Size Matters

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to men’s bodies, my tastes include a broad spectrum.  In fact, it’s not just that there are a variety of body types that turn me on, but variety itself is a turn on. I have friends, for example, that will only date guys who are over 6 feet tall, or blonds, or twinks, or Asian men, or bodybuilders. For me, each of the above is delightful, and all of the above is fantastic.
Most people who know me are also aware that I tend to have a fascination for stats. Most relevant to today’s post, I love the numerical context for the homoerotic wrestlers who arouse me. Astute readers have picked up that I tend to count things like height, weight, and matches wrestled when I contemplate wrestling hunks. Numbers can sketch out the backstory that I love so much to wrestling drama. Stats can also, without a doubt, mislead. Take, for example, wrestlers’ physical stats. Overestimating heights and weights is a notorious tendency in professional wrestling, as promoters try to paint a bigger than life picture of the gladiators battling in the ring. So with more than a grain of salt, I appreciate wrestling numbers and today reflect on the right tail of the distribution: literal giants of homoerotic wrestling.
My research project for today’s post was to try to identify the homoerotic wrestlers at least 6’4″ tall.  Who might you guess is among the skyscrapers towering that high? There were about a dozen long, tall drinks of water that I expected to make this list, but who didn’t (at least not according to their wrestling profiles). I fully expected to see on this list such BG East big men as Mitch Colby (actually listed anywhere from 6’1 – 6’3), Gareth Black (6’3″), Kid Brock (6’1″), Stan Greer aka Cage (ranging from 6′ to 6’2″), Jeff Olsen (6’2″).  I thought I’d find more to add to the list from Thunder’s Arena, who specializes in the big boys, like O’Shea (6’3″), Sampson (6’3″), or Titan (6’2″).  A few of Can-Am’s classically massive wrestlers surprised me by missing the list, like Brett Mycles (6’1″) and Jirka Kalvoda (6’0″).  Also catching me by surprise by not towering quite as high as I thought were Naked Kombat rafter cleaners Blake Daniels (6’3″) and Spencer Reed (6’1″).  Not to say that any of these guys aren’t long, lovely specimens who I’d have to get a step ladder to look in the eye. But their online profiles indicate that they aren’t quite at the most elite level of towering hunks in the business. So who is?  Well this is the list that I was able to identify…
Thunder’s Arena’s giant Boxxy rains power down on Angel.

