Auld Lang Syne

Steel Muscle God disciplines a mere mortal
This seems like more of an auld lang syne themed post than a night before the night before Christmas post. Regardless, I took a trip down memory lane yesterday and checked in with a couple of hot hunks that dominated my homoerotic wrestling imagination for months at a time a while back. It’s been over a year since I mentioned Eastern European morsel, Steel Muscle God (“Dan”). In the mean time, he’s transformed his webpage into a fully operational membership site, where, for a price, you can follow SMG’s every flex, growl and stunt.
SMG is divine in nothing but boots and a jock strap!

It’ll cost you. Specifically, you’ll pay $19.99 per month, and if you want full length videos, you’ll still put out more cash (but at a discount off the still astonishingly expensive downloads that non-members can purchase from the site). Now that I’ve cut off for sinking Naked Kombat, who knows. Possibly a stint in the divine realm of SMG might be in my future. He’s definitely catering to his audience, bless him. Preview pics and clips show sweetly muscled SMG in domination and bondage scenarios. That ass in a jockstrap is truly an angelic vision!

SMG: Chained god
I don’t always “get” SMG. Like posing while wrapping himself in a chain. I’m guessing some eager fan put that out there and magnanimous SMG conceded to his worshipper’s pleas. Maybe it’s just too avant-garde for my provincial tastes.

Worship your god!
The preview for his body worship video with an adorably hot buddy oiling SMG up and stroking him all over, on the other hand, is inspired. This is a man who’s here to please. SMG is working every bulge and ripple to maintain his position as a man of fantasy. Hot stuff, SMG!
Adam Charlton, aka adam400m
In my mind, I’ve filed SMG in the same hanging folder as Brit bodybuilder beautiful adam400m. The two of them starred in a serial wrestling scenario that held my imagination for many months. So getting a fresh fix of SMG sent me checking out whether adam400m is still stoking the body worship fires.
adam400m lubricates to please
O Holy Fuck! Adam400m is still pumping, flexing and damn it all if he hasn’t continued to build a world class physique! Damn, damn (damndamndamn)!!! This boy is simply HUGE without losing even a fraction of his bright, blue-eyed handsomeness. And I’ll be damned if adam400m isn’t breaking out the babyoil and making everything shine so nice and slick!  His splash page for his membership site looks the same as it always did, but with the proliferation of free YouTube teasers, I’m guessing he’s keeping his $17.99 per month body worshippers well stocked with CockSox stuffers this happy holiday season.
Jesusmaryandjoseph! Those thighs have GOT to scissor somebody!
Big, studly adam400m fought a nasty, back and forth barnburner with SMG in my imagination, but the godly one finally tamed the stunned Britboy, forcing adam400m to obediently suck his tit and acknowledge that, while superhuman, he’s just not quite as divine as the Steel Muscle God.
adam400m is muscled beyond belief and groomed well, too!
I used to credit SMG with an edge in the battle of the bulges on YouTube as a result of his more explicit catering to the gay eye. Adam400m has since turned the heat way, way up, and I’m not at all sure that SMG can boast quite the edge he used to have. Adam400m has recently been tugging his sweat pants down mid-thigh, barely covering the base of his cock while showing off a granite sculpted torso and a neatly scaped fringe of dark pubes.
adam400m’s best side
Adam400m has also managed to show off what I was always aching to see: that v-shaped back pointing like an arrow to massive, hard, round muscle glutes.  Now that, my friends, is a crowd pleaser (at least in the crowd I’m standing in)!!!
The Steel Muscle God: Still ruling the pantheon?

It’s heartwarming (and crotch-warming) to check-in with these two stars of my homoerotic wrestling imagination. I’m truly happy to see them, by all appearances at least, thriving, enjoying themselves, and spreading more than their fair share of bodyworship good cheer. They’ve both come such a long way, but this stroll down memory lane raises a serious question in my mind: with the mind-blowing gains that adam400m has made since getting his hot, muscle ass handed to him by lip curling, snarling, silky smooth SMG, would a rematch turn out quite the same way?  Perhaps in 2012 we might find out whether Conan-adam400m learned his lessons and trained his mind as well as his body to overthrow the godly one in divine retribution. SMG very well may want to watch that sweet, sweet ass of his in the coming year!

adam400m: Ready for revenge in 2012?

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