Wrestling Ink

I think it’s been a while since last I took the time to marvel at the particular pleasures of wrestling ink. While I’m awfully entertained by many of my favorite wrestlers who manage to be a work of art and a blank canvas simultaneouslyl, I continue to nurse a visceral infatuation with tattooed wrestlers.
True, it isn’t Thunder’s Arena wrestler Big Sexy’s tattoos that make me marvel the most. It takes a lot for his extensive and colorful body art to fail to be the most eye catching feature on his fantastic physique. But there’s pretty much nothing that could beat that ass of his, though I, for one, would like to get in line for just that task. As his ass is true to his name, his expansive and gorgeous ink is also both big and sexy. His most recent scrap after calling out devasting muscle hunk, Ace Hanson, is just about the sexiest pairing of wrestling bodies I’ve ever seen.

Another recent Thunder’s match, Mat Wars 22, also has me appreciating some more wrestling ink. Perennial battler Angel is simply stunning for both his beautiful body and the delightful artwork. I’m also intrigued by the sizable crucifix tattooed on the ribcage of new wrestler, fratboy-deluxe, Jackson. Is it sacrilegious of me to note that the crucifix makes me hot to see Jackson suffer even more? Probably. Nevertheless…

Recent BG East matches have also been well-populated with ink lately. Newcomer Hoyt Riley already has a massive quantity  of body art, and it looks like he’s in the middle of getting more. Some outlines ready for shading make me wonder if his beatdown at the hands of Mitch Colby may have provided the down payment for another trip to his artist.

Far less expansive, but still sexy as hell are Jonny Firestorm’s armband and shoulder characters. I’d love to see Jonny both continue to heel and take more ink. Send the pretty, pretty boy rookies to Jonny and the legitimate wrestler rookies to Denny to break in. Denny and Jonny can fight over who gets to welcome the pretty, pretty boy legitimate wrestlers to BGE.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve appreciated the gorgeous art on Can-Am’s Michael Vineland lately. I’m still a little giddy over his fantastic performance with rookie homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Landon Mycles in Pro Sex Fight 1. I’ve gone heavy on the appreciation of Landon’s performance, including making the pornboy turned “pro wrestler” last October’s homoerotic wrestler of the month for the effort. But credit where credit’s due, Michael accounts for at least 50% of the excellent salesmanship in this match, and he’s bigger and harder than I’ve ever seen him. He’s also got a lot of ink adorning those incredibly sexy, massive muscles of his.

Skills and Equipment

It’s a stream of consciousness post for today, so buckle your seatbelts.

A few days ago, UnDguy at Tattooed Hunks posted this beautiful pic of a handsome, inked, shiny man listening to his i-pod in bed (and in his underwear). It’s the “shiny” that keeps me coming back to this photo. Someone rubbed this hunk down with baby oil for this photo shoot. I’m sure of it. I want that job. I have the skills and equipment. I must have that job.
Of course i-pod boy in his calvins made me check up on another one of my favorite sites, SexyBlackDudes, where I came across (so to speak) this eye-catching fellow. With a little sleuthing, I found his page on Model Mayem. My friends, meet Martez Jackson. Martez is looking to work with some serious minded individuals, so be forewarned. With abs and obliques like that, I can’t imagine anyone not taking this guy seriously. The thickness of those thighs and the less-than-subtle package on display (someone’s not wearing underwear) make me want to cook Martez up a man-sized dinner in that kitchen of his. Seriously, I have the skills and equipment for that, as well.
And contemplating stunningly gorgeous black men, and skills, and equipment, it all sends my mind wandering to a perpetual model-crush of mine, Wendell Lissimore. Wendell has a fascinating body that I just can’t take my eyes off of. His proportions are sort of superhuman. Those long, long, long legs of his are just about unbelievable, but that waist looks inhumanly narrow. Seriously, he looks like someone’s photoshopped 5 inches off his waist. But every pic and clip I find of him, he’s built exactly the same way. The massive chest and shoulders mounting that long, slender body is simply unreal. Incredibly hot, hot, hot and unreal.
Wendell has made some background appearances in my gay wrestling fiction, but he has yet to be written into a match. Look for him to show up soon, now that my mind and eyes have been drawn back to him. See? No matter where you start, it always comes back to beautiful men wrestling. All is right with the world.