Thunder’s Arena’s butt-tastic muscle man Boxxy is posted at a dizzying 6’4″ carrying his 240 pounds of decadent muscle. Of course, putting him on the mat opposite 5’5″ Angel only accentuates the superhuman size of the bubble-butted phenom. 
Boxxy even makes muscle man Rex look relatively small!
Side by side with fellow side of beef, 5’8″ Rex, Boxxy manages the seemingly impossible task of making the word “petite” somehow seem to stick on Rex’s powerful, pounding physique. When looking for a hit of size-fetish satisfaction, Boxxy certainly deserves to stand among the pantheon of homoerotic wrestling giants (in stature).
BG East’s Clint Morgan towers over a battered proboy Bryan.
There are a few other power hitters like Boxxy who stretch the measuring tape to 6’4″, such as BG East’s classic bully, Clint Morgan.  Clint stayed in the game long enough to earn him a Bodies Over Time post (somebody remind me).  He was such a physically dominant powerhouse, I actually figured 6’4″ was an underestimate, but the measuring tape isn’t capturing just how much his beef and personality fill up the ring.
Clint used his amazingly long legs to torture his opponents viciously.
Clint is a massive, vicious, merciless brute of man that I’d definitely want on my side of a bar fight. And once we’ve brutally won the impromptu battle, flush with adrenaline and bursting with cum, this giant is coming home with me celebrate!
Can-Am’s Brian Maxon demands to be worshipped.
Can-Am’s Brian Maxon was another 6’4″ package of vile muscle heel. “Larger than life” sort of sums up “maximum Maxon.” Every astonishing inch of his body was divine, including that perfectly proportioned python dangling so ominously between his legs. I always get the impression in a Maxon match that, like the muscle god he is, Brian is less interested in the “winning” as he is in being worshipped. 
Brian used his massive body to smother and bury his opponents in the mat.
I pictured big Brian swaggering his big, beautiful body through the homoerotic wrestling universe collecting an army of devotees who’ve been converted by being smothered between his huge pecs and pounded into painful ecstasy by his titanic cock.  He snaps his fingers and the lucky bastards who were just ground into the mat jump to their feet and follow him, wide-eyed in devoted rapture, to his next spiritual conquest.
BG East’s Magnus had to pry Surge’s face upward to meet his gaze.
So numbers can (and let’s face it, usually do) lie. Some of the hunks on this list I’m guessing have had their heights fudged upward at least a couple of inches. But I have no trouble at all believing that BG East’s recent muscle monster, Magnus, is every inch his reported 6’4″ and every ounce the 230 pounds they say he is. Talk about being ripped from the pages of a superhero comic book! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the news that English-Hollywood superhunk Tom Hardy was mugged and beaten into a coma outside of the filming of the next Batman installment only to be replaced by his mugger, the real Bane of babyfaces everywhere, Magnus!
Surge was clearly awed by the massive presence of Magnus.
There are plenty of moments when Magnus’ muscleboy opponent, Surge (5’11”), completely disappears in the giant beast’s shadow. Sexy Surge didn’t go down without a fight, but you get the distinct impression in their battle that Surge was awestruck looking up (and up and up) at the mountain of muscle in front of him from start to finish. Like my imagining of Maxon, Magnus turns his mere mortal opponent into a quivering pile of rubble desperate to serve and service the muscled god who pins his face to the mat with his beer can (a 40 ouncer) cock.
Naked Kombat’s Rusty Stevens plowed skinny giant Ben Deep.
Look up the idiom, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” and surely you’ll see this image of Naked Kombat loser Ben Deep, whose 6’4″ of height were just more chump to fuck with for the infinitely “bigger” wrestler (at least his personality is bigger than just about anyone else’s), Rusty Stevens (6’0″). Personally, I can’t take my eyes off of Rusty in his NK days, so discovering that Ben was not only taller than Rusty, but 6’4″ tall was a little bit of a shock. I’ve seen this match a dozen times, and I’d swear Ben was 5’5″ when I think back on it. But that’s just because Rusty dominates so completely and keeps Ben flat on his back with his feet in the air pretty much from start to finish. But stand the jobber up, and we discover that lucky loser Ben Deep was one of the (skinniest) giants in homoerotic wrestling.
Thunder’s Arena’s Draco nearly launches Z-Man through the ceiling.
Thunder’s posts conflicting reports of their short-time wrestling stud named Draco. His “official” profile puts him at a towering 6’5″, but I’ve seen him listed in one of his products at 6’3″. I’m not entirely sure I buy the extra 2 inches, but I did catch his match with a curiously blond Z-Man (5’10”). Draco definitely makes Z-Man look juvenile, starring up the long, ripped, tanned body of the newbie.
Gorgeous Draco can’t quite fit in the frame!
In the pantheon of titanic muscle giants, Draco would be the sexy playboy. Guys this tall can have a tough time keeping their proportions aesthetic, I find, but Draco’s bronze loveliness (and gallons of hair product) are nothing short of pretty. He may not have the physically dominant presence of a Clint Morgan or a Magnus, but it’s not hard to picture him being fed by the sight of a losing opponent worshipping at his feet.
BG East’s Kevin Armstrong foolishly looked down his nose at nasty heels KL & TK. 

The tallest wrestler I could find on the BG East roster doesn’t have his own profile, but his one appearance lists Kevin Armstrong at 6’5″ and 215 pounds. Personal trainer and gym manager Kevin apparently tried to use his impressive physical presence to pour cold water on the rising tension between former tag partners Kid Leopard (5’8″) and Thom Katt (who I can’t find a height for, but he had to be shorter than KL).  As you might expect, KL and TK were impressed with the physical specimen presented to them, but hardly intimidated.

So much fun to be had with a 6’5″ personal trainer!
In fact, the two smaller men delight in bringing the big, blond Gulliver to the mat and not just beating him, not just humiliating him, but in discovering a laundry list of innovative ways to torture such an impressive expanse of body. I haven’t seen this one, but note to self: buy Kid Leopard’s Classic Spotlight!

