Holiday Whiskers

Mighty Rex
Steve Reeves – another bearded beauty

Whiskers and Christmas go together in my mind, so in the spirit of the holiday, I’m lingering today on the furry hotness of homoerotic wrestler muscle bear, Rex. While hardly a doppelganger, there are many shots of beefy Rex that bring to my mind the power and beauty of a classic Steve Reeves (who, without a doubt turned me gay). Rex’s combination of burly, hardbodied thickness and two of the most precious doe eyes are a gift that just keeps giving this season of superficial generosity and rampant consumerism.

Rex crushes Boxxy between those monster thighs.

Rex pinged my radar twice in the past few weeks, first with his informal “welcome” of rookie extraordinaire Boxxy to Thunder’s Arena. If you like cocky banter from a couple of sharp wits, first get in line behind me, and then you might want to check out Thunder’s “Battle of the Scissors.” The bare bones recipe is just that: 2 parts verbal sparring match-slash-metaphorical cock measurement and 1 part civilized, controlled, beautifully delivered exchange of scissors.

Boxxy’s head starts to disappear between Rex’s monster quads.

Rookie Boxxy has been raved about already recently, and there’s almost nothing on that gargantuan man that can safely get any bigger, so to spare a swelling of his head, let me focus on the reason for this post: Rex’s monster thighs. The rookie pretends like he barely notices the headscissors, but I’d wager those tree trunks of Rex’s could crack skulls if he really put his mind to it. Boxxy’s noggin squeezed so high up between Rex’s quads left me wondering about the stuffing that fills Rex’s ample camouflaged package that Boxxy rests his head on like a pillow.

Arriving at BG East as Rex Braddock

Shortly thereafter, BG East introduced their own new release starring Rex Braddock, with the same hot beard, same massive muscles, and a few inches more of beef to admire.

Picture perfect muscle bound wrestling extravaganza!

Strip Stakes 2 takes a while to warm up. Both Rex and Marc Merino (also a Thunder’s alum) are crazy in love with the sight of their own bodies. Hell, it takes Marc a good 5 minutes before he can tear his eyes away from his own flexing physique to notice that someone else has climbed into the ring with him. Once the tussle begins, however, it quickly becomes a feast for fans of big, beefy muscle wrestlers. I may sound just a little critical when I say that Strip Stakes 2 is largely absent of finesse or nuance, but my intention is not to be bitchy. Because every hold, ever slam, ever single moment of the match is 100% about blunt power. Both big bruisers suffer beautifully whenever one of them manages to capture the other long enough to clamp a musclebound limb or two around one vulnerable body part or another.  Frankly, when mighty Rex snaps Marc’s head in a face-to-crotch headscissors just a few minutes into the wrestling, I lose my self control to see the bearded fantasy man marvel lovingly at his own stunning double bicep pose.  Typically, I like a good quantity of speed and subtlety in my homoerotic wrestling, but minute by arousing minute, bone crusher Rex and pretty, curly haired adonis Marc convince me of the profound allure of giant, massive, methodical muscle men grinding away at one another patiently.

Mighty Rex, firmly in control

And this is Strip Stakes, my friends, so Rex and Marc go where the Thunder never rolls. Marc “loses” the terms of the bout, losing three out of five submissions and costing him the last of his modest gear. With a fistful of those curly locks well in hand, Rex lets the gorgeous loser have the day-late-dollar-short thrill of peeling big Rex out of his jockstrap. You might think doe-eyed Rex might leave things well enough alone, but you’d be wrong. He tosses his naked opponent around, lifts, slams, squeezes and crushes the dumbstruck adonis like nothing but a plaything… a huge, musclebound, sweetly handsome plaything.

The Beauty of the Beef

Rex’s thighs continue to mesmerize me, even more so stripped of all gear. I’m guessing that just one of those massive upper thighs is very likely bigger around than my waist. And Rex’s beautiful, bulbous ass and growing cock strike a sure-to-be iconic vision of naked wrestling beauty. Done with toying with the slack-jawed loser, big Rex applies a sleeper that slowly, ploddingly drops Marc to his ass. Rex demands that Marc submit one last time. Marc begins jacking off with Rex still clamped like a lovely vice around his neck, until the curly haired loser screams his final submission even as he’s shooting a load across his own abdomen.

Rex shows Marc what victorious muscles look like.

Like a Steeve Reeves fantasy come to life, Rex stretches out on the couch at ringside, soaking in the sight of his victory as Marc lies unconscious and covered in cum in the center of the ring. He smells the wrestling gear both men wore just a half and hour earlier, and then he begins stroking his own hot rod to life. Huge muscles like Rex’s can tend to, by comparison, dwarf a bodybuilder’s manhood, but have no fear. Rex grows to truly beautiful, stunning proportions and celebrates his victory with a chest-heaving shot of ecstasy of is own.

Rex Braddock ready for action

I’ve heard that mighty Rex can be found elsewhere doing traditional cyberporn. More power to him. I imagine that there are a lot of audiences ready to pay to see him in action. As for me, there’s nothing that I want to see more than this bearded, beefy powerhouse wrestle naked in the ring to a double cum shot finale. I hope we see much, much more of that from mighty Rex in the ring in 2012, and many more skulls getting crushed between those amazing monster thighs!

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