Demanding a Recount

Bodybuilder Battle 46
Thunder’s Arena regulars have been burning up the comment pages with regard to anything they can get their hands on with rookie giant, Boxxy. His stats put him at a reported 6’4″ tall and 240 pounds. In his native Transylvania, Romania, that would translate to around 1.93 meters and a bruising 109 kilograms. The pairing of 5’5″, 135 pound Angel against this monstrosity in Bodybuilder Battle 46 is a stark contrast. Boxxy looks like he could snap Angel in half without breaking a sweat.
Foxxy Boxxy
My characterization of Boxxy as a “monstrosity” is admittedly wildly imprecise. He’s clean cut, shaved smooth and remarkably handsome. His handsome must be remarked upon because if you’re like me, it may take you a while to notice his face. His body is hard to tear your eyes away from. He also has a deep, sexy voice and hot, Eastern European accent. So far he seems like an impervious juggernaut at Thunder’s, but I can’t help but think his potential as a babyface is where Boxxy would truly shine. Put him in front of some smaller, sadistic heel and let him learn the hard way that big and beautiful are not all they’re cracked up to be in the land of cut-throat capitalism. Just my 2 cents….
Angel works a little catchweight magic on the Transylvanian Terror.
Angel has been staple fare at Thunder’s for ages, and his mocking impersonation of Boxxy’s thick accent and broken English are sweet drama to start this confrontation. The look in his eyes as he stares way, way up at the Romanian can’t be confused for anything other than fear covered with a thin layer of bravado. The sound in his voice, however, is sneering contempt designed to start the battle in the giant’s psyche before the physical confrontation begins. While Angel was never, ever going to “win” this match, there’s something very hot about seeing the petite, tattooed scrapper manage to schoolboy pin the giant and snarl insults down into his face. I tell you, that babyface-ripe-for-the-plucking angle could be a barnburner for foxy Boxxy.
Boxxy brings much more to the mat than just muscle and hair gel!

That’s not to say that the behemoth doesn’t pull off withering contempt quite well himself, though. He looks into the camera in disbelief when he steps onto the mat with his petite opponent.  “This is the guy you send me to fight?” he asks incredulously, pointing down into Angel’s face. “Come here, BOY!” he suddenly snaps.  “Toys?” Angel intentionally misunderstands the thick Romanian accent. “I don’t have any toys!” he laughs.

Now we’re talkin’…
Opportunities for Angel to laugh are, otherwise, quite rare in this 21 minute mat match. Watching the big, beautiful Boxxy manhandle the lightweight like a sack of laundry is quite a sight. I know that there are fellow wrestling kink fans who find a one-sided catchweight bout yawn-inspiring, but when the big man really punishes the foolhardy little guy, it can stir something in my loins that I so love to be stirred. Boxxy and Angel use all 4 hands to stir that very spot in me in this match. Like the legions of commenters on the Thunder’s boards, I have a tough time not being entranced, hypnotized almost, by the sight of Boxxy’s powerful, massively proportional ass. “Best ass in Thunder’s,” some of the fans are arguing. Until I see him sans trunks side by side with similarly naked Big Sexy, I’ll reserve judgment on that count. Unreservedly, however, I’m fully on board with the assessment that Boxxy’s butt is phenomenal.

Boxxy needs to be cast as Clark Kent
captured, bound, and crushed into muscleman humiliation!

The big man has moves, too! He possess more agility and speed than a body that size has a right to. “Not so tough now, huh, BOY!!!” he screams into Angel’s face as he pins the lightweight to his back under his overwhelming mass of muscles.  “Toys? Toys? Look, I don’t have any toys,” Angel grimaces as he tries to play from his smart ass deck, which is usually his trump suit.  Boxxy shirks off the ridicule and flexes his gargantuan bicep for the camera while he easily pins Angel’s throat to the mat beneath his other arm.

Boxxy has news for neverland readers: he’s got more than his fair share of potential!

Boxxy’s ego, like his ass, is in perfect proportion to the rest of him. He terrorizes Angel into a decisive victory that sends the message loud and clear: in the land of big, big muscle studs, there’s a new giant muscleman who just may be able to give even the biggest bad boys a run for their money. He’s going to snarl and shout derision. He’ll muscle his way around and look gorgeous kicking ass. I won’t be surprised to see him go pec to pec with some other gargantuan bodybuilder bodies, because let’s face it, that’s the way the Thunder rolls. But I’m telling you, this man needs to be suited up in skimpy white trunks and boots, tossed into a wrestling ring, and given the initiation that all devastatingly handsome muscle men with a fierce belief in the righteousness of superior strength and diligent physical training deserve.