Can-Am’s classic giant muscle man, Rob Frank

I don’t believe I’ve seen Can-Am’s Rob Frank wrestle either, but if he really was the 6’6″ height he’s listed at, he was one stunningly huge muscle man! To pack that much muscle on that big a frame seems like an astonishing feat. Further, to recruit such a specimen for wrestling for gay eyes seems even more of an amazing accomplishment.

Rob Frank hangs 5’10” Rich Money like so much laundry.

Have him wrestle naked in the ring, and I’m kicking myself wondering how I haven’t seen towering Rob Frank wrestle yet!  I’d have snarky comments to make about the mullet, if I weren’t a little scared of having a 6’6″ muscle beast take it personally. He could do some serious damage without even trying!

Thunder’s Arena’s Troy Stevens dwarfs Z-Man.

But who’s the tallest of the homoerotic wrestler giants? There’s an addendum after my answer, but for now, I’m pulling out my step ladder to crown Thunder’s Arena’s muscle freak giant, Troy Stevens, as the biggest of the sexy big men that I could find.  Whether he’s the every fraction of an inch the 6’7″ Thunder’s puts him at, he’s incredibly huge!

What the fuck was Z-Man thinking?!

Thunder’s only posted 2 matches featuring Troy, which is a shame. There’s a little bit of an Andre the Giant feel about these scenes of him destroying 5’10” playgirl muscle model, Z-Man. It’s as if these are two different species. One is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous muscle star, and the other is a classic Titan of Greek mythology.  The size difference is just astonishing, and if there’s a Zeus in the pantheon of homoerotic wrestling giant men, I’d guess it’s the superhuman musclefreak, Troy Stevens.

Thunder’s Arena’s Enforcer: Giant, yes. But homoerotic wrestler?

Addendum: Search engines on some of the homoerotic wrestling websites suck, so I very well may have missed some of the wrestlers who topped out at 6’4″ or taller. Feel free to point out where my list is lacking.  I won’t take it personally (unless your a dick about it). Also, Thunder’s Arena actually posts their wrestler, The Enforcer, at 6’10” tall, a full 3″ taller than Troy (aka Zeus). However, I’m taking the liberty (since this is my list, after all) of disqualifying The Enforcer as not having actually “wrestled.” His “match” with Z-Man, and the attempted double team with “Tristian” (aka Aryx Quinn, aka Tristan Baldwin) strikes me as all gimmick, no wrestling. The Enforcer is undeniably huge, but… well, no, I’m just saying he doesn’t fit the requirements of qualifying as a homoerotic “wrestler.”  His singular appearance with Thunder’s has much more the feel of a sideshow than of a wrestling match, or perhaps more accurately foreplay before Z-Man and Aryx got down to a legitimate tussle.

While it doesn’t take a giant over 6’4″ to get my blood pumping, this list of towering hunks proves that it doesn’t hurt, either!  Bodies this big also tend to come with accompanying vulnerabilities, like weak joints, but a massive, giant homoerotic wrestler who can pump up and pound out a hot wrestling match is a wonder that can most definitely work for me.

My Odyssey

You would not believe the week I’ve had. I’ve slept in three different time zones, been snowed in twice, re-routed 3 times, and I’ve been working my ass off every step of the way. I feel a lot like Odysseus, tackling one epic obstacle after another thrown at me by the gods. And even as I type this, the same demonic snow storm that has trapped me once already has left me snowbound yet again, far from home.

I don’t know what I did to offend the gods, or what bad karma I accrued, or how unlucky I am to have defied probability on so many counts to come up on the short end of the stick. In any case, thank the gods that I at least have internet access now. The subzero wind chill and blinding snow outside are screaming my name, but I’m warm and sheltered for the time being. I’ve been away from the blog so long that I’m struggling to get my groove back. So I’m just going to ask for a little help from you all.

You know the story of Odysseus. Greek hero, thwarted by the ancient gods from his trek to return home to his family after fighting valiantly in the Trojan War. He battled a cyclops. He was briefly made an amnesiac by the Lotus Eaters. Half his men were turned to swine by the witch Circe.  He resisted the temptations of the ensnaring voices and vaginas of the Sirens. At every turn, the gods thwarted his journey home, threatening to take his life, battering him with the strength of all the elements of earth, sea and sky.

