Lovin’ It

Pornboys rock. I really love porn, and I’m on the record as a staunch advocate of my right (and your right) to enjoy the arousing self-pleasures and mutual pleasures that are available in the celebration of beautiful bodies and erotic sensibilities that is porn. Still, I saw Boogie Nights (should have fast-forwarded to the final 30 seconds… live and learn). I know that the porn industry has quite the sordid history, and not because it’s associated with the cracks and crevices of its stars’ bodies. Porn has a reputation for not treating its people well. I’m far from a porn industry insider, so I have no idea whether gay porn today has the healthy respect and value for the lovely bodies and beautiful minds that it promotes (well, it promotes the bodies, but I honestly believe there are some beautiful minds out there as well). I hope so. I worry that the industry doesn’t treat the pornboys well, but I hope it does.

Despite my being a staunch proponent of self-righteous assholes keeping their opinions to themselves when it comes to the right that the rest of us should treasure to be provoked and aroused by… well, assholes (among other things), I get off much more often on non-porn wrestling than I do on literal, actual hardcore porn. My one regular overlap is Naked Kombat, which proudly features well-vetted pornboys (most often), wrestling for points, with the winner getting to delight in dominating the loser from stem to stern (I’m a big fan of both the stern and the stem). The sole non-BG East wrestler still in the top ranks of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers is pornboy of my dreams, Naked Kombat veteran and damn adorable Twitterer: Trent Diesel.

I concede the real possibility that Trent could conceivably be a total egomaniacal dickhead who I’d be unable to stay in the same room with for more than 20 seconds. However, I don’t believe that’s the case (and I’m a big believer in the power of belief!). Following Trent’s Twits and reading his blog are a decidedly different experience than following any of the other pornboys I (not really) stalk. My impression is that Trent loves his body, loves sex, loves love, and is thoughtfully tackling life as a sincere, sweet young man who periodically finds himself adrift in profound existential questions that have made philosophers weep for centuries.

Trent Diesel and Ryan Rockford
work each others’ stems and sterns for Naked Kombat 9/10/10

Trent posts on his blog very irregularly. His last post before yesterday was from late August, in which he absolutely swooned about his passionate and adorably un-self-conscious love for his “favorite spunky lesbian and yes my best friend and wife Krystal Main.” Now I’ve often scratched my head at Trent’s boyish delight in reporting on his dates with men, while he clearly and passionately loved his wife, who apparently gave her blessings to his cock wanderings. I’m not saying that non-monogamy perplexes me, but committed bisexual non-monogamy amazes me. Once again, I think that bisexuals rock and I’m jealous not to be one. Sadly, however, Trent followed up that post just yesterday with the clearly dejected ramblings of a sad, sad man grieving his new status as single. He also reflects on facing major vocational decisions, feeling torn and unsettled in body and spirit, and anxious to be facing “big steps,” recognizing that he doesn’t really know where he’s going, but he’s certain he can’t just stay still in his life any longer.

Trent was a Raging Stallion starring in Brutal
So I’ve made it this far into this post and have yet to mention Trent’s p-e-r-f-e-c-t ass! Having gotten that out of the way now, let me just conclude by saying that I continue to have a fervid crush on my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, and I long to see more of him wrestling, preferably with that g-g-g-gorgoues ass of his naked and liberally lathered in babyoil. However, I recognize that Trent, like all the boys that I take such pleasure in objectifying, are real men with hopes and dreams and regrets and grief.  Despite my handling some homoerotic wrestlers a little roughly in my critiques, I genuinely wish them all prosperity and joy in life. I hope that whatever the porn industry is about from the inside, that hot little pieces of ass like Trent get their due, including to have love and friendship and comfort in times of sadness. I don’t know if his oblique references to vocational shifts might mean that Trent could no longer appear showing his divine beauty from stem to stern. But regardless of what it means, I hope his decisions bring him prosperity and joy, and I hope he is surrounded by love even when he’s sad.

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