A while back I solicited advice about a quandary. I have only so many resources compared to the wealth of homoerotic wrestling products one can choose from. In fact, in fine tuning my budget in these relatively lean times, I decided that I needed to drop one of my subscriptions. I invited readers to let me know where they think the smart money goes when it comes to subscription homoerotic wrestling.  A lot of you had strong feelings. Never let it be said that gay wrestling fans aren’t loyal! In the end, I decided that based on my tastes, priorities and financial analysis, I would continue to subscribe to the membership sites for BG East, Can-Am, and Naked Kombat, but dropped my subscription to Thunder’s Arena.
Auditions 2011 – Part 6 – Z-Man in trouble against rookie recruit Crush

Of course, I immediately began second-guessing. Naked Kombat has not been sparking my imagination like it used to. Should I have put my non-membership homoerotic wrestling purchases into the financial formula as well, potentially sacrificing DVD and download purchases (such as those I occasionally buy from Rock Hard Wrestling) instead of a subscription? And what could fill the void left by no longer having regular access to marvel at Big Sexy’s ass!?
Big Sexy’s gorgeous ass in jeopardy for butting into The Boss’s Audition 2011
Astute readers noticed that my recent ode to reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Z-Man, included some late-breaking photos from Thunder’s Arena. It turns out that Thunder’s Arena missed me, though I’m sure not as much as I missed them (and Big Sexy’s ass).  The brains behind the brawn at Thunder’s, Mr. Mike (though I picture him with big hairy pecs and a hot muscle bear belly), contacted me recently with the offer to enjoy Thunder TV, the Thunder’s Arena membership site again, complimentary for 6 months.
Angel welcomes talk, dark and very handsome rookie, James to the Thunder’s mat
There are two strings attached to my complimentary Thunder’s TV access. 1) I give my honest reviews of Thunder’s Arena wrestling releases in an effort to inform neverland readers about matches they might want to check out for themselves. I’ve never agreed, at any point, to anyone, to give a positive review to any wrestling matches that I don’t genuinely enjoy. I continue to think of this blog as just one man’s musings about what turns him on. So I’ll never say that something turns me on when it doesn’t. Regardless of the  price of a product, regardless of the pressures of rabid readers incensed that I don’t give enough respect to their favorite wrestlers, I strive always to just call it like I see it.
Sledge appears sick of all this attention paid to Z-Man lately in the upcoming release,
No Holds Barred 15 (photo previews available at Thunder’s TV)
String 2) attached to my complimentary Thunder TV membership is that I will clarify that of all the incarnations of Zack Vazquez, Zack Johnathan, Zack Holt… it was Thunder’s Arena that was the first to dub him “Z-man.” Despite Z-Man bringing the same nickname with him to BG East, the wrestling career indexed under “Z-Man” started with Thunder’s Arena. Fair enough.
Sexy, sweaty Sledge examines the target of his fury
My complimentary Thunder TV membership isn’t the only free wrestling entertainment that I’ve been handed.  After around 735 posts over the past two and a half years, and with a recent average of over 2,500 page hits a day, my fanatical adoration for homoerotic wrestling has come to the attention of several companies.  I’ve occasionally been surprised to receive unexpected, unsolicited downloads or DVDs with an invitation to enjoy them and write a review. I’ve even been offered the opportunity to name some of the products on my wish list, in order to continue to spread the news about the wrestling that inspires and feeds my lusts. The saying, “kid in a candy store” comes to mind!
Z-Man offers rookie recruit Lex a free shot in No Holds Barred 14
In case anyone is concerned that my integrity may be compromised by accepting free stuff from invested parties, I have a couple of responses. First, I’ve never accepted money for anything I’ve done on my blog. My enrichment from wrestling companies has always been in-kind. If I didn’t like what they were producing, it wouldn’t be much of an incentive to get access to more wrestling that I didn’t enjoy. Second, and likely most importantly, I do not claim or strive for anything like journalistic objectivity. Frankly, I don’t actually believe in the concept of objectivity, philosophically speaking. But practically speaking, neverland has always been about my biases, my particular tastes, my personal, subjective kinks and quirks. It’s ALWAYS about what I’m partial to. This accounts for everything that I bother writing about on the pages of this blog. It also accounts for my apathy in response to criticisms that have come my way complaining that I’ve shortchanged someone else’s favorite wrestlers and matches.  I experience no anxiety or concern about the fact that my favorites (i.e., my biases) don’t always coincide with everyone who reads neverland. For a more complete reiteration of this theme, consult the “Diverse Tastes” guest contributor series from this past summer.
My newest infatuation – Lex (love those thighs!)
So thanks, Mr. Mike, for the generous offer! I’m already newly in love with Thunder’s rookie Lex, with that hot bod, handsome, freckled face, mouthFUL of teeth, Texas accent and fantastic bronze tan lines framing that rocking, lily white ass! Even better, despite some obvious nervousness in his first on-camera appearance getting initiated by aforementioned Z-Man, Lex’s wrestling is highly entertaining. He suffers like a champ, and he demonstrates delightful skill in telling the story of the cocky, new generation badass. “It’s time for you to learn some new moves, punk!” he snarls with a sadistic grin as he hip-tosses Z-Man like a sack of potatoes. Those legs!!  A flying body scissors from a hot, young Texan!?  I’m seeing double vision with Lex superimposed directly on top of the image of Kevin Von Erich hanging off the side of a standing opponent, crushing the life out of him with those iron clad thighs. He wrestles better than your average rookie, but Lex inevitably gets schooled and conquered by the crafty, hot-bodied veteran willing to introduce Lex to an “old” move of a double ball claw.
Z-Man teaches rookie Lex that success in Thunder’s Arena
will take more than good looks, a hot body, and “new moves”