So my question for you, readers, is which homoerotic wrestler best embodies the spirit of Odysseus?  He’s got to be able to suffer overwhelming odds and profound injustice and keep battling back. He’s got to make women swoon, but prefer the company of his virile young men who follow him faithfully. He’s got to be athletic, strong, commanding and inspire both divine lust and ire. Which wrestler do you most readily picture in a loin cloth, tied to the mast of a ship, swelling with lust and driven nearly mad with desire? You can nominate your own by commenting below, but here are the nominees I’m placing before you for consideration…

Brad Rochelle

With the buzz over Brad Rochelle’s return after a long absence from BG East wrestling, I think he could have the look and the persona to be Odysseus. And perhaps he has his own heroic Odyssey to explain is long absence from the scene.

Cameron Mathews

Cameron Mathews has got to be one of the hardest working hunks in wrestling, which earns him a nomination for the role of Odysseus. Hot body, handsome face, astonishingly lush ass, and an all around good guy… the makings of an epic hero.

Thunder’s Arena’s Boxxy

 Boxxy is my wild card in this deck. I know he’s made a big splash at Thunder’s, and a helpful reader recently pointed me to his bare-all solo work at Randy Blue. He could have the making of a sincere, heroic face who gets pummeled and pounded by injustice but remains true to his belief that by virtue and hard work, he deserves to win in the end.

Jake Jenkins

Jake Jenkins stars in all sorts of fantasies of mine, and it’s no stretch at all to picture him in a loin cloth, battling the giant cyclops, taking a beating and relentlessly bouncing back for more. And I suspect that like me, there are plenty of men and women who’d lie, cheat and steal for his affections, just like Odysseus!

Can-Am’s Paul Perris

Too literal? Whatever. We know that the classic bodybuilder/kickboxer/homoerotic wrestling icon Paul Perris looks mouthwatering when tied up. This man driven wild by the Siren’s song, willingly tied to the mast of his ship by his men, would be awfully picture perfect.

Rex/Rex Braddock

Finally, homoerotic wrestler of the month Rex Braddock has the facial hair and the gorgeous, hairy body of a Greek hero. There’s a raw edge to Rex that I love. He’s somehow gorgeous and yet not pretty. He’s a beast of a man, but neither quite fits my typology of a gym bunny or a bodybuilder. He could be an everyman hero, no doubt. The object of lust, ire and a never-say-die willingness to stare down whatever the gods might throw at him.

Let me know what wrestler you think fits the bill of the classic Greek hero Odysseus by voting in the margin at the right. And wish me luck defying the gods in my own journey home.

Holiday Whiskers

Mighty Rex
Steve Reeves – another bearded beauty

Whiskers and Christmas go together in my mind, so in the spirit of the holiday, I’m lingering today on the furry hotness of homoerotic wrestler muscle bear, Rex. While hardly a doppelganger, there are many shots of beefy Rex that bring to my mind the power and beauty of a classic Steve Reeves (who, without a doubt turned me gay). Rex’s combination of burly, hardbodied thickness and two of the most precious doe eyes are a gift that just keeps giving this season of superficial generosity and rampant consumerism.

Rex crushes Boxxy between those monster thighs.

Rex pinged my radar twice in the past few weeks, first with his informal “welcome” of rookie extraordinaire Boxxy to Thunder’s Arena. If you like cocky banter from a couple of sharp wits, first get in line behind me, and then you might want to check out Thunder’s “Battle of the Scissors.” The bare bones recipe is just that: 2 parts verbal sparring match-slash-metaphorical cock measurement and 1 part civilized, controlled, beautifully delivered exchange of scissors.

Boxxy’s head starts to disappear between Rex’s monster quads.

Rookie Boxxy has been raved about already recently, and there’s almost nothing on that gargantuan man that can safely get any bigger, so to spare a swelling of his head, let me focus on the reason for this post: Rex’s monster thighs. The rookie pretends like he barely notices the headscissors, but I’d wager those tree trunks of Rex’s could crack skulls if he really put his mind to it. Boxxy’s noggin squeezed so high up between Rex’s quads left me wondering about the stuffing that fills Rex’s ample camouflaged package that Boxxy rests his head on like a pillow.

