Bard’s Pilgrim Way – Post Script

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My time at the BG East compound will go down as my favorite afternoon playing hooky from work… ever. I enjoyed several hours hanging out with Kid Leopard and the boys who came and went.  In fact, I heard more than I’m allowed to tell you about. I was sworn to secrecy about much of what I heard, and when I promise Kid Leopard, Kid Vicious, and Jonny Firestorm that I won’t talk, damn well better believe my lips are sealed (though it might be worth it to be punished by any/all of them!).
If these guys swore you to secrecy, what would you do?
However, there are a couple of scoops that I was expressly given permission to divulge. One scoop is already out of the bag, really. The next catalog is just about ready to be released. Since there are already some preview pics up in the Arena for two DVDs, this won’t be earth shattering news for many. I did have an opportunity to look at preview photos for all of the matches for the upcoming catalog, and all I can say (under pain of a three-way beating), is that it’s an incredibly hot line up!
One of my perennial favorites Mitch Colby climbs back in the ring,
pitting muscle against muscle in soon-to-be released Florida Fights 3.
Muscle beast Dev Michaels digs deep in his ring debut
against long-haired rookie, lightweight Lucky(!?) Loko – BG East Catch Weight 4.
The second scoop I was expressly given permission to divulge is perhaps more satisfying: we’ve not seen the last of Brad Rochelle! Yes, I was promised that the saga of Brad Rochelle’s “Contract” with BG East has continued to unfold on camera, and we will see what has become of the babyface-turned-heel in due time.  I got no hints as to how things shook out for Brad. No idea if he’s made peace and joined the pantheon of BG East’s undisputed bad boys, or if the Boss managed to give Brad just enough rope to finally hang himself with it. But Brad’s fans can get their hearts a-pumpin’ with the assurance that they’ll see and hear more from the jobber-turned-heel hunk who so many of us have followed with a singular, fanatical passion for the past 18 years!
We haven’t seen the last of Brad!

7 thoughts on “Bard’s Pilgrim Way – Post Script

  1. Hey, thanks for checking my math (though that wasn't really the point of the post…). In any case, your account of Brad's debut seems to jive with my memory, but I pulled the earlier debut date from BG East's website, which puts a couple of Brad's matches in their Catalog 18, dated 1993. My personal infatuation with Brad (and excitement to hear that he's got more wrestling in him) is unrelated to this discrepancy, but perhaps more ferocious Brad-fantatics may want to fight this out (elsewhere, please).

  2. Ha! Sorry about my terse response earlier. I was in line at a fish fry at a local church and on my Droid to boot, which prohibits real response, haptic keyboard or no. I'm not religious, but I am philosophical. So I asked myself when I saw the fish fry sign, "What would Jesus do?" So I pulled the fuck over and got some sanctified grease. But the heat and the in yo face religiosity of it all got on my nerves, so I had my buzzkill britches on. But, safe indoors with the AC on, I can respond properly.What exciting, exclamation point worthy news! I know some folk think it's crazy to vest such passion in gay pro wrestling, but fuck all! Brad coming back is about as big as it gets. He's like, the icon of the whole scene–the looks, the personality, the range of performances from what did I get myself into suffering (a la Ultraheels 1 where he took the prototypical hunky rookie beating from the champ Psycho Capone, who lived up to his name) to hard-ass shooter on the mats to even vicious reveling in domination sadistic heel himself (poor Alexi! The sleeper in that match just looked so f'n dangerous).The Contract series itself is a standout. It's really the most ambitious, most carefully constructed, broadest, wildest, biggest series any gay wrestling company has ever tried. From the initial Brad gets rebuked, violently, backstage and thrown to the Brooklyn Bodywrecker for reprogramming to Brad's ongoing "Endless Torment" from the Enforcer to Brad's glimpses of rebellion visited on Aryx and Cameron to his, until now, rebel face turned heel in control/what will Kid Leopard do in response cliffhanger from the last couple of tapes five years ago… I dare say it's the most brilliant series I've ever seen given its sheer scope.Like most people, I assumed it was a case of big plans running into real life, and that the long absence without follow up meant there was just something that kept it from happening. But now that there's open admission Brad's back, the possibilities dazzle…

  3. I've heard Lon say quite recently that he's still "trying out" his new hair, undecided as to whether it's staying or going. I've also heard that he's right in the middle of intense training for the bodybuilding season, so if he hasn't filmed any new matches recently, I imagine he won't be for a while longer still. Keep your fingers crossed, Lon Dumont fans.

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