Still-Frame Fantasies

I’ve got deadlines piling up and work crushing me from all angles, but BG East’s weekend release of catalog 92 was awfully distracting for me. I cannot wait to get my hands on at least a few of these matches. Always a fan of hot new finds, my blood is pumping that much faster for an astonishingly hearty spring harvest of new-to-me wrestler newbies.  I often find that the wrestlers who turn me on hardest in still-frame and the wrestlers who turn me on the hardest in action are only occasionally, not always, the same. So, just judging in still-frame, these rookie delights are making me ache to discover if they’re as hot in motion!

BG East’s Diego Diaz
Just for fun, let me put these gorgeous new “faces” in order of who’s making my mouth water the most in still-frame. Starting off, there’s BG East’s Diego Diaz, who looks like he delivers some mind-boggling muscle bashing on goldenboy patriot, Austin Cooper in Florida Fights 4. Diego’s listed as 6’3″ and 184 pounds and the match description is summing up exactly what I’m seeing. “Diego is a discovery – long, lean, sexy as fuck…” The description seems to suggest that Diego may have been lured into the BG East universe specifically for the purpose of beating the shit out of Austin. I’m hoping  fiercely 2 things: 1) he wrestles as beautifully as the photos and match description imply, and 2) he’s settling in for a long, productive future of muscle bashing at BG East!

BG East’s Damien Rush
It’s an incredibly close call, but Diego just barely beats out lovely new BG East coverboy, Damien Rush, as my #1 still frame crush among the rookies recently taking center stage. Wow, wow, wow! Holy hell, Damien’s sexy, hairy body belongs hanging by his ankles from a stripper pole if ever a body did! 5’11 (or 6′?) and 180 pounds, the tale of the tape seems to put him squarely in the relatively average proportions of moderately fit athletes, but good god, this luscious piece of meat looks way, way above and beyond average! Again, the match description for Strip Stakes 3 (score!) is tantalizing, reporting that Damien is “born to privilege and accustomed to getting his way.” The sexy-as-hell raw fuckability of this silver spoon fed lovely, paired with the photo evidence that he gets stripped naked and keeps on wrestling in his match with heel-rising muscle beast, Morgan Cruise, is sending fireworks exploding in my head. All that promise… I’m breathless in anticipation!
BG East’s Ben Monaco

Mat Rookies’ 1 Ben Monaco is my 3rd place still-frame crush among this current batch of rookies. Hairy pecs, sweaty mat action, and a lip-lock rookie narrative are all major assets to make me crave in-motion evidence that this still-frame hunk is as hot as I think he is. 5’10” tall, 175 pounds, the phrase “one of the meatiest kisses in the history of underground wrestling,” lights a fuse under the powder keg that is my homoerotic wrestling imagination.

Thunder’s Arena’s Kasper

I’m mixing up the roster a bit to insert side of beef Kasper, a new face for Thunder’s Arena. I put Kasper as my 4th most anticipated live-action view after seeing the still-frame previews for his mutual mattress pounding with Thunder’s veteran Batar in No Holds Barred 20.  He’s described as 5’9″ and 185 pounds, and, at least in still-frame, he’s giving me a strong hit of a majorly beefed up, brunette version of Steven Sandvoss. The match description says that Kasper is one of Batar’s “buddies” who likes to give the veteran a hard time for his relatively soft body. If the rookie uses all those bulging muscles to seriously punish his “buddy,” I’ll be a Kaspar fan!

BG East’s Alex Arias

#5 on my list is, possibly, the handsomest face in this crowd. Aforementioned Ben Monaco meets up with Alex Arias in Mat Rookies 1 and, understandably, can’t seem to resist planting his lips across Alex’s gorgeous mouth. Described as 5’8″ and 145 pounds, Alex is one of those finds that might easily be at the top of my live-action favorite lists, but his body, in still-frame at least, isn’t quite as titillating as the impressive hunks ahead of him on this list. That face, though, and in particular those eyes are nothing short of riveting! The combo of these two inspiring hunks makes Mat Rookie’s 1 a product I’m seriously interested in seeing.

BG East’s Ned Nader

And still one more reason to own Mat Rookies 1: new, lean, muscle machine, Ned Nader. While it’s true I’m putting Ned at the bottom of this list, it’s equally true that I’m jonesin’ to see this if this ripped stud is as sexy as he looks in still-frame. It seems like a hard bit of luck to show up for your first BG East mat match and find yourself facing off against pro sensation and one of (or just “the”?) most prolific pro wrestlers across just about every under- and above-ground company in wrestling, Cameron Mathews. Then again, the opportunity to wrestle with Cameron’s phenomenal ass (okay, sure the rest of him as well) may be quite the prize for a ripped little muscle athlete like young Ned. Ned looks like he could be a punk, which may account for my relatively low ranking for him. “Punk” is not often an adjective that is at the top of my list of erotic turn ons. But I’m eager to see what this newbie can do to Cam, and even more importantly, to me.

I just can’t say often enough how much I enjoy high quality and successful recruiting in the business of homoerotic wrestling. The potential that each of these inspiring rookies has in the business and in the end product of cranking my homoerotic wrestling kink, is testimony not only to their raw (and sometimes not so raw) talents, but also to the hard work of the boys behind the cameras keeping this universe populated with not just the go-to boys we’ve come to know and lust after, but with fresh faces and new fantasies that they inspire. Nice work!

2 thoughts on “Still-Frame Fantasies

  1. As I wrote on the BG East yahoo group, I really liked Diego's match against Austin. I'm a lot into trash-talking and the guys keeps teasing Austin during the whole match (kinda like I was expecting Firestorm to do on Austin's Spotlight). Plus the guy is really tall (6'3" according to catalog, you can really tell during the match) which for me is yet another plus. I also hope he's into BG East for a couples of matches, and delivers a few more bashings (and takes a good beating too).

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