Arriving at BG East as Rex Braddock

Shortly thereafter, BG East introduced their own new release starring Rex Braddock, with the same hot beard, same massive muscles, and a few inches more of beef to admire.

Picture perfect muscle bound wrestling extravaganza!

Strip Stakes 2 takes a while to warm up. Both Rex and Marc Merino (also a Thunder’s alum) are crazy in love with the sight of their own bodies. Hell, it takes Marc a good 5 minutes before he can tear his eyes away from his own flexing physique to notice that someone else has climbed into the ring with him. Once the tussle begins, however, it quickly becomes a feast for fans of big, beefy muscle wrestlers. I may sound just a little critical when I say that Strip Stakes 2 is largely absent of finesse or nuance, but my intention is not to be bitchy. Because every hold, ever slam, ever single moment of the match is 100% about blunt power. Both big bruisers suffer beautifully whenever one of them manages to capture the other long enough to clamp a musclebound limb or two around one vulnerable body part or another.  Frankly, when mighty Rex snaps Marc’s head in a face-to-crotch headscissors just a few minutes into the wrestling, I lose my self control to see the bearded fantasy man marvel lovingly at his own stunning double bicep pose.  Typically, I like a good quantity of speed and subtlety in my homoerotic wrestling, but minute by arousing minute, bone crusher Rex and pretty, curly haired adonis Marc convince me of the profound allure of giant, massive, methodical muscle men grinding away at one another patiently.

Mighty Rex, firmly in control

And this is Strip Stakes, my friends, so Rex and Marc go where the Thunder never rolls. Marc “loses” the terms of the bout, losing three out of five submissions and costing him the last of his modest gear. With a fistful of those curly locks well in hand, Rex lets the gorgeous loser have the day-late-dollar-short thrill of peeling big Rex out of his jockstrap. You might think doe-eyed Rex might leave things well enough alone, but you’d be wrong. He tosses his naked opponent around, lifts, slams, squeezes and crushes the dumbstruck adonis like nothing but a plaything… a huge, musclebound, sweetly handsome plaything.

The Beauty of the Beef

Rex’s thighs continue to mesmerize me, even more so stripped of all gear. I’m guessing that just one of those massive upper thighs is very likely bigger around than my waist. And Rex’s beautiful, bulbous ass and growing cock strike a sure-to-be iconic vision of naked wrestling beauty. Done with toying with the slack-jawed loser, big Rex applies a sleeper that slowly, ploddingly drops Marc to his ass. Rex demands that Marc submit one last time. Marc begins jacking off with Rex still clamped like a lovely vice around his neck, until the curly haired loser screams his final submission even as he’s shooting a load across his own abdomen.

Rex shows Marc what victorious muscles look like.

Like a Steeve Reeves fantasy come to life, Rex stretches out on the couch at ringside, soaking in the sight of his victory as Marc lies unconscious and covered in cum in the center of the ring. He smells the wrestling gear both men wore just a half and hour earlier, and then he begins stroking his own hot rod to life. Huge muscles like Rex’s can tend to, by comparison, dwarf a bodybuilder’s manhood, but have no fear. Rex grows to truly beautiful, stunning proportions and celebrates his victory with a chest-heaving shot of ecstasy of is own.

Rex Braddock ready for action

I’ve heard that mighty Rex can be found elsewhere doing traditional cyberporn. More power to him. I imagine that there are a lot of audiences ready to pay to see him in action. As for me, there’s nothing that I want to see more than this bearded, beefy powerhouse wrestle naked in the ring to a double cum shot finale. I hope we see much, much more of that from mighty Rex in the ring in 2012, and many more skulls getting crushed between those amazing monster thighs!

