Do not let it be said that the Steel Muscle God doesn’t know how to build suspense! Just out today, SMG has posted some preview pics of a new wrestling match he’s taped.  That, in and of itself, is enough to make me salivate. But the details that SMG is leaking just get better and better.
Steel Muscle God struggles to tame a muscle beast.
For example, his opponent is a certain muscle stud that he recently arm wrestled and did an oiled up posedown with. In my recent interview with SMG, I mentioned him as the eye-catching hunk of muscle that he is, even suggesting that he comes close to possessing almost as hot a muscle body as SMG does. I like to think that comment might have earned the shaved-headed muscle man the invitation to feel the steel on the mats in this upcoming wrestling release!
SMG loves to squeeze and watch. 

So SMG’s choice of opponent is definitely upping the ante on this upcoming release, but a cursory glance at the preview pics points out the next fantastically hot detail of the match: these two muscle men wrestle in only jockstraps! I put in a bid for SMG to consider wrestling naked for his fans when we chatted last month, but this is oh-so-close! More muscle god to admire is never a bad thing, and the sight of all those nearly naked muscles bulging, stretching, and squeezing with so little left to require from the imagination looks fantastic!

The muscle beast in a humiliating bear trap! 

The third subtle detail that’s making me give these preview pics a second (third, fourth…) glance is just this shot of SMG’s muscleman rival with his head in that vice that SMG calls his legs, and his nose shoved way, way, WAY up between those gorgeously divine hamstrings. This is beautifully intimate stuff, and I’d happily giveaway my firstborn to trade places with the lucky, lucky shaved headed hunk.

SMG on the defensive!?
And finally, I’m titillated by the glimpse of SMG looking like he’s awfully close to getting a hot, hard rear choke cinched on good and tight. There’s a look of devilish delight stretched across his opponent’s face. SMG’s muscled torso is stretched out, and the divine one looks like he’s seriously struggling, grimacing with the effort to fend off the potential choke out maneuver. The Steel Muscle God’s jockstrapped ass in jeopardy!? Now, I love seeing SMG dominate and subdue, but I’ve often imagined the hot scenario of him having to seriously push himself to the limits of all that strength and endurance to survive a challenge to his pride and dignity as a muscle god. Holy hell, if somebody’s naked ass gets slapped in the match, I’m losing all self-restraint.

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