Jake Jenkins’ House

Eli Black receives the customary welcome to Jake Jenkins’ House
I completely concur with Joe when he concludes that when it comes to Jake Jenkins’ newest release on Rock Hard Wrestling, “This is a match that makes my blood surge.” Of course, Jake has never failed to make my blood surge. Standing perfectly still, this man makes me shift in my seat. When he climbs into the wrestling ring, struts around a bit, and then drop kicks and slams the hell out of his opponents, I’m reminded why he’s both a former homoerotic wrestler of the month around these parts and why he’s currently muscling his way through a highly competitive pack non-pornboys vying to break into my reigning favorites.
Eli is lean, mean and looking to send a message by destroying Jake in his debut with RHW.
Jake’s opponent is 5’7″, 140 pound “rookie” Eli Black. Eli gets the rookie card only because this is his first appearance on RHW. As far as I can tell, it’s his first appearance in the world of aboveground/underground wrestling for a gay audience (please do correct me if I’m wrong!). I was prepared to be underwhelmed by Eli and have eyes for no one other than Jake, but as is often the case (and always delightful), I was surprised that the astonishingly lean, blond battler gets my heart pumping as well. Eli appears completely overwhelmed and outmatched in the opening salvo, but when Jake flashes a double bicep and taunts him, he awakens a fierce fighter in the rookie. With Jake still in mid pose, Eli shoulder tackles the cocky stud, lifting him off his feet and spearing him violently to the mat.
Two distinctly different body types, but all rock hard muscle on both.

Eli is all muscle. Jake is too, of course, but they wear their amazingly fit muscles very differently. Eli is incredibly lean. He unquestionably qualifies as “rock hard,” but it’s an entirely different aesthetic than Jake’s thick, powerful bulges in all those beautiful places. Despite Eli’s leanness, however, one aspect of his amazingly trained body sticks out – that amazingly hot beefy ass!  
Eli makes a wish to become the next RHW phenom.
Eli’s ring presence also jumps out at me as something notable, impressive, and not quite “rookie” quality.  He tells his story with skill that exponentiates his raw, lean sexiness. He even takes the 2nd fall with an fantastically hot triangle choke hold. The degree of hot wrestling kink in this submission is comprised of equal parts gorgeous salesmanship from both wrestlers, the extremely erotic positioning of Jake’s face stuffed high up between Eli’s thighs, and Eli’s aggressive, taunting crowing as he’s in such complete control of his muscle stud opponent. “Tap!” he barks down domineeringly into Jake’s purple-hued face. “I’m the champ now! My turn to shine! Jake Jenkins is OLD NEWS!!!” When Jake does, indeed, submit breathlessly, Eli’s flexing victory lap around the ring is an incredible, detailed, stunning display of human anatomy. 
Jake Jenkins’ living large in Jake Jenkins’ house.

As Joe suggests, however, at RHW, Jake is increasingly thrilling as a coldly calculating sadistic heel. While Eli has an arsenal that no “rookie” ever possessed, the bundle of beautifully bulging muscles that is Jake Jenkins simply doesn’t stay down for long. In round 3, he has Eli gasping for air and soaked in sweat, back to being outmuscled and outmaneuvered. He snaps on a tit-for-tat triangle choke, but just as Eli looks like he’s about to concede, Jake lets him go (as in, he releases the hold and then instantly drags his nearly defenseless opponent back up to his feet for more torture).  He humiliates Eli with a nasty wrist lock, demanding that the blond cry “mercy,” even as Jake steps on his head, crushing Eli’s face into the mat with a sadistic smile.  It’s like the sheen of sweat coating Jake’s gorgeous pecs serves to lubricate his momentum as he plows from one crushing, torturous hold to the next. His tantalizingly long-held Boston crab, butt to beautiful butt, is some of the most beautiful sculpture on the planet.  When Jake flings the dumbfounded rookie over the top rope and into the shadows of the RHW set, I can’t always make out what he’s saying, but Jake continues to snarl contempt down upon Eli as the rookie slowly peels himself off the concrete only to find himself slammed back inside the ring. The final chapter of this entertaining 27 minutes is all about Jake’s sadism. “I wanna hear you screamin’,” he repeats calmly, over and over as he locks the rookie up in one debilitating hold after another.

“Don’t come in my ring,” Jake says with a smirk as he looks at the withered rookie. “This is Jake Jenkins’ house, buddy!”

One thought on “Jake Jenkins’ House

  1. Beautiful. A beautiful description of a beautifully staged match, with beautiful wrestlers, wrestling beautifully. I am happy we agree on all the important stuff.

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