Demanding a Recount

Bodybuilder Battle 46
Thunder’s Arena regulars have been burning up the comment pages with regard to anything they can get their hands on with rookie giant, Boxxy. His stats put him at a reported 6’4″ tall and 240 pounds. In his native Transylvania, Romania, that would translate to around 1.93 meters and a bruising 109 kilograms. The pairing of 5’5″, 135 pound Angel against this monstrosity in Bodybuilder Battle 46 is a stark contrast. Boxxy looks like he could snap Angel in half without breaking a sweat.
Foxxy Boxxy
My characterization of Boxxy as a “monstrosity” is admittedly wildly imprecise. He’s clean cut, shaved smooth and remarkably handsome. His handsome must be remarked upon because if you’re like me, it may take you a while to notice his face. His body is hard to tear your eyes away from. He also has a deep, sexy voice and hot, Eastern European accent. So far he seems like an impervious juggernaut at Thunder’s, but I can’t help but think his potential as a babyface is where Boxxy would truly shine. Put him in front of some smaller, sadistic heel and let him learn the hard way that big and beautiful are not all they’re cracked up to be in the land of cut-throat capitalism. Just my 2 cents….
Angel works a little catchweight magic on the Transylvanian Terror.
Angel has been staple fare at Thunder’s for ages, and his mocking impersonation of Boxxy’s thick accent and broken English are sweet drama to start this confrontation. The look in his eyes as he stares way, way up at the Romanian can’t be confused for anything other than fear covered with a thin layer of bravado. The sound in his voice, however, is sneering contempt designed to start the battle in the giant’s psyche before the physical confrontation begins. While Angel was never, ever going to “win” this match, there’s something very hot about seeing the petite, tattooed scrapper manage to schoolboy pin the giant and snarl insults down into his face. I tell you, that babyface-ripe-for-the-plucking angle could be a barnburner for foxy Boxxy.
Boxxy brings much more to the mat than just muscle and hair gel!

That’s not to say that the behemoth doesn’t pull off withering contempt quite well himself, though. He looks into the camera in disbelief when he steps onto the mat with his petite opponent.  “This is the guy you send me to fight?” he asks incredulously, pointing down into Angel’s face. “Come here, BOY!” he suddenly snaps.  “Toys?” Angel intentionally misunderstands the thick Romanian accent. “I don’t have any toys!” he laughs.

Now we’re talkin’…
Opportunities for Angel to laugh are, otherwise, quite rare in this 21 minute mat match. Watching the big, beautiful Boxxy manhandle the lightweight like a sack of laundry is quite a sight. I know that there are fellow wrestling kink fans who find a one-sided catchweight bout yawn-inspiring, but when the big man really punishes the foolhardy little guy, it can stir something in my loins that I so love to be stirred. Boxxy and Angel use all 4 hands to stir that very spot in me in this match. Like the legions of commenters on the Thunder’s boards, I have a tough time not being entranced, hypnotized almost, by the sight of Boxxy’s powerful, massively proportional ass. “Best ass in Thunder’s,” some of the fans are arguing. Until I see him sans trunks side by side with similarly naked Big Sexy, I’ll reserve judgment on that count. Unreservedly, however, I’m fully on board with the assessment that Boxxy’s butt is phenomenal.

Boxxy needs to be cast as Clark Kent
captured, bound, and crushed into muscleman humiliation!

The big man has moves, too! He possess more agility and speed than a body that size has a right to. “Not so tough now, huh, BOY!!!” he screams into Angel’s face as he pins the lightweight to his back under his overwhelming mass of muscles.  “Toys? Toys? Look, I don’t have any toys,” Angel grimaces as he tries to play from his smart ass deck, which is usually his trump suit.  Boxxy shirks off the ridicule and flexes his gargantuan bicep for the camera while he easily pins Angel’s throat to the mat beneath his other arm.

Boxxy has news for neverland readers: he’s got more than his fair share of potential!

Boxxy’s ego, like his ass, is in perfect proportion to the rest of him. He terrorizes Angel into a decisive victory that sends the message loud and clear: in the land of big, big muscle studs, there’s a new giant muscleman who just may be able to give even the biggest bad boys a run for their money. He’s going to snarl and shout derision. He’ll muscle his way around and look gorgeous kicking ass. I won’t be surprised to see him go pec to pec with some other gargantuan bodybuilder bodies, because let’s face it, that’s the way the Thunder rolls. But I’m telling you, this man needs to be suited up in skimpy white trunks and boots, tossed into a wrestling ring, and given the initiation that all devastatingly handsome muscle men with a fierce belief in the righteousness of superior strength and diligent physical training deserve.

