I Smell Sex and Candy

BG East’s Rafael Valmor
If there’s one thing the world could use more of, it’s a dark, curly haired, smolderingly sexy, hot, lean, Latin heart throb with a serious case of wrestling kink named Rafael. Rafael Valmor fills a need in me to see someone absolutely rank with sexual energy make a smokin’ hot rookie debut bringing every ounce of all-in homoerotic wrestling to the mat.

Sadly, I can’t actually smell the scene of rookie Rafael standing crotch-to-crotch and nose to nose as he faces off with Blaine Janus in Undagear 18, but I’m 100% convinced that the air is thick with the musk of hot, eager bodies already primed with sweat from an anticipatory pump of aroused adrenaline rushing through them as a result of both the fight and the fuck instincts.

Both Blaine and Rafael look like they’re famished from start to finish in this match up. I swear you can watch them swallow hard as they’re quite literally salivating, soaking in the sight of each other’s truly gorgeous bodies.  Blaine is absolutely desperate to taste Rafael’s lips, which I have no trouble at all understanding why. Over and over, the pale, blond veteran with a bodacious butt attempts (unsuccessfully) to exploit every advantage to swoop in and lock lips with the delicious rookie. Blaine is also clearly aching to feel every inch of Rafael’s body. He strokes the rookie’s crotch. He spreads his fingers wide and digs his fingertips into Rafael’s tight, athletic ass, even as the dark, curly haired hottie is bearhugging him and sending him crashing into the mat room walls.

There are plenty of times when I’m watching homoerotic wrestling and it occurs to me that the wrestlers are merely going through the motions. Sometimes, homoerotic wrestling, like porn itself, appears to be an obligatory stringing together of moves and half-heartedly recited lines (“How does that feel?”) that leave me fairly convinced that the boys are not only not into it themselves, but they aren’t particularly invested in helping me get into it either. Rafael’s tangle with Blaine is the opposite of that scenario. I believe from about 2.5 seconds after the scene opens to the very last millisecond of the mat tussle that these boys are hot for each other and aroused harder and harder as the hard fought wrestling battle heats up like a pot slowly rising to a boil.

I’ve also noticed (or at least, I’ve had the impression) that a good share of the rookies making their debuts in homoerotic wrestling are just a little reticent to throw themselves into the deep end. Sometimes, there’s a sense that a rookie intellectually knows that his task is to ride the homoerotic wrestling train, to sell not only the battle for domination, but also to sell the carnal, primal delight of controlling, feeling, and possessing his opponent’s body. But despite “knowing” this, it takes some rookies a while to really live into it. At times, rookies seem too ready to abandon a dominating hold, too ready to pass up the opportunity to humiliate, to expose, to grab and squeeze and express joy in exploiting their opponents’ vulnerabilities. Again, Rafael is not that rookie. He’s fucking loving this.

Rafael and Blaine are both stunning to watch. They’re intensely present, fully engaged in the 1-on-1 underwear battle to control each other. They work for each hold, each submission, every second on top like it matters to them every ounce as much as it matters to me. They’re coated in sweat, gasping for air, riding the rise and fall of tempers, pounding the mat in frustrated humiliation, and quite obviously experiencing the roaring engine of two libidos in warp drive. Again, I can’t literally smell it, but their exhausted, soaked bodies sliding across one another, as a very inspiring rookie plants his lips across his opponent’s lips on his own terms, fills my nostrils with the smell of homoerotic wrestling lusts. This hits the very center of the bullseye for me. Hope to see more of Rafael Valmor (in at least two meanings of that phrase) soon!

One thought on “I Smell Sex and Candy

  1. ahhhhh, the senses. Sometimes I just put a video on, and listen to the trash-talking, or the heavy breathing between the wrestlers, or the moaning, etc., and it is enough to get me aroused.

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