Bard’s Pilgrim Way

An always helpful reader sent me an email in response to my pilgrimage stopover at the Paradise in Cambridge, confirming that it was the same club where BG East filmed a series of oil wrestling tapes in the late 80’s. He also suggested that I might want to hunt down the site of the old club Metro, where BG East filmed Live at the Metro.

Site of the former club Metro, Boston

In the shadow of Fenway Park sits what is now the House of Blues, but what was, in one of its many previous incarnations, the Metro. Live at the Metro doesn’t appear to be up on the BG East website any longer, but I have it on the very best authority that this is, indeed, the site where BG East early on staged live audience wrestling entertainment.

Kid Leopard & Bryan

The card that wrestled at the Metro included classic names that continue to make my blood pump, such as the irrepresible Kid Leopard and Bryan.

Kid McCoy & Kid Leopard mug for the camera.

I believe that adorable babyface Kid McCoy was also on the card that night.

Kid McCoy suffers in the ropes.

Just snapping some pictures from across the street, I literally found myself aroused by my proximity to this site of homoerotic wrestling history. I felt like I should leave a token of respect, but I couldn’t decide on an appropriate act of homage. There are plenty of tourists schlepping their tired asses in the summer heat along the Freedom Trail, gawking and snapping pics of Revolutionary Era cemeteries and churches and the house of Paul Revere. As for me, however, the pilgrim’s way from site to site of significance in BG East’s homoerotic wrestling history is much more provocative. It wouldn’t be the first time that I felt significantly deficient in patriotic fervor, but never have I felt as connected to the stream of homoerotic wrestling history as standing by myself, clicking shots of old wrestling venues, and sensing the sweet echoes of sweat, grunts, holds and blows of hot matches of the past.

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