Reader’s Choice

There was such a big showing in the polls for November’s Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month that I’m suspecting that there are wrestling fans out there who really want to get their voices heard. While this blog is mostly about my own tastes, I’m happy to offer opportunities for readers to influence the buzz on the scene. You can always post comments, of course, but to keep things fresh and competitive, here’s another reader’s choice poll. Since I’m always a big booster of scouting fresh faces, who do you think is the rookie with the most potential in homoerotic wrestling? I’ve narrowed the choices to consider only recent releases and wrestlers with no more than 2 matches already on the market. Vote in the right margin before the polls close on Monday morning. If you pick “other,” nominate your favorite rookie that I failed to mention by commenting to this post.

Thunder’s Arena’s Sirus

I haven’t seen Sirus wrestle yet at Thunder’s Arena, but he’s packing major ballast down below and those pouty lips and punk ass look are extremely intriguing.

BG East’s Gavin Keys

BG East recently released a whole Rookie Wreckers collection, so they’ve got a whole platoon of nominees to consider. Milky smooth babyface Gavin Keys, for example, looks almost too fresh and wreckable to believe!

Can-Am’s Derek Fox

Derek Fox starts his career getting crotch mauled by in-house sadist showman and workhorse, Jobe Zander. This tanned, Jersey Shore looking side of beef can certainly take a punch… and a kick, and a claw, and an elbow, and everything else crushing his crotch!

BG East’s Morgan Cruise

Morgan Cruise certainly captured my imagination in his rookie wrecking at the hands of reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Lon Dumont.  Hairy, beefy, and with a dimple-chinned handsomeness, I could imagine that Morgan might have a bright wrestling future ahead.

Thunder’s Arena’s Boxxy
The Thunder’s Arena’s fans have been lighting up the comment pages with abject worship of newcomer Boxxy. He’s about the size of any two of the other rookies under consideration here combined, with an ass and a European accent that will certainly inspire many of us to crave more of this powerful phenom.
BG East’s Dylon Roberts
Any rookie game for debuting in that gear seems to me to be ready to take the homoerotic wrestling world by storm. While the gear and the low hanging fruit are so notable, Dylon Roberts‘ hot as hell handsome face and delightfully sexy, lean body are quite a combination to make him a serious contender, I think.
Rock Hard Wrestling’s Gunner Bayani
Gunner Bayani has been on the scene at RHW for a few months, but he only has 2 releases to his credit thus far, so he just skates in as qualified for this poll. The name alone convinces me that this hot, hard, wicked fast and accomplished wrestler could have a bright, bright future ahead.
BG East’s Rafael Valmor
Sexy, sultry Rafael Valmor has already earned quite a few words of ecstatic praise from me around here, so I almost didn’t include him in this poll. But there’s no denying he qualifies, and on just his first match out of the gate he demonstrates an intuitive understanding and appreciation of homoerotic wrestling like few veterans of the business.
Can-Am’s Jimmy Clay
I haven’t seen Jimmy Clay’s Can-Am debut yet in a Pro Sex Fight with Michael Vineland, but he certainly has the look, and girth, to make me suspect he could have a future in the business… if Michael didn’t crush him so commandingly that he’s too scared to climb into the ring again.
Rock Hard Wrestling’s Nick Collins
Like Gunner, Nick Collins has been on the scene at Rock Hard for a while, but he’s only sporting two releases thus far. I can’t help but think of Nick as the lean, ripped younger brother of muscle stud and personal fantasyman of mine, Jake Jenkins. Nicky has a doe-in-the-headlights look about him that could make him a seriously hot commodity as a rookie jobber, possibly evolving into a legitimately competitive babyface, and give him another 5 years and 20 pounds of muscle, and let’s see him curl that upper lip and do a crazy hot heel turn.
BG East’s Timmy Cox
As for me, I can’t help but want to see Timmy Cox’s proof-of-age before I settle in to watch this curly-haired rookie get rude and raunchy with BG East “veteran” Jonah Richards. For many a fan, I know, that will make him particularly enticing and someone to see more of. What about you?
Did I miss someone (who meets eligibility, mind you!)? If there’s another rookie you’d like to vote for, check “other” to the right and name him in the comments below. Otherwise, register your vote for one of the above rookie sensations. Perhaps a groundswell of popular support will help one or more of these fine boys secure another contract to climb into the ring, onto the mats, and/or into our wrestling fantasies.