Speaking of coverboys, did you catch who’s the current Randy Blue coverboy and feature model these days? A very helpful reader (thanks, Jeff!) pointed out to me that it’s none other than last month’s homoerotic wrestler of the month, Rex Braddock (aka, Rex).

For RandyB, he’s stripping and stroking as Jaxton Wheeler. His bio is a curious ode to his skill at manscaping. I’m all for Rex/Jaxton’s personal grooming, but I don’t know if that’s where I really begin with being turned on by him. “There’s something about his impeccable manscaping that drives us wild,” RandyB gushes about Jaxton/Rex almost from the start. Eventually, the description mentions his massive chest, his nipples, his “meaty paw” gliding up and down his “beautifully erect cock” before squeezing the “round globes of his perfect bubble butt” and then playing with his hole.

Moments like this bring into sharper focus for me how my erotic tastes differ from mainstream gay porn. It’s not that I disagree with any particular point of the text about my recent homoerotic wrestler of the month. It’s just that the literary eye lingers in all the “wrong” places (read: not where my eye lingers, no condemnation implied). No mention of his tree trunk thighs which could squeeze the consciousness out of some lucky punks head in an eternal head scissors. No mention is his sculpted arms, built for milking a side headlock like juicing an orange. And sure, that’s one “beautifully erect cock,” but it’s just meat if it isn’t slapping an opponent’s face in a humiliating schoolboy pin or poised and lubed for a post-match victory celebration.

Rex’s gorgeous body is for dominating in the ring!

Actually, I’m not trying to run down RandyB. I subscribed there for a while, sucked in by the allure of Chris Rockway and Reese Rideout’s full-fuck pro wrestling fantasy send-up. I think of it as great quality porn that manages to sell some personality along with the standard gay porn fare (which I tend to assess as lacking in any personality). But I didn’t linger long, despite RandyB sending me pleas to sign back up again, ad nausea. What RandyB didn’t do for me, other than a good portion of Chris Rockway and Reese Rideout’s one-off, was tweak my particular kink for wrestling.

Marc Merino won’t soon forget Rex’s crushing thighs.

I’m no expert, but there’s just something about where the eye lingers, where my fantasy anticipates and fills in the gaps in what plays out in front of me when I’m watching erotic content, that diverges along different paths with gay mainstream porn. The drama, the gear, the ring, the aggressiveness, the suspense, the sweat, the domination and humiliation… erotic material that isn’t wrestling oriented still often turns me on, but it typically doesn’t satisfy me for long. Lots of my friends are infatuated with a close up of a big, hard cock pounding an ass, usually filmed from some dizzying perspective with the camera on the floor, straddled by the actors legs hovering overhead. That, in and of itself, is the height of eroticism for some. Or the contextless cum shot. Or the sound of a groan with one gorgeous guy deep throating another. Again, in and of themselves these elements are all just fine with me. But they aren’t “it” for me.

Rex shows muscle hunk Marc what all those muscles are for.

More power to Rex/Jaxton for making a living and hopefully getting paid handsomely for his stunningly handsome face (those eyes! how can a lustful description of this man not eventually mention those eyes!?) and hot as hell hunky body. Now, get him back in the ring, body slamming an opponent naked, and expertly applying a sleeper just long enough for the poor loser to pump out a submission shot of cum before getting knocked out cold. Then, and only then, do I want to start waxing poetic about his expert skills with a razor.

Exquisite manscaping, Rex!

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