Standing Out from All the Rest

A few months ago, I noted that Steel Muscle God has been continuing to keep it hot and horny, both on his YouTube channel and his site.  For those of you who’ve been living under a rock and missing most of the first year and a half of my blog posts, Steel Muscle God (“SMG,” aka Dan) is a hot piece of man muscle who started posting body worship videos on YouTube, doing private shows, and eventually opened up his own personal pay site (some free stuff there as well). Unlike many similar sites, while SMG is definitely focused on providing mouthwatering material for muscle worshippers, he also has an insightful appreciation for the wrestling fetishists among us. Last month, I decided (in the interest of journalism, of course) to take the plunge and see how hot SMG makes it for paying worshippers.  I’m thrilled to report that I was NOT disappointed! SMG seems to get off on pleasing his fans as passionately as his fans (well, at least I) get off on him!  I was so pleased, in fact, I sent him a note praising him for his devotion to his fans and asking if he’d grant me an interview. He enthusiastically agreed, and as you’ll see below, he’s astonishingly frank, honest, and downright adorable!  You’ll detect that English isn’t SMG’s first language, but he communicates with crystal clarity and the accent does nothing but increase his sexiness by about 25 times.

Steel Muscle God pleasing his fans

Bard: Where did the name “Steel Muscle God” come from?

SMG: When I first signed on YouTube, I wanted a name that would stand out from all the rest. I thought that my muscles are hard as steel, and I was definitely a muscle god, so why not SteelMuscleGod?

Bard: Makes perfect sense to me! I followed you on YouTube for quite a while before I recently joined your website to check out the members-only benefits. You have quite a big and loyal base of fans who comment on your videos and in your website message boards. I get the impression that you have a lot of respect for your fans and that you sincerely enjoy giving them what they want. What do you think about “the guys” who can’t get enough of the Steel Muscle God?

Think you’re better? Prove it!

SMG: I am happy to hear that you have became a member, and I do hope that after this article, there will be many others that will do the same. You are right: people do comment on the videos and on my articles and they do know that I give only the best. I have always respected my fans and their satisfaction has always came first in my book. I live by the motto: If you are happy, I am happy too! I know that being arrogant and disrespectful is what a muscle god is thought to be like, but honestly, I’m not that. As for those who can’t get enough of me, I offer the possibility to do 1-on-1 camshows on skype or yahoo messenger. I flex hard and show off until I am sweaty! And that’s what my guys love!

Bard: Personally, I think that anybody who has a bad word to say about your body is either blind or a moron, but what do you think about the occasional critic who tries to cut you down?

SMG: Haters will always have something to say, no matter what one would do, so I don’t really give a shit about that kind of comments. Some have tried to take me down, by flagging my videos, but as you noticed, I’m still standing. I’m not into quarelling with anybody but all I can say to these kind of people is: Prove it, if you think you’re better than me! After all, I’m still standing and still growing bigger and better!

Bard: Sounds like a healthy, and even sexy, attitude! Your website tells us that your athleticism started with freestyle wrestling. It’s also particularly enjoyable for me to see you bring wrestling into your videos. Even when you aren’t actually wrestling an opponent, you frequently talk about physical domination, like crushing your opponents (or fans!) with your awesome muscles. What does it feel like from your perspective to physically control an opponent with nothing but your steel muscles and your fierce determination?

SMG laughs maniacally as he crushes his (adorable!) skinny
blond friend between his powerful legs.

SMG: I did start with freestyle wrestle, and I can say that it taught me a lot. I might be a nice guy outside the mat but once I stepped into the ring, you will meet the more determined and fiercest opponent ever! I
have only one purpose while there, that is taking you down and making you submit to my muscles!

SMG ties up and takes down
another hunky friend

Bard: As someone who loves wrestling, that’s incredibly hot! You also mention on your website that you “love the feeling of having guys submit to your power.” What wrestling hold or move do you enjoy applying the most? Which one give you the most satisfaction?

