Motel Mayhem – Fictional Version

Earlier today, I posted a new “American Wrestling League” chapter by Alex over at Sidelineland. In Motel Mayhem, we follow the backroads adventures of Jake Justice, a young up and coming legacy in the pro wrestling business in the early 80’s. He’s paying his dues despite his status as a legacy, hitting some small town shows and staying in dives along the way.

Headliner Jake has a little secret he keeps from the public…

Of course, small town dives don’t like to think of themselves as dives. Running down the 11 room roadside operation in bumfuck nowhere earns Jake no love from the major side of beef behind the counter. Egos, big muscles, full-on lust. Boys will be boys, and somebody deserves a nasty fucking!

Waiting for Jake behind the desk at the local motel

Enjoy Alex’ story with your membership to Sidelineland, and let Alex know what you think. Motel Mayhem has sent my mind spinning into questions about the eroticism of both brutality and tenderness in homoerotic wrestling. A story with all lust and tenderness, and you basically just have a gay romance novel, which isn’t, by itself, on my list of turn ons. Then again, all brutality can drift far too quickly into rape scenarios or, far too often, homophobic violence that similarly leaves me uncomfortable, sometimes disgusted, and usually quite flaccid. But the alchemy of the two elements woven together is a potentially intoxicating mix for me, and different quantities and types of each ingredient can stroke my kink in delightfully entertaining ways. Alex has a spicy hot recipe going with Motel Mayhem, and I’ll be interested to hear what other readers think.

Lover? Fighter? Where to draw the line?

Send your original contributions of homoerotic wrestling fiction to me to share at Sidelineland, and let the rest of us get off on that hot little homoerotic wrestling imagination you’ve got!

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