AC on Top

I’ve been unable to post for a couple of weeks, and it’s felt like going without chatting with a good friend. At some point I really ought to spend some time contemplating how blogging about my homoerotic wrestling kink has impacted me. But that must wait for another day, because gloriously I now have internet access again!  I’m ticking off those new year’s resolutions, and loving every moment of my life right now. I have a new job that rewards me a little more proportionally to the contribution I make to my workplace. And more pertinent to my absence from the pages of this blog lately, I have a new home a couple of thousand miles away from my last base of operations. Since last you heard from me, I packed up, drove across the country, and have set up shop in an entirely new-to-me city that I’m already quickly learning to love. And today, my new place was wired for action

It’s official: AC plays for out team!
I wonder how new geography will affect my musings in neverland? Ah, but no, that question belongs in the “another day” category. For today, let me just marvel at the juiciest bit of news to fire up my homoerotic wrestling imagination in months: Anderson Cooper came out. This is relatively old news in the fast twitch, ADHD, 24-hour news cycle now, but since this is my first chance to reflect on it here, I have to say officially that this news rocks!
Guns a-blazin’!
Setting aside the catty bullshit that has been oozing out from every corner of the gay world, with virtual eyes rolling and tongues tut-tutting about how everyone already knew about this poorly kept secret, I think anytime anyone says their truth out loud, it’s a good day. And Anderson is a hot little piece of white meat who has already inspired a full-length fantasy in my homoerotic wrestling fiction all on his own. In my Producer’s Ring collection, Anderson starred in the first match of the regular Newsmen series (after the initial sequestered beach round robins featuring the likes of my first celebrity wrestling fiction stars, including perennial objects of lust like Carter Evans, Rob Marciano and Chris Cuomo).
AC has reason to be cocky in Producer’s Ring action.
In his first and, to date, only appearance in the Producer’s Ring, Anderson fought a grudge match against that touped Fox News pretty boy Bill Hemmer. Like most of my homoerotic wrestling fiction, this match works out some of my personal issues, as evidenced by 1) the context is lube wrestling, and 2) the gay silver fox owns the Fox News lovely in body and soul, hoisting Hemmer across his shoulder and heading to the locker room to stuff something down Hemmer’s throat to shut him up for good.
Upgrading the already impressive guns to grenade launchers
Just like in this world, Anderson in the Producer’s Ring has been behind the scenes pumping up those lovely guns of his and building his made-for-tv body bigger and more beautifully. And as so often is the case in my fiction, art imitates life (and surprisingly, life often imitates art!), and AC is already prominently featured in some late breaking news in the Newsmen division, taking center stage from the recently MIA Carter Evans (who in real life apparently followed his wife to California for her work opportunities, ripping him from my morning routine watching him report life from the NYSE).
Beauty, brains, brawn… a lethal concoction in the Producer’s Ring!
AC is all right with me, in this universe and in the universe of my homoerotic wrestling fantasies.  I look forward to seeing much more of him (hell, I may even check out his talk show now), and you should expect to see much more of him in a Producer’s Ring story coming soon!

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