Tats Named

No one won the grand prize for perfect marks on yesterday’s quiz. One regular reader came pretty damn close, but he’s only getting a gold star. Here are the answers that would have won someone a pic of one of my tats:
Tat #1 belongs to…
This pic was from his delightful clash of the titans with Mitch Colby, wrestling for BG East’s Breaking Point release last summer. Fan-freaking-tastic match, which was one of my all time favorite moments of the year.
Rusty also has those provocative lipstick-tats around his crotch and ass. Damn, I’m still bitter that he’s forsworn porn.
Tat #2 belongs to…
There’s a bit of mystery about precisely when this posed pic may have been snapped, but I do believe it was in conjunction with his Jobberpalooza 9 beatdown of Kevin Lee.
All that astonishingly gorgeous ink, that wide, muscled back, that incredible ass, and the delightful pain-play… Derek is a homoerotic wrestling god as far as I’m concerned. And he has entertaining tweets.
Tat #3 belongs to…
Specifically, this is Angel’s 2-on-1 scrap with rookies Jackson and Scooter in Mat Wars 22 for Thunder’s Arena.
In case you missed it, 5’5″, 135 pound Angel is the 1 in this 2-on-1, but that awesome sleeve and the ribcage ink even the score, as far as I’m concerned.
Tat #4 belongs to…
In particular, this is David getting a riding rear choke from the owner of Tat #1 above, Rusty Stevens, for Can-Am’s Wrestle Bait.
I think David’s ink is possibly the most attractive in homoerotic wrestling history (me being the judge, of course). His long-held bearhug, suspending Rusty off his feet, with Rusty sitting across David’s fantastic erection like a fencepost, is also possibly the most arousing homoerotic wrestling image I’ve ever had seared into my memory.
No one ventured a guess at Tat #5, which in fact belongs to…
…Can-Am’s mysteriously named “Derek.”
Linger a while on the slabs of beef that are this man’s pecs, then continue when you’re ready to learn more.
So Derek, or Derek(2) as he’s listed in the by-model search at the Can-Am website, was quite the eye-catching muscle stud when I first caught sight of him in promotions for Ropin’ Ruckus. His pubescent, is-this-guy-legal opponent here is Oliver Swift. Derek was one handsome hunk of beef, who appropriately enough gets roped and ridden by young Master Swift. Derek(2) also appears in Can-Am’s Hotel Hell: Toronto and SuperMatch 25/26 tape for those of you as taken with the sight of him as I’ve always been.
So nicely played, those of you who checked your scores with me privately. Keep studying, and one day, perhaps, you’ll be teacher’s pet.

Wrestling Ink

I think it’s been a while since last I took the time to marvel at the particular pleasures of wrestling ink. While I’m awfully entertained by many of my favorite wrestlers who manage to be a work of art and a blank canvas simultaneouslyl, I continue to nurse a visceral infatuation with tattooed wrestlers.
True, it isn’t Thunder’s Arena wrestler Big Sexy’s tattoos that make me marvel the most. It takes a lot for his extensive and colorful body art to fail to be the most eye catching feature on his fantastic physique. But there’s pretty much nothing that could beat that ass of his, though I, for one, would like to get in line for just that task. As his ass is true to his name, his expansive and gorgeous ink is also both big and sexy. His most recent scrap after calling out devasting muscle hunk, Ace Hanson, is just about the sexiest pairing of wrestling bodies I’ve ever seen.

Another recent Thunder’s match, Mat Wars 22, also has me appreciating some more wrestling ink. Perennial battler Angel is simply stunning for both his beautiful body and the delightful artwork. I’m also intrigued by the sizable crucifix tattooed on the ribcage of new wrestler, fratboy-deluxe, Jackson. Is it sacrilegious of me to note that the crucifix makes me hot to see Jackson suffer even more? Probably. Nevertheless…

Recent BG East matches have also been well-populated with ink lately. Newcomer Hoyt Riley already has a massive quantity  of body art, and it looks like he’s in the middle of getting more. Some outlines ready for shading make me wonder if his beatdown at the hands of Mitch Colby may have provided the down payment for another trip to his artist.

Far less expansive, but still sexy as hell are Jonny Firestorm’s armband and shoulder characters. I’d love to see Jonny both continue to heel and take more ink. Send the pretty, pretty boy rookies to Jonny and the legitimate wrestler rookies to Denny to break in. Denny and Jonny can fight over who gets to welcome the pretty, pretty boy legitimate wrestlers to BGE.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve appreciated the gorgeous art on Can-Am’s Michael Vineland lately. I’m still a little giddy over his fantastic performance with rookie homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Landon Mycles in Pro Sex Fight 1. I’ve gone heavy on the appreciation of Landon’s performance, including making the pornboy turned “pro wrestler” last October’s homoerotic wrestler of the month for the effort. But credit where credit’s due, Michael accounts for at least 50% of the excellent salesmanship in this match, and he’s bigger and harder than I’ve ever seen him. He’s also got a lot of ink adorning those incredibly sexy, massive muscles of his.