SMG: I love when I use my arms or my legs to bring someone to submission. That raw power just gives you the kind of rush that you won’t find elsewhere. And that’s what I really love! I enjoy letting out the animal in me once in a while. IT FEELS AWSOME! Yeah, I do love feeling guys helpless in my presence. I particularly enjoy figure-4 headlock and sleeper hold. Once you get someone into that, you are sure that they will suffer long and good before they will tap out. And I honestly enjoy hearing a guy begging for some air…it’s just fun to hear!

Bard: And it’s fantastic to watch, as well! You’ve got fans who love to worship your pecs. Some clearly go nuts for your gorgeous legs. Your shoulders, your arms, your ass (my personal favorite), even your feet! In your pursuit of “building the ultimate strong and perfect body,” which part of your body do you think is your best feature?

SMG’s muscular development: It’s ALL great!

SMG: I was really hoping you wouldn’t ask me that [laughing]. If guys have one or two favourite muscular groups, I can’t really say which I like best. It’s true that I give particular attention to abs in the gym (training them at the end of every work-out) but I love everything on me. I work each group thoroughly and I try to make the best out of each work-out. That’s why you won’t see any noticeable differences between muscles, with me (e.g. arms and legs or chest and legs).

Bard: Your proportions are definitely amazing. You also have an unmistakable flair for drama and a very fun sense of humor that comes through clearly in your videos. I’ve enjoyed watching the videos of you applying for a job with a naughty employer who demands to see you strip, for example; and the videos where you catch some silly, skinny guy snooping around your things and you make him suffer for it. Have you ever acted?

SMG: I’m happy to hear that you have enjoyed that! I never been in front of the cam before I started this making videos venture, but I have to say that I love impersonating a muscle bully or a demanding muscular guy. I have a bit of everything and that is clearly seen in the videos! I’m just trying to make every video worth watching over and over. If I achieved that, then I’m happy.

Bard: I think all your videos are wonderfully entertaining! I know that you’ve said that you’re officially retired from freestyle wrestling, but have you ever done professional wrestling? Would you consider it in the future?

Daniel Craig’s got nothing on SMG!

SMG: I haven’t done any professional wrestling, but I’d like to try that. I love doing all sort of stuff, and I’m sure it would be lots of fun! Plus, I would be submitting guys and get cheers from the fans! How
cool can that be?!

Bard: I’d be there cheering with the loudest of them! I’ve also enjoyed your sense of humor that comes through in the the videos where you take a “magic potion” that makes you hulk out and rip through your clothes. But for the record, you’re an all-natural bodybuilder, right? No potions?

SMG: The magic potion is definetely a nice idea, but I clearly stated in my YouTube videos and on my site: I’m as natural as I can be and I would NEVER consider taking roids just for the sake of size. I believe that I can achive anything I want just by hard work and determination, and I got plenty of that!

Bard: You occasionally have “co-stars” in your videos, such as that gorgeous bodybuilder you recently posed and wrestled with who almost (but not quite) has as hot a muscle body as you do! Personally, I also think that the skinny blond guy who we’ve seen you beat the crap out of more than once is pretty hot, for a skinny guy. What do your friends think about your online life as the Steel Muscle God, and what do they think about it when you ask them to come on camera with you?

SMG: I try to find the right guys for my videos, and I think I’ve done a good job so far. It’s true that I can do better, but we got plenty of time ahead.  And I will make sure that my friends will know what you
said about them [laughing]. My friends know that I am a demanding muscle guy in front of the cam, but they also know me as the down to earth guy who enjoys a nice ice cream. Some have given an odd look when I mentioned the camera thing but some were quite enthusiastic about it. It’s all up to the guy, I guess!

