up rookie initiation. It seems like only yesterday, Kid K was fresh meat (and what meat!) slapping down his junk to see how he measures up against the baddest and the fiercest. Our boy’s all grown up now, my friends, and his torpedo delivery of bashing, twisting, and cranking agony on body beautiful young Jake is perfectly seasoned to taste (at least my taste!).
Like all beautiful bad asses, Kid K loves his body, as well he should. Wrestling is foreplay for Kid K, merely the setting for jerking himself harder and harder toward self-worshipping ecstasy (not that I’ve ever seen Kid K cum on camera, but I’m still hoping he’ll make that leap into the pornboy division!). And he has every right to be as captivated with the sight of his own rippled physique as he is (and I am). He’s 5’8″ and 170 pounds of sculpted granite. And in a world full of blonds, bleach blonds and brunettes, a freckle-faced, fiery red-head both stands out and brings me to full attention. And that ass!!!!
I consider it a testimony to my superhuman willpower that it’s taken me this long to mention Kid Karisma’s unbelievably gorgeous glutes. Seriously, you could feed a hungry family of 4 for a month on the meat hanging off his backside (…too much? I warned you I pushing my metaphors hard lately!). Surely that ass could turn the most adamant bottom into a raging top, and speaking on behalf of gay men everywhere (across the planet, every last one of them!), I’m praying that Kid K plays for our team and makes some man/men insanely satisfied with pounding that muscle butt until all parties pass out from exhaustion. If he isn’t, I’m first in line to do my very best to convince him otherwise (first, I said! back of the line, the rest of you!).
Tapping Kid Karisma as my new homoerotic wrestler of the month is a recognition of the strong, hard, arousing body of work that Kid K has been adding to his CV in the past few years, putting in the training, sweat, and tears that are clearly evident in his taking full ownership of Jake Jenkins in body and soul. Truth be told, Kid Karisma probably has every right to snap me into a bearhug and demand to know why it’s taken so long for him to get the nod. All I can really say to that is bring it on, bad boy!

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