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Reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month and people’s choice:
Aryx Quinn
Reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Aryx Quinn, came about his title in a completely unique fashion. Aryx is the first wrestler to claim the crown by a popular vote. It was a dog fight between Aryx and one of his opponents in Can-Am’s Pro Tagteam Sex Battle 1, Landon Mycles (aka Marcus Mojo), but Aryx fans pounded out a victory for him, much like Aryx so often pounds a doggie-style victory fuck over his homoerotic wrestling opponents. 
Aryx yanks Brad Rochelle up by the hair, following orders in
BG East’s Contract 3.
I believe that my first introduction to Aryx Quinn was his Contract bout with the recently resurrected muscle jobber extraordinaire, Brad Rochelle. Kid Leopard himself gave Aryx his marching orders via a checklist of humiliating abuse to heap on sweetly suffering Brad. Aryx wakes the sleeping dragon, foreshadowing the eventual heel turn Brad is destined to make once he’s been beaten low enough. However, with some in-person tutorial, Aryx climbs back to his feet and double-teams the pale boy in white, learning at the feet of The Boss himself.
Aryx inspecting his prey in BG East’s Demolition 7.

Aryx has been bringing the erotic in homoerotic wrestling for a long time. Even when his matches don’t conclude with a literal victory fuck, Aryx leaves no doubt that he’s here to prove himself as a sexual gladiator, a practitioner in the arts of wrestling domination turned erotic foreplay. He’s put on muscle mass over time. He may not be quite the lovely, lean twink package harboring a larger than life bruiser heel that he once was, but he has consistently been a sculpted, smooth, high-topped work of art that makes the revelation that he also has an extensive career as porn-star Tristan Baldwin completely unsurprising.

Aryx’ head looks like it’s ready to pop off in BBW’s hands in
BG East’s Catch Weight 1.

Aryx has wrestled an extremely impressive 26 matches so far for BG East.  In addition to Brad Rochelle, Aryx has faced some BG East wrestlers that I count among the pantheon of timeless homoerotic wrestling greats. He’s been brutalized by Brooklyn Bodywrecker. Joe Mazetti nearly ripped Aryx sweet, tight pecs right off his rib cage. In a fantasy match made in heaven, he ran into the highly technically proficient buzzsaw of rockin’ gorgeous former tag team partner, Nick Archer.

Beefy Joe Mazetti rips Aryx apart in BG East’s Hunkbash 9.

In perhaps a case of art imitating life (or vice versa… I honestly can’t tell), something appeared to go terribly, terribly wrong in Aryx astonishingly prolific relationship with BG East. One moment, he appeared to be The Boss’ it-boy, showing up in every other catalog like daddy’s favorite son, and the next moment, he found himself getting a nasty beatdown at the hands of his former mentor and wrestling tutor.

The Boss applies a Kiss of Death on Aryx before annointing
Eddy Rey his replacement boytoy in Leopard’s Lair 3.

When Aryx faced off against the bass-voiced, muscled beauty of Eddy Rey, he apparently didn’t realize that The Boss was ready to trade up for a new it-boy who can speak Portuguese. Aryx finally conquers sweet, sexy Eddy only to find himself face to face with Kid Leopard who, with a smile, claws Aryx balls and opens up an astonishing can of whoop ass on Aryx with Eddy’s assistance. Putting Aryx out with that “Kiss of Death” that Aryx has made such hay with over the years, The Boss passes the torch with a literal kiss on the mouth and stroke of the crotch of hardbodied hottie, Eddy.

Turncoat Aryx assess the state of the competition at

Kayfabe, right? The typical, delightful, arousing melodrama of professional wrestling with a homoerotic twist that keeps you and me tuning in over and over, right? Well shortly thereafter, Aryx busts into the end of Rusty Stevensvictory fuck over twice-lucky Brian Bodine to call out Rusty as a Can-Am convert. I’ve commented on this scene at least a couple of times before, but the image of Rusty and Aryx pacing like predators around the fallen prey of Brian’s motionless, naked body is possibly the most erotic homoerotic wrestling morsel to not include any actual wrestling I’ve ever seen. They trade verbal barbs. Aryx sports all Can-Am gear as he trash-talks BG East and says he’s set his sights on the big leagues of Can-Am. Rusty’s sculpted, naked body is pumped and primed from defeating and fucking Brian, his veiny, gorgeous cock still standing at attention and seemingly reinvigorated by the scent of Aryx arrival and schoolyard challenge.