SMG shows off every divine inch of his body

Bard: Definitely tell your blond friend that he’s got a fan! For people who only watch you on YouTube, they may not be aware that your videos go far beyond what YouTube would allow to be posted. You’ve generously displayed every incredible inch of your muscled body for your fans, including more than a couple intense sessions where you jerk off on camera. First of all, damn! Your cock is every bit as gorgeous as the rest of you! Second, thank you! There are a lot of muscle-worship websites out there that are all tease but no show. Have you ever wrestled naked (and if not, would you consider wrestling naked for your fans)?

SMG’s lats and shoulders bulge gorgeously

SMG: Youtube is a bit of a bitch (if not more) so I would never do the mistake to post “hot” teasers on there anymore.  However, I did post some exciting teasers for my HOT happy ending videos, and I think that the guys who signed up for becoming a member on my site never regretted doing so! I like to go from mild to wild and not shy about letting the world see/know about it. As for nude wrestling, that’d be something that I’d have to try. I just gotta find the right opponent [laughing]. And thanks for appreciating the hot videos. It was awesome doing them, and this way my fans found out what I meant by being able to “bounce every single muscle” on my body.

Bard: It’s definitely not just having steel muscles, but what you do with them. And you do incredible things with your body! I know a few bodybuilders who are quick to point out that they actually have a tough time getting a date. Between working out obsessively, dieting all the time, and just living the disciplined lifestyle that it takes to sculpt muscles like yours, finding time for a personal life seems like it might be hard to do. Do you have a partner (if not, do you date?). What turns you on when you’re looking for someone to be with?

Beach wrestling, anyone?

SMG: The lifestyle of a bodybuilder is not always honey and milk. It does compel you to a strict schedule and diet, but the trick is to find the balance between work and personal life. It took me a while to find it, but once I did, I just try to maintain a healthy work:fun ratio. And dating is fun, though having someone to support you is pretty important.

Bard: I wrote a series of posts on my blog a year ago in which I imagined what a wrestling match might look like between you and another YouTube bodybuilder with his own personal website, Adam400m. I have to say, despite Adam possibly having bigger muscles than you (though surely not as perfectly proportioned), I couldn’t help but picture you conquering him with your steel muscles and that incredibly sexy voice you have. How does it feel to know that you inspire sexual fantasies in an army of Steel Muscle God worshippers?

SMG: Funny you mention that guy. I wrote hima few messages, letting him know that I’d be interested in a pose down and wrestle match (friendly one, of course) . He never replied back, and the same thing happened with another musclegod of YouTube (won’t give his name though). I found out that they can’t handle a challenge! And without any meanness, Adam gave a kick to his muscle by using roids. That’s why I was so keen in meeting him, ’cause I knew that even with bigger muscles he wouldn’t be able to take me down! And yeah, that would’ve been quite a hot video to watch! Let’s just pray that he’ll be answering my messages after this article is posted! It feels good to know that you inspire other people (sexually or in the gym). It’s something that makes me smile, and if possible, I try my best to turn them into reality in one of my videos!

Bard: Well, I love your videos and you’ve provided a ton of fuel for my fantasies. I have to say that I can’t often afford to purchase your pay-videos, but I’ve found your member-site incredibly entertaining and worth the investment. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me and my readers. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the gay guys out there who get turned on by hot guys wrestling?

SMG: I know that not a lot of guys can afford the videos, especially in this period of time, but those who decide to go for the membership, they are definetely doing the right thing! The website is just like my body: it will continuously improve and get better and bigger! That’s a promise and my fans know that I always deliver! I would just have to mention that I’m looking forward to making more wrestle videos. I know that the people are anxiously waiting another match between me and some muscle guy, so I will give my best to make that happen! Keep watching the site and my YouTube posts and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future! It’s been a pleasure to answer your questions.

Bard: It’s certainly my pleasure, and I look forward to more, bigger, and better Steel Muscle God!

Steel Muscle God delivers on his promises.

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  1. Thank you for this, Bard. I share your admiration for SMG. The man's perfect, lacking only a pair of black-rimmed glasses he removes only to sleep and to wrestle.

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