Bard’s Pilgrim Way – Journey’s End (Final Chapter)

My physical journey to the BG East compound was, as I’ve noted, a metaphysical experience. I was seeing each corner, each venue of quintessentially BG East wrestling through both my physical eyes as well as my mind’s eye, in which my favorite homoerotic wrestlers perpetually strip down, square off, and stroke my wrestling kink so satisfyingly. But even more rewarding than paying homage to the BG East wrestling ring was the opportunity I had to meet “the boys.”

Inspiration hanging in the workspace of some of the back-office BG East boys.
When the Boss told me that “some of the boys” often stop by for lunch in the summer, I didn’t really know who he was referring to. Turns out, the local boys who treat the BG East compound as a second home include some of the most prolific and talented wrestlers that I admire and lust after.

Heel Extraordinaire: Kid Vicious
When Kid Vicious strolled in, I think my jaw dropped (not sure… I was a little numb). I’ve mentioned before on this blog how KV has a knack for serving as my avatar in a wrestling match. He addresses precisely the punishment that his hot opponents simply must experience, as far as I’m concerned. He moves, he touches, he pounds and strokes to a rhythm that my own wrestling kink core is perfectly in sync with. He embodies a lust for domination that is as irrepressible as it is powerfully arousing to watch. And there he stood, grabbing lunch and chatting about the weather.

Kid Vicious looking precisely like Kid Vicious
For some reason, I was surprised that Kid Vicious looked like… well, Kid Vicious! He was fit, tall, and every bit as intensely handsome as he is in trunks and boots (or out of them!) and climbing into the ring. I guess I’d expected that my relationship with the on-camera character of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers would be inherently distorting… that if I just met KV on the street (or sitting down over lunch), I might not even recognize him without some poor jobber’s noggin’ trapped in his headlock or without him delivering his signature brand of humiliation like a nasty face-beating with his impressive cock. But when it came right down to it, I’d have picked him out any crowd. And I was completely star-struck.

Lean and Ripped Jonny Firestorm
When Jonny Firestorm slipped in and grabbed some lunch a few moments later, I was similarly struck. My homoerotic wrestler of month for this past June, Jonny’s attitude and wrestling chops are powerfully entertaining. And again, he looked astonishingly like I’d expect Jonny Firestorm to look! Hot as hell with a thick Boston accent. The one thing about Jonny that took me by surprise, however, was his forearms. Have you ever noticed Jonny’s forearms? Good god, man, they’d make Popeye’s arms look like beanpoles! I had to consciously force myself not to stare, because damn… those arms!…

Big and Beefy and Perfectly Jonny
“So tell us, Bard,” the Boss said in a lull in the conversation over lunch, “which Jonny do you prefer? Big and beefy Jonny, or lean and ripped Jonny?” Everyone chuckled. It’s a topic I’ve seen belabored at length in the BG East yahoo group, with passionate loyalties expressed for different opinions. I pointed out that when I chose Jonny to be homoerotic wrestler of the month a couple of months ago, I’d gone on the record as selecting all of the above as entirely appreciable. My ego inflated a bit as a result of my deft skill in either dodging the question or just flattering Jonny (let’s face it, both, but I’m entirely serious that he’s perfectly Jonny at any size). Then my ego deflated a bit when Jonny indicated that he had no idea that he’d enjoyed a month’s reign as this blog’s homoerotic wrestler of the month.  Then I stared as his forearms in awe some more, and lost track of the conversation for a while.

Kid Leopard, Kid Vicious & Jonny Firestorm pose ringside for me…
best…. day… EVER!
In addition to my brushes with fame meeting Jonny, KV, and the Boss himself, I have to report that it was a thorough delight to meet some of the behind-the-scenes BG East boys. The cameramen, the video techs, the customer service reps… everyone impressed me as not just hospitable (they were that), but every last one of them genuinely seemed to live and breathe wrestling. “They” are “us,” for lack of a better way to put it, and for some reason, this was an epiphany for me. They boys editing tape, burning CD’s, filling orders and dropping off envelopes of wrestling kink gold at the post office are guys who get it. They respect their audience. They enjoy their work. And they’ve all been there, wrestling, watching, critiquing and appreciating the very same things that you and I love to let turn us on. Just like I’d recognize KV and Jonny Firestorm anywhere, I had a strong impression that I recognized in all of the boys of BG East the heart and soul of guys seriously into wrestling.

Wrestling inspiration fills every inch of wall space over the desk of one of the BG East boys
In the end, what I took home with me from my pilgrim’s journey to all things BG East this summer was just that: what makes BG East so authentically BG East isn’t the venues. It’s not even that holy of holies: the BG East wrestling ring. The decades of BG East entertainment that never fails to grab my kink with both hands isn’t about a particular place or device or story. It’s BG East because there are a whole cadre of wrestlers who take pride in producing high quality wrestling for a gay wrestling audience. There’s an authenticity about them from the ground up, and I was moved by the sincerity and humor and generosity of the boys well beyond how exciting it was to see the venues.

The Library of Congress of Homoerotic Wrestling Treasures!
It’s not smoke and mirrors. The boys of BG East aren’t talking out of both sides of their mouths. They aren’t secretly contemptuous of the very audience that they market to, and frankly, I’m not always sure I can say that about all of the homoerotic wrestling productions out there. As impressed as I was by the titillating thrill of seeing “the” gazebo, walking in “the” backyard, standing right next to “the” ring, what impressed me most in my journey this summer was meeting some good natured, hardworking, intensely sincere guys who seriously appreciate wrestling every bit as much as you and I do.

9 thoughts on “Bard’s Pilgrim Way – Journey’s End (Final Chapter)

  1. Great post! I'm just feeling ecstatic because you do, haha. It's awesome that you had such a great experience, maybe kinda like a little kid visiting Santa's workshop. It's also great to hear that everyone is so nice. 😀

  2. My pleasure, GeorgiaUnity! There were several out-of-body moments for me. I keep kicking myself for being so completely star-struck and not taking more advantage of the opportunity to ask the boys questions, possibly hit them up for interviews, etc. But it's hard to carry on coherent conversations with your jaw on the floor.

  3. Bard , I “came to the dance ” late but I have been catching up on your old posts and really enjoyed your viewer voting polls…,,such as Cuomo and the newsmen fantasy fights….Also all the fantasy fights such as Zacarro vs Vee etc…I didn’t always pick the winner,,but what a hot turn on just the same !! Gonna miss it….

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