When Aryx and Rusty consummated this courtship in Arena 2, the opening banter once again made me explosively happy before either hot, hard stud had even laid a finger on one another. East Coast swagger Aryx, however, is hands-down the indisputable loser of the opening salvo of insults, as razor-witted Rusty literally leaves Aryx stammering. The mat action, however, is not nearly so one-sided. Aryx gets every ounce as down and dirty as Can-Am & Naked Kombat veteran Rusty, and he eventually secures a decisive final fall victory before putting Rusty out cold with that very same “Kiss of Death.” Rusty awakens even as Aryx is sliding his lubricated cock pre-emptively between the muscled beauty of Rusty’s glutes, moments before he’s fucking his astonished opponent. In what may be the most innovative maneuver I’ve ever seen, Rusty finds himself on top, bouncing on Aryx rod. Slowly, with expert skill, Rusty spins around to face his fucker, leans forward to drape his body over top of Aryx, and slowly, before Aryx realizes what’s happening, Rusty slaps on a “Kiss of Death” of his own, knocking Aryx out cold while still squeezing Aryx cock tightly inside! Rusty returns the favor of initiating a post-knockout fuck before Aryx has quite returned to his senses, and equilibrium is eventually returned to the universe.

Aryx surfboards sweetly suffering Rio Garza for BG East’s
Bad Boys 1.

Aryx, now a “Can-Am exclusive,” apparently still had an extensive body of work already in the can and as yet unreleased back in Boston, however. BG East has continued to drop new matches with Aryx in them, even while Aryx was trash-talking his former employers on camera. This is where I found myself feeling the drama a little personally (which, I suppose, is evidence of the skill of the performer). I’ve criticized the odd insistence of competing wrestling companies pairing Aryx with some of the very same wrestlers. He’s hot beatdown of Rio Garza in BG Bad Boys 1 came out in October 2009. Six months later, Can-Am released Aryx facing off with, you guessed it, beautiful Rio Garza in Arena 3. Bad Boys has the two meeting in the ring, where Arena is on the mat, but the repetition of some of the very same holds applied between the very same wrestlers just leaves me questioning what the purpose of all of this is.

Aryx surfboards sweetly suffering Rio Garza for Can-Am’s Arena 3.

Happily, it seems that Can-Am is putting Aryx and most of the former BG East wrestlers to more novel use recently.  I’ve always associated Can-Am with being as much about wrestling porn as about homoerotic wrestling (fine distinction, I know), and Aryx/Tristan bringing both a long wrestling resume and a readiness to fuck and be fucked on camera makes such good sense at Can-Am.

Aryx loves owning a hard jobber, as in Can-Am’s
Pro Tagteam Sex Battle 1
I’ve been a big, big fan of the Pro Sex Fight series that Can-Am has been producing lately, bringing hot, explicitly erotic wrestling into the ring. The post victory fucks that are part of every script don’t exactly speak to me as a wrestling fetishist, but I suppose that they are powerfully inspiring to folks who are more equal parts porn and wrestling connoisseurs. But I do very much enjoy the explicitly sexual part of the Pro Sex Fight story lines, such as when Aryx cannot help himself but stroke the rippled muscles of Landon Mycles’ torso on his way to a tag team crushing of Landon and his jobber partner. This seems to me to be where Aryx shines brightest, and why he earned my nomination for you, dear readers, to eventually select him as this month’s homoerotic wrestler of the month. Aryx continues to be a nasty, proficient, innovative, sexy-as-hell homoerotic wrestler making me believe that pro ring arena that Can-Am has built is worth the cost of construction.  Aryx continues to snarl and snap, crush and devour, possess his opponents psychologically and physically, and draw a straight/gay line between the athleticism and artistry of wrestling and explicit homoeroticism.

Brendan Cage sets him up, and Aryx knocks him back in Can-Am’s Brutal Battle.
I’ve long had fantasies of pro wrestling turned explicitly sexual as a component of the wrestling drama itself, and Aryx has been living out that fantasy in his recent Can-Am work. His double team work with eventual tag team partner, hunky muscle stud Brendan Cage, is a prime example. Lucky, lucky, lucky loser Max Munoz is racked helplessly across Brendan’s back, and Aryx steps in to yank down Max’s trunks, stroke him hard and suck on his cock as he’s captured. Yes. Yes. Yes. As long as the wrestling doesn’t get lost in the sex (at which point, I rewind), wrestling as sex as wrestling as sex is awesomely entertaining and provocative for me. And Aryx is, unquestionably, one of the pillars who makes this finer blend of sex and wrestling work at Can-Am.
Aryx “wins” Can-Am’s Hollywood Fight Club 3

I’m still a little turned off by the BG East bashing that Aryx and his handlers chose to include in his introduction to Can-Am. I’m sure it’s all about the bottom line, deciding where to leverage the pathos, where to “compete” at the meta level, how much porn, wrestling, eroticism, athleticism, and drama to include in each company’s recipe. Aryx’ work in Pro Sex Fights, even though he’s obviously employing many of the tricks he learned on the East Coast, seems to me to be bringing something new, creative, and powerfully provocative of my homoerotic wrestling kink tastes. And for that, I’m happy to have Aryx Quinn as our reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month.

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  1. Your write up on the subject rings an strange bell of familiarity between what happened in the non-erotic pro-wrestling companies that I used to keep up with. It was one of the reasons I stopped following those companies as well. Too much swapping of talent like they were baseball players.

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