The Evolution of a God

Dan the Steel Muscle God promised me a follow up interview after our provocative conversation several weeks ago. Now that I’m resettled, I’m doing some pre-interview prep. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask him, let me know. In the mean time, SMG has continued to serve up sweet, up close and intimate looks at his every inch!  The formula that guides SMG’s web presence has you and me squarely in his cross hairs. His weekly body worship sessions are an intoxicating combo of a mouthwatering physique, a knee-weakening voice, and a downright charming, lighthearted personality.  Anyone into hot, natural muscle to admire live and interactive should find plenty to satisfy in the quirky, funny, sexy performances of SMG.

Dan the Steel Muscle God is looking directly at you!

But you and I aren’t just anyone. We’re among those with a particular appreciation for the eroticism of wrestling.  And from the very first YouTube clip I stumbled across of SMG years ago, he’s been stroking my wrestling fetish with remarkable clarity. 90% of SMG’s online presence is solo, so the actual wrestling content is relatively sparse. But that said, of that 90% of solo time, right near 100% of it includes a nod to what turns you and me on hardest. SMG talks (a lot!) about using his gorgeous, steel muscles to squeeze and crush you. A close up session focusing on his lickable legs are punctuated (exclamation points) by purring commentary of how much SMG (and you) would enjoy feeling those thighs wrapped around your body and slowly squeezing the air out of your lungs. He explains that his double bicep flex staring down into his webcam is the view you’d see after he’s brought you to your knees and made you submit, quivering, to his dominating power.

SMG tames a contender trapped between his steel trap steel muscles.

While I find plenty in SMG’s solo work to hit the spot, he does occasionally recruit a buddy to appear with him, and with increasing frequency his buddies are up for wrestling the Steel Muscle God. My favorite so far is a compact cut of prime beef who nearly rivals the Steel Muscle God in some body part side-by-side comparisons.  SMG did a scissorfest jockstrap mat match with this satisfying entree a couple of months ago. That match ended with a shocking nut shot for which SMG promised fans that some form of strict discipline would be enforced on the demigod challenger in a future confrontation.

SMG threatens to break another contender in half across his bulging shoulders!

While I’ve been out of contact with the internet, SMG has since posted a mattress match against a surprisingly sexy, skinny, goateed scrapper whose physique is nowhere near the caliber of steel muscle godliness, but who instantly has a snarling, fuck-you-and-your-steel-muscles attitude that catches me off guard. He’s no babyface muscle boy. He’s lean with downright skinny legs. I’d easily overlook him in a crowded bar. But he’s game in a big, all-in way that turns me on even more than it clearly irks a contemptuous SMG.

You could do your laundry on that 8-pack while SMG presents his suffering opponent up like a cat showing off his mouse.

SMG’s on-camera wrestling repertoire is expanding rapidly, and I’m enjoying (to say the least) watching the evolution. He’s been primarily a scissors and bearhugs man from what I’ve seen of him in the past, but with this new skinny, cocky loudmouth, SMG unleashes a menu of hot pro wrestling holds that display his power and beauty as beautifully as they demonstrate his total control of his opponent.

Tongue wagging, SMG makes eye contact to let you know this is all for you!

Spend even a few minutes with SMG, and you’ll learn quickly that he’s ALL about pleasing his fans. His devotion to his worshippers is coming through in an incredibly sexy way as he’s growing more creative and confident in his dominating stylings. He mugs for the camera, usually silently (though sometimes he speaks directly to the fans) signaling that every step of the way, he’s serving up his suffering opponent for the pleasure of the viewer. His sexy sense of humor peeks out with a wink and a wagging tongue as he does chiropractic work on his opponent in several backbreaker variations.  Racking the boy across his bulging shoulders, SMG shoves the lucky bastard’s face into the camera to demonstrate the chumps total humiliation for our enjoyment.

SMG looks stunning as he rains down verbal humiliation on his helpless “challenger.”

SMG’s cocky banter flows like liquid gold, punctuated irregularly by the grunts and gasps of the outmatched mere mortal nearly getting ripped limb from limb. So many of the qualities that I particularly find arousing in homoerotic wrestling are wrapped up in the godly, bulging, ripped to shreds body. SMG is always telling a story, and I just can’t overstate how sexy his deep, purring voice is. He’s completely generous with his incredibly gorgeous body, demonstrating every muscle and crevice from every angle an adoring fan might want to study. He seems to intuitively understand that a worship-worthy body like his is only truly actualized when it’s used, stripped to nearly nothing, to dominate a punishment sponge like his latest doormat buddy.

A homoerotic wrestling steel muscle god!

After reading some of what I’ve written about him, SMG commented to me privately a couple of months ago, “You sure are a big SMG fan!” Truer words never spoken. I look forward to more homoerotic wrestling steel muscle godliness, and I hope to get that second interview soon!

11 thoughts on “The Evolution of a God

  1. I'd pay double to watch that match! First man to make the other kiss his feet is the undisputed Steel Muscle God. Holy hell…

  2. "Guest ref!?" I just bet you would! I think the whole set up is golden. Braden would be quite the albatross around Mitch's neck, frankly, but you know my confidence in stunning Mitch. I think he could make it competitive… unless the ref interfered….

  3. Have talked to Dan and we are hoping to meet for a match this summer when he comes to the States to visit. Looking forward to test out those steel legs of his

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