Diverse Tastes – Guest Contributor Manof1000Holds at Wrestling Arsenal

As summer begins to wind down, so does neverland’s summer series, “Diverse Tastes.” I won’t say that I’ve saved the best for last, because each and every guest contribution has been fantastic. But I’ve definitely saved the most interactive guest contribution for last. Manof1000Holds at Wrestling Arsenal has been entertaining, informing, and arousing gay wrestling fans for years. He has a delightful knack for deconstructing wrestling action, hold by hold and moment by moment, and examining all the pieces with the humor and insight of a passionate fan of the homoeroticism of wrestling. His archives are the definitive collection of gay wrestling analysis, as far as I’m concerned. So when Manof1000Holds authored this contribution to our summer series, I wasn’t surprised at all that he took the topic in his own unique direction, assembling and interactive quiz that draws from decades of pro wrestling inspiration. So pull out pen and paper, appreciate the wit and wisdom of Manof1000Holds, and perhaps gain a little more insight into your own homoerotic wrestling tastes.
What’s Your Wrestling Personality Type 
by Manof1000Holds at Wrestling Arsenal 

We’ve learned from Bard’s series on Diverse Tastes this summer that there are all kinds of wrestling fans with a wide range of tastes. So what do a fan boy’s preferences and attractions tell us about him as a person? Can we gauge someone’s personality based on the sort of wrestler he prefers? Pro wrestling, after all, is just a reflection of our own fantasies, prejudices, hang-ups, and desires. Each wrestler’s persona is carefully crafted to excite, anger, arouse, attract, or outrage as many viewers as possible, so your response to a specific wrestler is based on your unique internal wiring.

So let’s conclude the “Diverse Tastes” series by seeing what a person’s favorite type of wrestler reveals about their personality. Below is a personality test that delves into your very soul as a wrestling fan, probing into your diverse tastes and darkest desires, to help you learn about what makes you tick.

To take this quiz, number your answer sheet from 1 to 20. Below you will see 20 sets of pictures. For each set, select the wrestler or tag team that appeals to you the most and enter the letter under that photo (A, B, or C) onto your answer sheet. Don’t over-think your choice — go with your gut. Ask yourself: Which wrestler drew my immediate interest? If the wrestlers were in the ring, which one would I focus on or stare at the most? Or ask yourself, if the group suddenly appeared in your living room and offered you one match, who would you choose as your opponent? (Sorry fans of Two-on-One torture — only one selection per group is allowed!)

After you’ve made your 20 selections, click on the Results link below for a customized assessment of your personality. Let’s begin…

Thanks for taking the quiz, now check out the Results.

3 thoughts on “Diverse Tastes – Guest Contributor Manof1000Holds at Wrestling Arsenal

  1. Good to hear, Martha! My results were on the mark, as well, and I also scored in a couple of the other categories that describe some of the diversity within my own tastes. I'm a muscle worshipper with some sides of pretty boy groupie and a bad boy fan.

  2. Fun! Can we share results? Because I love sharing results. (So don't read this if you haven't taken the test yet.)According to the test, my personality is "Muscle Worshipper," although it was followed extremely closely by a two-way tie for second place, between "Bear Hunter" and "Bad Boy Fan." Best test ever! It was a little cruel to have to choose between Bruno Sammartino and Dolph Ziggler, but I went fast and followed my gut instinct (in this case Bruno). Other times, there would be someone who would stand out and there would be no contest: Scott Hall, Chris Masters, Randy Orton. I don't know what I would have done if those three had been in the same group!Thank you, Man of 1000 Holds, both for this fun and informative test, and for all the work you put out there regularly. I first found Wrestling Arsenal YEARS ago. It was the first source of jobber pictures I found online, and it was where I first heard of the likes of Tyler Black, Jason Static, among others. Through its many incarnations, I'd lose track of Wrestling Arsenal, but then be so excited to re-discover it again!Thank you, Bard, for not only having Man of 1000 Holds as a guest, but for hosting this entire series. For being a series on diversity, I love how differently each writer went about approaching his blog. So also, thank you to everyone else for sharing, too, because as a reader, it was certainly fun and enlightening!

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