Maintaining Focus

Funny to think that two and a half years ago I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough to say about wrestling to populate a blog. I hedged my bets and gave myself a little flexibility to set the course for neverland to include anything pertaining to beautiful men, wrestling, and all things gay, with a hope to frequently light upon the intersection of all three: beautiful men engaged in homoerotic wrestling. After more than 700 posts and over 1.1 million page loads (!), my musings have tended to focus pretty consistently on homoerotic wrestling. Even when my thoughts drift into just admiring beautiful men or contemplating political debate surrounding the gays, I seem to unfailingly be able to pull any random threads back into the seamless quilt of homoerotic wrestling and my homoerotic wrestling imagination.

I occasionally wonder if I’ll just run out of things to say (not to even broach the topic of whether there’ll come a day when no one cares to listen). Then a new batch of homoerotic wrestling products will hit the market, or some beautiful hunk in pop culture intrudes into my wrestling fantasies, and I’m roaring ahead like there’s no tomorrow. I realize that I repeat myself… often. I’ve also been as transparent as possible in self-consciously contradicting myself… often. On rare occasions I hear word from readers who find one or both of these behaviors a moral failing. But the vast majority of comments and sidebar conversations seem to be abundantly gracious, encouraging, and simply happy to share a kinked sensibility that finds hot men wrestling for gay eyes to be a particularly supercharged version of homoeroticism.

While I get a lot of inspiration from non-wrestling sources, I’ve decided to hone the scope of my links and blog-follows here on the pages of neverland to include just the delightful world of homoerotic wrestling.  My blog counter tells me that nearly half the people who find this blog get here via one of the other awesomely entertaining homoerotic wrestling blogs. It feels like we’ve got a nice little corner of the internet staked out as our own territory these days, and I’m feeling like flying the homoerotic wrestling flag exclusively around here.

So in the next day or so, I’ll be cleaning up the updated reports of the blogs I follow and my links of note to just include those that reside within the bounds of our land. Of course the likes of Ringside at Skull Island, Wrestling Arsenal, Beefcakes of Wrestling, Piledrive U!,  and Rants, Roids n Rasslin will remain on my reading and recommended list. If I ever figure out how to get Blogger to recognize it, Cage Thunder’s most entertaining blog will also show up in my reading list (I read it regularly, just can’t seem to get it to show up in the reading list). Regular contributor around here and all around insightful wrestling kinkster Stay Puft has recently started blogging (after I’ve been urging him to for months), so I’m also happy to recommend the newest addition to our circle of interests: Inner Jobber. Just like the rest of the bloggers above, SP brings his own unique perspective on erotic wrestling that never fails to inspire and provoke me.

I’ll continue to cite my sources obsessively, as is my way, including the pop culture, gay hotties, and other random sites and blogs that inspire me regularly. But I’ll just cite them as I call them out in posts, rather than as running links in the reference tab of neverland. I’m also always looking for new homoerotic wrestling sites to add to my regular reading list, so let me know when you find a new one (or start one of your own!). And I’ll keep my eye on the growing graveyard of wrestling blogs begun and abandoned, in the hope of celebrating a resurrection of another entertaining voice in the chorus of fans of homoerotic wrestling.

2 thoughts on “Maintaining Focus

  1. Aw, thanks for the mention, Bard! Did you know that after your post, my maximum page views spiked from 5 to 62? (Of course you didn't, how could you, but now I told you.) That's like an increase of 1140%!

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